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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 2, 2023

David Waldman wishes us a soulful All Souls Day, also known as… erm, Eastern Orthodox “Saturday of Souls… Greg Dworkin has no holiday plans other than hanging out with us this morning.

Not that there’s nothing to celebrate. Unions are back in a big way with the U.A.W. scoring huge wins for regular workers and a huge defeat for faux-populist demagogues. 

The House finds it isn’t so easy to scrape George Santos off their shoe, and they’re stuck with Miss Congeniality, Marjorie Traitor Green as well. Ken Buck has completely run out of double-talking straight-shooting.

Republicans finally had enough with pretending they don’t have a problem with Tommy Tuberville and are joining Democrats in an attempt to break through Tuberville’s anti-military blockade.

At least Tommy still has Ron DeSantis behind him. Of course, Ron is a little hard to see back there.

What does Mike Johnson have against banks? Mike was once a Dean of a Christian law school, but not enough people believed in it. Just wait until Christians find out their marriages don’t qualify either.

The Gop plan to offset Israel funding with increasing debt and the deficit isn’t going over so well

Healthcare activist Ady Barkan has died at 39 but made a big impression while he was here.

Bobby Knight, who showed Donald Trump that some jerks just can’t lose support, has died at 83. Vlad Putin remains undead. Bibi Netanyahu might be healthy, but his days are still numbered. Boris Johnson is okay but might not pass an EEG test. RFK Jr. is no JFK Jr., but he can help kick Trump’s ass.

KITM Correspondent John J. Ronald is here to help guide the Texas vote.