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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 24, 2014

An active and spectacular GunFAIL weekend drove much of the show's agenda today. Greg Dworkin plays along, sharing stories on a Connecticut state report suggesting that race & affluence might have impacted the willingness of agencies to intervene in Adam Lanza's treatment, as well as other missed opportunities in his case. Also, questions about the link between mental illness and gun violence. In broader political news: a short honeymoon for Congressional Gop leaders; Republicans in disarray, and; why millennials don't think everyone should vote. News breaks on the Hagel resignation, and Armando ponders the path forward. A crazy few days in GunFAIL: another gun enthusiast's child has been accidentally shot at home; a Ferguson-area woman allegedly accidentally shot & killed herself with a gun bought as protection in the event of unrest; NJ hunter accidentally shoots & kills himself; a 9-month-old girl shot by her father as he cleaned his gun; a puzzling dual-shooting in Maine; target shooting dad & son accidentally kill the neighbor lady, and; a 12-year-old girl is accidentally shot & killed by her sister after church. Wrapping up: Benghazi! Congress eyes new DC pot law. NJ shifts cops from guarding child welfare workers to save on overtime, moves them to guarding an empty Ebola quarantine site, and meanwhile a child welfare worker is attacked & stabbed in her office.