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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 24, 2015

David Waldman returns tomorrow for the KITM Thanksgiving Special, today enjoy the KITM pre-Thanksgiving Special Special:

Turkey does not put Putin in a festive mood

Greg Dworkin rounds up some new polls. (With polls, consider if the poll is of Republicans, for the election, the primaries, Iowa, New Hampshire, or an aggregate, or listen to the show as Greg considers it.) Greg predicts Cruz vs Rubio, but it could be Cruz vs Trump. Either way, Cruz rubs his hands diabolically.

Is Donald Trump just bigger than The Truth? If so, why does the truth keep lying about Donald Trump? Ben Carson bails on one big lie, as Trump doubles the double down. To recap:

  • The Media has noticed Donald Trump lies:

Like the one about thousands in New Jersey celebrating after 9/11.

Or the one about fake crime statistics and general race-bating.

  • The Media has noticed that Donald Trump lies a lot:

Here are 6 Donald Trump lies.

Donald Trump is constantly lying.

Donald Trump’s fact-free campaign.

Donald Trump’s audience likes the lies.

  • The Media has noticed that they have been letting Donald Trump get away with it:

The media does not know how to deal with Trump’s lying.

Here are 4 theories on how Donald Trump gets away with it.

Does the truth even matter anymore?

His supporters don’t care.

Donald Trump may be invincible.

  • Donald Trump’s lies are deadly: 

Is there blood on Fox & Trump’s hands?

More Tamir Rices are on the way.


Armando calls in to talk about the idea that Trump can transcend the truth.

Trump tweeted fabricated murder stats from a neo-nazi and this is how the media reported it.

Trump can’t convince O’Reilly. Little Green Footballs claims they traced the graphic’s source.

Three white gunmen are suspected of shooting Black Lives Matter demonstrators. Is this terrorism?

Vitter claims he wrote a letter warning about refugees back when, Armando calls BS.