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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 24, 2023

David Waldman isn’t about to let us go into this weekend uninformed, even if today is in the middle of that weekend.

When holiday shopping don’t… Actually, never, ever trust a Republican to save you money.

Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Talk Like a Pirate Day, are all holidays to be concerned about having an AR-15 aimed at you. The recent Louisville bank mass shooter shot people to show how easy it was for someone like him to shoot people. Some guy killed a guy for blocking his stroller, and recorded it on his camera. Remember that Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart where a Black guy was killed by police for carrying a toy gun in the toy department? Now, a mass shooter thought that same Walmart would be the best place to shoot some Black people. You don’t need to shoot masses of people to enrage the Irish, it turns out that they draw the line at just hurting children.

Imagine a central income distribution institution...It’s easy if you try, but also easy to imagine some pitfalls.

The Pennsylvania school board ousted after it banned books, Pride flags and transgender athletes tried to slip a quick $700,000 into the pocket of a Superintendent friend of theirs. Local voters, however, are not his friends.

If Marjorie Traitor Greene and Mike Lee keep up their stupid Jan 6 hooha, people might start to lose respect for them. Precedent is seen as only a temporary hurdle by the Trump Supreme Court. Reality is seen as only a temporary hurdle by Donald Trump.

Ace KITM Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reveals another reason not to vote in MAGA candidates, as wingnuts do tend to appoint even wingnuttier functionaries