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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 25, 2019

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Thanksgiving week—a week set to be both “slow” and “quick.” But don’t worry, it won’t be one without David Waldman and KITM:

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer didn’t take Donald Trump’s side in how to treat a war criminal, so now the Pentagon fired Spencer. You know this isn’t the end of that story.

Greg Dworkin calls in to talk about the merits and the politics of impeachment. Don’t buy the conventional wisdom on impeachment.  Republicans can only continue forward if they deny reality, which as it happens many are experts at.

Lev Parnas hands over audio, and video recordings to the House Intelligence committee of Parnas with Trump and Rudy Giuliani, maybe nude, and probably with Devin Nunes. The Rudy Colludy gang had regular meetings and Devin would show up when he had a chance and a wad of taxpayer cash to blow. Nancy Pelosi called for Nunes removal last year, but can she just do it herself now? Meanwhile, the rats belly up to the rat buffet as it is found that the White House looked for legal justification after Trump froze aid to the Ukraine.

David digs into what Rudy saw in Lev and Igor in the first place. The head of Ukraine’s Naftogaz tells prosecutors about the times Rudy’s gang tried to recruit him, how he threw them out, and how they paid him back. Remember that secret 2016 conversation that exposed just how much Russia and Ukraine were on Republican minds? There was a reason for that. Russian tool John Solomon might finally get some attention, and some questions.