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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 27, 2019

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Almost the holiday, and people seem to be getting sleepy already, even before eating. We all know what Donald Trump is serving up for Thanksgiving, but let’s find out what David Waldman’s got cooking in the KITM kitchen:

Indiana would just kill to get Amazon’s headquarters in their state. Tucker Carlson pledges allegiance to Russia—he jokes! Seriously, why take him seriously, ever? He’s only wants to make you laugh! Eddie Gallagher says he’ll kill snitches! LOL! More light-hearted politics: Jim Jordan’s jacket would rather not be connected to bigoted, conspiratorial, unethical, contemptible, ruthless, dastardly, bootlicking, McCarthyesque, liar Gym Jordan.

Greg Dworkin has the polls and bad (for Trump) news. Support for (removing) Trump is at an all-time high. Joe keeps the Bidmentum, while Warren falls as almost everybody’s Lefty target. Some will make any excuse to vote Trump, although he just might lose a few eventually.

Two aides resigned amid the Ukraine freeze. Mike Pompeo won’t get to the bottom of this, but he will definitely try to get to the bottom.

Joan McCarter says if we want to do impeachment right, we need to slow it up. Things are quite slow this week around DC, so Joan goes international: Trump is out to destroy UK healthcare in order to help destroy ours. Donald’s “search for corruption” moves to Lebanon, where it can be even more dangerous.

Someday, maybe Congress will enforce a subpoena on someone. Brett Kavanaugh lets us know that the Supreme Court has the five votes needed to take over the US.

New Trump Tower tax and loan documents show significant, and totally expected, inconsistencies.

Mike Bloomberg, long time Republican supporter, natural Warren predator, wants to be a “Democratic” president. Mike Bloomberg’s presidential pollster lightens his plutocrat clientele now that Mike’s in the limelight. Meanwhile, Clinton strategist Mark Penn finds a paycheck counseling Trump on Impeachment avoidance.