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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 28, 2016

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David Waldman tries to revive the tired old concept of “reality” today. Good luck with that business model!

Greg Dworkin is back to join the search for factual substance, but first has to confront unfounded claims, conspiracy theories, baseless assertions, and false allegations. People understand what’s going on, but will we all eventually fall into the nightmares Trump produces? David and Greg discuss how to fight the nonlinear war on a shared truth, including the distinction between evidence-based and accusation-driven reporting. To win again, do we need to remember how to keep hope alive?

The Trump administration isn’t the only one pushing lies. Close friends and associates help carry the load too. No conflict of interest exists for those in on the big scam. Many Trump hires have their own pet scams, several bring their delusions and scandals with them, too. These are the kind of people that think Bridgegate was “kind of badass”. They probably think this guy is too.

Even The Onion longs for the quaint embarrassments of W.’s administration.