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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 28, 2019

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Happy Thanksgiving! David Waldman reports high above your town today riding in the KITM news-chopper. (As God as his witness, he thought tofurkys could fly.)

If he looks like a turkey, walks like a turkey, his tail is three times as big as his head, and his name’s Don Jr., well then, he’s triggered. Junior was chased away from his own book signing by a rafter of the far right. The right is torn between cosplaying Nazis, Klan, and other mewlings for respect and authority and are finally at each other’s throats. They are discovering that building a brand around being the biggest jerk attracts rough competition. They can’t even eat a pancake in the other’s presence. Some aren’t certain Michelle Malkin is either white or nationalist enough for them. Donald Trump could never be white nationalist enough for them. Even Stephen Miller better watch his back.

The rich and powerful seem to have about the same percentage of gullible idiots as the rest of us; they just have more money and get punished less. Adam Neumann aspired to be Saudi Arabia’s millennial Rasputin with the help of the judgement and wisdom of Jared Kushner.

Donald Trump celebrates Turkey Day the only way he can, with a traditional turkey bus toss.