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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 30, 2016

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David Waldman realizes the job may be a little bigger than he thought, relying on our trust and support in times like these. Donald Trump on the other hand, who trusts him? He has people pretending to oppose him, and people pretending to support him. He pretends to not know the difference between entering a blind trust, and occasionally averting his eyes, between "ISIS says this" and "ISIS did this, between handing out tax breaks and well... he does know about that. 

Jason Chaffetz has no interest in investigating Trump. John McCain has no interest in talking about Trump. Bahrain is very interested in Trump. Trump’s conflicts of interest are everywhere. Will he ever care about the one in Washington DC? For a hint, look to Maine.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the news and punditry. Policy, not just politics is screwing us all. Greg reminds us that the AMA is not in it for the patient, they are a lobbying group. 77 Percent Of Doctors say the AMA does not represent their views. The AMA has always opposed “socialized medicine”, the GOP opposes Medicare And Medicaid. And so, the GOP and AMA strongly support the nomination of Tom Price to be HHS secretary. What does Price support and oppose? Chuck Schumer says Price is not right for America.

Republicans probably will have to put something in the hole they make eliminating Obamacare.  

Is Steven Mnuchin the type Donald Trump fans love to hate? Does Trump have a fragile hold on America? Or was 1000 jobs good enough for everyone? Are happy endings just interludes between inevitable tragedies?

Sen. Bob Menendez is indicted for employing corruption before it was cool. He still has friends in New Jersey.

KITM Canuck Correspondent @canuck_pundit Brian Munroe tells us about the Santa told a little girl that Hillary Clinton made his naughty list.

John R. reports that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is headed for a felony fraud trial after the high court refuses his last appeal.