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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 30, 2018

We knew, right? Listeners of David Waldman and KITM knew. Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin, and even Michael Cohen knew. Trump is compromised by Russia. Cohen, Manafort, Corsi are going down. They’re all going down. Now everybody knows. And, right when Donald was scheduled to have a meeting with Mr. Putin! How embarrassing! Maybe if he never left his room and... oh, now Vlad’s calling to tell him to get his ass down to the meeting room. Oh well

Republicans remind us that people lie to investigators, hamper investigations and destroy evidence all the time. Is that such a crime? Anyhow he was just colluding, conspiring, lightly looking into some kind of treasonous, but very cool endeavors.

Federal agents paper over the windows of Trumps tax lawyer’s office. Nothing to see there.

Bret Stephens keeps warning the Democrats, even as his data increasingly disagrees with him.

Detroit Council President Brenda Jones will fill Michigan's 13th District House seat for a few weeks. Swearing her in finally gave Paul Ryan something constructive to do, as the solitude was beginning to get to him.

Today’s Kagro in the Morning was brought to you by, or maybe we were bringing you to, Palessi Shoes. Well, somebody’s being taken.