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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 12, 2021

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David Waldman breaks the news into sparkling shards of infotainment:

Old-school coach Jon Gruden ends up being old-school to the core.

Instead of the usual Ashley Madison video, Donald Trump released an Ashli Babbitt video, to stoke the passions of his black flaggers out there. Donald is slowly selling off his assets and sycophants to buy himself a little more time until he can get back to sucking the US dry. The whole Trump family was always trash, by the way, always ready to take anything from anybody, anytime, anywhere. The Saudis gave them fake White Tiger and Cheetah Furs, because that just screams “Trump” doesn’t it?

Southwest pilots have taken a principled stand against the tyranny of mandates, in the imaginations of social media goofballs. Those same people who know a person injured by the Covid vaccine.

Greg Abbott mandated against mandates to dictate what private businesses will and will not do. A girl shut down her school, was arrested, fined and owned plenty of libs, but until she climbs through a Capitol window, she shouldn’t expect any lasting attention.

We missed out on minting a trillion dollar coin again. What we now could use, what the world could use, is a global minimum tax, a phrase soon to be made terrifying through Republican framing. Joan McCarter describes how Joe Manchin ran to Republican’s defense, flipping the narrative into how mean Democrats are. Manchin, and former Green Party rep Kyrsten Sinema aren’t saying what they would pay for, but it won’t be the environment. Mitch McConnell took credit for not destroying the global economy so far, while promising to destroy the global economy in December.