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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 13, 2021

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David Waldman and KITM proudly present: Wednesday!

William Shatner rode Blue Origin’s great penis of the galaxy a few feet up into the final frontier, becoming America’s favorite space geezer.

Terry McAuliffe, a popular Democratic candidate in a blue state, might win, might notdepending on the enthusiasms of the people voting.  Unfortunately, half of those voters are in a frothing rage-panic, every waking moment, which sure beats being informed.

Oh no! Does this mean Democrats will lose everything from now on? Well, settle back and just sit tight, while Greg Dworkin starts reviewing the attitude of doing right —  You've got to accentuate the universaltriangulate the ideological, eschew the label “liberal”, because winners are alwaysmister in-between”… maybe.

Republicans help all they can by being simply horrible. Q-nuts and violent lunatics are everywhere, which must eventually hurt their chances, right? The Dallas Regional Chamber distanced itself from Greg Abbott on his anti vaccine mandate mandate, so maybe that’s a start… Nah. They’re taking us to Hell.

If Joe Biden can only bring back holiday shopping, perhaps the Democratic party will survive. Letting us see Steve Bannon get tased on TV might help too.

Democrats do still have a few dummies, although a couple fewer now with the firing of Fulton County election workers guilty of shredding voter registration forms. Republican election workers can get fired for less… a lot less. A pro-Trump PAC made millions illegally, spent a few thousand in fines years later. They probably made more in interest.

Jon Gruden was fired for a victimless crime, with the exception of LGBTQI+ communities, Blacks, women and a few others. At least Gruden was entertaining to a few bigots. Another woke-victim being canceled for no reason: Brett Favre. 

We are almost at 80% vaccinated now. Any way you look at it, that is good news. A record number of people have taken their job and shoved it, because there are better jobs out there than the one they have.