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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 14, 2021

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have a million things to share with you today, and about a thousand links with me...

Bill Shatner’s still trending, forcing David to reveal that he is not a “Star Trek nerd” (Like we didn’t guess that when he claimed that “Star Trek ships went everywhere at ‘maximum warp’...” SMH) That doesn’t mean David’s not willing to put in some effort though, especially when there’s charts and statistics involved.

Meanwhile, the January 6 Committee announced that they are subpoenaing Jeffrey Clark, a Trump plotter if there ever was one, and promised to hang tough on contempt charges, and maybe send some marshals to tase Steve KG Bannon. Who says Christmas is canceled?

Of course, there are people saying that. Those people are kind of dumb, or at least forgetful. Joe Biden will run ports 24/7 to fix supply chain problems, and there will be more complexities to address, notably by those paying shit. The pandemic is also slowing things up, here and around the world, but more importantly it is still killing people. Quite a few will be killed in the name of freedom, which is just the way the GQP likes it, especially lately. It wouldn’t surprise Republicans to know that mandates work, what matters is they just don’t work for them. The FDA is meeting on booster shots. Joe says smarten up and get vaccinated. Marjorie TP Greene and Joe Rogan support the Republican vaccine, Ivermectin.

It’s not just COVID-19. Republicans have a big tent for morons of all stripes. A man killed 5 people in Norway with a bow and arrow, but Lauren Boebert is certain he would’ve done better in the US. Michelle Steele wants to get rid of those ships ruining her view of the Pacific. Scott Pio wants all boats out of the ocean… just a thought… Islands are even bigger, so let’s move those onshore also. Trump ralliers pledge allegiance to the insurrection. Donald Trump doesn’t actually need people that dumb to succeed. People have been plenty dumb enough for him all along. The NRCC noted a a 74% increase in dumbasses just this quarter however. (A&TT will be sad to see them leave.) Texas finally smoked out their last intelligent Republican.

In Tennessee, if you show enough bigotry and hypocrisy, you might just slide.

Still, not enough people want Donald Trump to run again in 2024 for him to actually get elected, but there’s plenty enough if voting doesn’t matter anymore.

In Virginia, Glenn Trumpkin wants his Trump love on the DL, but Donald keeps sending flowers.

Chuck Schumer will file cloture on a bill to overhaul voting laws, cutting loose pesky Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who seem pretty awful until you look across the aisle.