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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 17, 2018

Wednesday comes just in time! (It would be kind of confusing if it didn’t.) Wednesdays would be kind of confusing without David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and Joan McCarter:

Saudi crown prince MBS (Mister Bone Saw) Mohammed bin Salman is rampaging in anger after the death of Jamal Khashoggi... so you can imagine what he was like before. Mike Pompeo travels the globe, bringing a little chuckle and cheer wherever he goes. But not facts, no one likes those.

So, the Saudis don’t get the difference between rendition and rendering. Does that make them bad? Donald Trump sees the hit squad as quite a bit like Brett Kavanaugh, once you think about it. They like the music up loud, their hand over your mouth, and probably a good laugh now and then. One thing’s for certain, when the facts finally emerge, heads will roll.

Greg reminds us that if temperament and character matter, we’ll have a blue (and pink) wave soon. And who knows, maybe they do matter. Voters say Gop = Trump, including independents. Any wave will depend on the youth vote, and this time they just might vote. Remember that any wave is counted one drop at a time, and every vote needs to be made to count, not just the rich white ones. Oh, and the Republicans plan to cheat, ok?

Greg returns to the wake for dearly departed Sears Roebuck and Company, and it’s history of undermining white supremacy.

Stormy Daniels is certainly familiar with the Pump and Trump, as you know Donald gets off talking about how he screws others.

Joan and David talk about what could motivate crazy Senate dealmaking. (Probably their caucuses.) Mitch McConnell is worried sick that he might not have taken enough from everybody while he had a chance. Every Republican is turning up with a sick friend or relative that they might care about, at least for a month. Meanwhile, John Roberts tries to convince the nation that the Supreme Court is still legitimate. 

Less than 20 days before the midterm elections.