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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 18, 2018

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There’s trouble out on the old Saud ranch, and it looks like Donald Trump has been in cahoots with some mighty bad men. They’re all holed up now, but the posse is forming and... No, seriously, the president is engaging in a murder coverup to protect cash flows to his private businesses. That’s what he does. It’s what we do now. It’s not like we didn’t know that would happen. We did, but they wouldn't listen.

We don’t have to listen as much if we vote them out, so could we get on that over the next 19 days? We can fix things, and leave Trumpists happily in the past where they belong.

In the meantime, why don’t you try cannabis, eh? Greg Dworkin helps take the edge off by calling in on David Waldman to discuss the latest news:

Turkey sees an upside to the Khashoggi murder, Israel a downside. Trump sees only his side. As for the midterm elections, Republicans like the Democratic national message so much, they’re going to use it. The Gop offers low-cost no-coverage insurance, so you can’t call them liars anymore. What does it mean to protect people with preexisting conditions? Trump cracks down on migrants to allow a free flow of illegal drugs.

The Press asks: Did you ever notice how black politicians are just so... ambitious? And so... well spoken? While white politicians are so… normal? The Heritage Foundation creates a clerkship boot camp to make sure that “normal” is defined their way for a long time.

Facebook thought it was all going to be video, but it turns out people like to read things.

Is China implanting spy hardware into communications equipment? A security expert confirms that this is the method he’d least expect.