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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 23, 2018

Less than two weeks before the midterm elections! Or a little more, depending on who you ask. You won’t believe the lies you’ll be hearing in the next few days! Good for you! You sound like the kind of person that listens to David Waldman and KITM:

David Corn points us to the Trump Lie-apalooza.™ Steve Benen put together, and here’s a handy list from Kevin Drum. It seems people didn’t care as much for billionaire tax cuts as much as Trump hoped, so how about some fake ones? A couple years of lies have kind of worked, so how about a lot of them? Trump’s most effective lies work off of hate and feartherefore the migrant caravan, a regular event that the news notices on even numbered years, comes at exactly the right time, as it is off-season for tourist traffic. Just don’t tread in Virginia, they’re on the watch. George Soros better stay low for the next couple of weeks too.

Wilbur Ross escapes the long arm of the law, with the Supreme Court’s help. A DOJ official wasn’t as lucky. Michael Flynn, spy, might have had a back channel to email hackers in 2016.

Bipartisan proposals in Colorado could become a national model for eliminating gerrymandering… but, as Rachel & Travis of the Irreverent Testimony podcast point out, redistricting based on “competitiveness” may threaten representative democracy.