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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 25, 2022

David Waldman is back! David returns from a whirlwind 4-day tour of Philadelphia, where everyone was in good cheer and some even more so. Also, it’s another week, so another mass school shooting starts us off.

David got out of Philly in the nick of time. Team Trump is moving in to steal the ‘22 midterms and plot the theft of ‘24. Election deniers are on track to win 189 midterm races and will even deny their own elections if they need to. Of the 12 Republican-held districts that swung to minority White recently, 10 were represented by objectors. As more Whites go, more election deniers move in. Angry White election denying whack-a-doodles are now taking over the GQP, but they are really eyeing the whole US. They haven’t quite figured out the details, but are certain they bought those guns for some reason.  Whatever that reason is, it’s probably “Democrats”.

Michael Caputo was once smashmouth politician and hopes you’d be nice enough to please allow him another swing. On the other hand, one of Marco Rubio’s white nationalist operatives learned about smashmouth politics firsthand, and probably a couple of feet as well.

Bob Woodward has 20 interviews filled with insane Trump babbling that you can now listen to in your car. It’s probably not the craziest things people have heard, though.

Steve KG Bannon finally goes to jail, but not for long enough, and he still hasn’t gone. Merrick Garland hasn’t locked Donald up either, but he has charged 13 Chinese spies. A judge has dismissed the first of 19 fraud cases Ron DeSantis was using to scare people out of voting.

Joan McCarter asserts that we need to get out the vote and explains in harrowing detail exactly why we need to take this seriously and make up for our shadowy billionaire deficit.