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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 26, 2016

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David Waldman has voted! If you can vote early too, that could be a good thing. Once you bank your vote, then maybe on election day you can volunteer to drive voters to polling places!

All of us will have voted two weeks from now. Greg Dworkin still won’t let us turn away from the Right’s horrific final weeks. An assembly of idiots fell in with the strategic genius to make 2016 into a referendum on the question, “Are women human beings”? Newt Gingrich wonders why everyone is so obsessed with petty sensationalistic sex when we could be talking about Bill Clinton. Roger Stone already made fake badges for his poll busters, but they got caught before the fun could start. Everyone is getting in line to drain the right-wing swamp. Has Trump initiated Idiocracy, or just eliminated scandal as a measure of a candidate? Here are a bunch of graphics to help you understand.

Donald Trump sounds anti-semitic, and he kind of talks like a woman, but does he really speak to old people?

Of course, a lot of other people are running for election, also with two weeks to go. Clinton’s 12 point lead is helping down ballot, but it is still a dead heat for Congress. President Obama is unleashed and unmuzzled. Hillary’s secret weapon in Florida is no secret to Armando. Millennials have many good reasons to vote Clinton.

Joan McCarter brings all the insight you expect her to bring to the down ticket races, and helps throw a few tires on the Trump fire as well. The Russians are trying to throw shade on our election ... wonder where they got that idea? Harry Reid has laid the groundwork to nuke the filibuster of Supreme Court nominees, will Chuck Schumer deliver? Bill Clinton explains the whole Obamacare story you're not getting from the traditional media. Marco Rubio thinks his last name is enough to make other Latinos forget that he's backing Donald Trump in this election. It's not. Mitch McConnell tosses his oath of office onto the ash heap

Don’t tell Newt, but here are some new Trump sex scandals: When Kelly Preston and John Travolta's son died, Donald consoled Kelly by reminding her that she is so hot. Donald let his tongue do the talking with Paula Patrice.