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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 26, 2018

It’s looking more and more like  Debbie Wasserman Shultz  wasn’t The MAGABomber, therefore Florida Man might be lying to us as well! You just can’t support a civil society with such behavior. On that subject, Katie Tur got the "You mad, bro?” from Erick Erickson, and she remained quite civil, considering.

David Waldman deep dives into only a couple of issues today. First up, our Well Regulated Militia. A Kentucky man was looking for some people to shoot at in a predominately black church. Locked out, he went shopping a Kroger, assuring a fellow shooter (aka a Good Guy™) “whites don’t shoot whites”.

A Florida man/substitute teacher dropped the second amendment out of his pants onto an elementary school playground. In Missouri, two teen boys took over regulating a middle school teacher’s arms. A Wisconsin Gop loser will just nuke his rivals. Body-slamming Rep. Greg Gianforte wants you to know it wasn’t his fault, unfortunately lying violates his settlement agreement.

David then sang his siren song of law and economic theory to lure Armando into calling in. Alas, he was not so easily seduced (or was busy). The Framers did not intend for minority rule to be here forever, so Newt Gingrich demands Brett Kavanaugh hurry up and put the fix in. Here’s a quick history of  “judicial review” vs. “judicial supremacy” from Dred Scott on up. David studies The Bosses’ Constitution, and this weekend, so should you!