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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 26, 2022

David Waldman rushes into Wednesday to give Greg Dworkin an opportunity to tackle the latest news while the contents of his Raft o’ Stories is crispy fresh. Greg is ready for Rishi! Rishi Sunak that is, maybe we should find out more about Sunak, if he plans on hanging around.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and TV’s Mehmet Oz held their debate last night. On women’s reproductive health, Mehmet would like to see a local alderman or two get their faces between the stirrups and help with some decisionsA couple of Fetterman’s answers might have come off a little like Hershel Walker on a good day, although John wasn’t lying when he said them. If who won the debate won elections, it would be important who won that debate.

What’s really important is who’s ahead in the polling... That was hard to even type with a straight face. Pollsters point to several important charts. Political ads have put food on the table for several of my friends, so of course they should keep that up. Democrats spent a lot of money on abortion ads, but not all of it. Republicans discovered racism works well in their ads,,, perhaps not recently, although the New York Times has just noticed.

Racism is the way to a fascist’s heart. Fascists don’t like being called Nazis, because they feel they’re so much more than that. Many of them think they’re comedians. Many Nazis deserve to be punched, although some do get punched at a moment they don’t deserve to be.

A Miami judge determined that Ron DeSantis was picking on voters outside of his bailiwick.

FPOTUS kept ultra-sensitive top-secrets at Mar-a-Lago just in case anyone called him a liar.