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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 27, 2016

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Tune into KITM today for David Waldman’s rant about rant-worthy Morning Joe and that guy not running for President, then stick around for more fun and smart stuff!

Greg Dworkin shakes us awake with that USC Dornsife / LA Times poll, reminding us to get out and vote, then get out the vote. Hillary Clinton, Democrats, the nation need our help right now, although, you know, she’s doing OK. Millennials are on board finally, Clinton has doubled her lead on CNBC’s latest survey. She’s making Trump voters anxious with her 6 point lead in the ABC poll. She’s ahead by 7 points in crucial Pennsylvania, and she’s up by a couple in the IBD/TIPP Presidential Election Tracking Poll, the poll that eventually ends up right. The Yale Record does NOT endorse Hillary Clinton, and they have several good reasons for not doing so.

This is all great news for Donald Trump. It is hard for them to imagine it being more wonderful. But what is really going on behind the scenes at Trump/Bannon Inc.? A look inside the Trump Bunker with 12 days to go.

Greg and David also discuss how Obamacare has played politically, and ask whatever happened to the conservative intellectual?

Three great reasons to GOTV: The Trump campaign’s three major voter suppression operations.

David takes us back up into the Trump Tower of terror. Expect the worst each time the elevator door opens. Watch out for the tongue!

And yes... we talked about the FIFA scandals & Chuck Blazer back in June of 2015. This is just one of four shows during which it was discussed!

Good news if you know someone on your Christmas shopping list that enjoys holding automatic weapons and testicles! (No word yet on the AR-15 Rusty Trombone attachment.)