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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 27, 2022

Anybody can read the news to you. You may even read the news to yourself. But where can you go to hear the news, every fifth word in Spanish, spoken with a heavy Austrian accent? Not many places. This is just one of several services David Waldman and Greg Dworkin can and do provide on today’s KITM.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, this time brandishing common sense and an amicus brief in the upcoming Trump Supreme Court case of Moore v. Harper. To those who attempt to mock him, Arnold says, “Give me your pants”.

Otero County, New Mexico plans to do illegal things, but might have to wait until a new Secretary of State makes them legal.

Republicans felt pain watching PA’s John Fetterman debate TV’s Mehmet Oz. No, not because of empathy, they just thought it was grossPeople with disabilities found it exciting and validating. John Fetterman hopes more people get the good vibes

If you think Republicans are deluded now, you don’t want to see the depths Mccarthyism 2.0 can go to. If you still want an idea, however, check out “Weapons of Mass Delusion” by Robert Draper.

The US economy returned to growth last quarter. Gas prices are coming down, again. But what do the polls say? Polls are only the rearview mirror. They are crap for driving the car. More Dems are voting. Georgia's early voting turnout so far is Blacker, and older. Fewer absentee votes in North Carolina, but fewer quarantines too, probably.

Elana (“Enthusiasm” in Spanish) Kagan temporarily blocked the Jan. 6 committee from accessing phone records belonging to the Arizona Republican Party’s chairwoman.