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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 27, 2023

Today David Waldman serves up your KITM Friday Special, fresh out of our news fryolator. 

Mike Johnson might not be the “unity candidate” most would have come up with, but considering his dogmatism, election denialism, misogynismauthoritarianism, provincialism, fanaticism and mass shooter boosterism, Mike maintains a comprehensive appreciation of Republicanism. Some of Mike’s best friends might not be Black, but his son, who was born less than 10 years after his wife, is. 

Mike sends his hopes and prayers in the general direction of the well-regulated militia still at large somewhere in Maine.

Washington DC vagrant George Santos might have somehow found the line he would have to cross to embarrass the Gop, but probably not.

Marjorie Traitor Greene forced a vote on a measure censuring Rashida Tlaib but didn’t have to force Democrat Becca Balint to motion for her censure. Mo Brooks begged like a dog with tears in his eyes for a pardon for his insurrection.

KITM Senior Haitian Correspondent, and President Emeritus of the KITM Fugees Fan Club, Darwin Darko can now be found on Blue Sky, and on today’s show reacting to the incredible trouble Pras Michel has found himself in, and the incredibly stupid way his previous lawyers attempted to get him out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Democrats once again turn to Savior of the Senate Kyrsten Sinema in their battle to defeat Tommy Tuberville.