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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 28, 2022

David Waldman delivers us to what definitely feels like a Friday

That musky stench has begun to permeate Twitter.

Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was violently assaulted in his home this morning. The assailant, armed with a hammer, was looking for Nancy and is now in custody. Here’s wishing Paul a speedy recovery.

KITM goes in-depth on the political history of Canadian transcendental yogic pilot Dr. Doug Henning.

Laugh while you can, but the Republican war on voting is gaining strength nationwide. Nevada has begun an unprecedented hand count of ballots and has discovered humans might not be the best choice for that job. Anti-media newscaster, election denying candidate, gimmetarian poster child Kari Lake was born for this moment. Nevada MAGA candidate Jim Marchant finds out that lying and obfuscation are a lot of work.

The White death wish crowd finds another setback as the Jan. 6 insurrectionist who dragged officer Michael Fanone to the mob gets sentenced to 7.5 years.