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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 29, 2021

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Thought yesterday felt like Friday? Just wait until you get a load of David Waldman with today’s KITM:

President Joe says Pope Francis says he can have communion, so there. The Church, and its followers invariably adhere to logic and openness, so that’s the end of that debate.

Mike Lee, Utah’s idea of a Republican, sees only outpourings of concern at school board meetings. That’s because these lunatics write their threats at home Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and anti-CRT kooks have been hanging around schools for a little while… okay, a long while… the less you know about history, the better it is for them.

It’s going pretty well for Glenn Youngkin as Trump supporters and closeted Trump supporters push Youngkin towards a lead in Virginia. 

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina did look pretty suspicious, dumping more than $1.6 million in stocks just before the coronavirus market crash, but just as he breathed a sigh of relief, Columbo re-entered the room with just one more thing: communications metadata showing a 50 second call to his brother-in-law, who then called his broker literally the next minute.

Lev Parnas is one more Trump crony going to jail for not having enough to flip on Donald, and too late to be pardoned unless there’s that second term… unless, of course Trump can pardon him from Mar-a-Lago. The January 6 committee is losing patience with Mark Meadows — Grrrrr!

So much for the military giving or taking orders, as thousands take a command as a suggestion.