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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 3, 2014

Technical difficulties spoiled the live show today, but we taped all the action for you for today's podcast. Greg Dworkin shared the news of the strong jobs report, an interesting take on economic inequality from an unlikely source, and the upcoming traffic apocalypse (again!) we can all thank Chris Christie for causing. Speaking of economic inequality, how about this crazy chart that basically shows the economy being eaten whole by the rich. And Rosalyn MacGregor has even more on the subject and its effects on businesses large and small. More discussion of the evil genius of targeting the prison population for profit. Gideon asks opponents of the ISIS strikes whether there's evidence for the proposition that bombing is worse than doing nothing. But there may be no clear answer about that, or any other aspect of the issue, given how some of the strikes have gone, and the alleged paucity of intelligence behind them.