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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 30, 2019

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It’s Wednesday, it’s impeachment, and it’s David WaldmanGreg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter!

But first, it’s over to Great Britain, and their traditional cuppa and jubblies leading into another general election, on 12 December.

Yesterday’s attempted Gop smear of Lt. Col. Vindman collapsed in ineptitude. Not even Liz Cheney could summon up the requisite nastiness. Vindman’s testimony makes clear how Trump’s interests aren’t the US’s. Trump’s followers wonder what that has to do with them.

Now that everyone has their popcorn and sat down, Democrats can start the public phase of their investigations. Matt Gaetz goes back into the toolbox, and yet Moscow Mitch and the gang still aren’t happy. Did Republicans ever wonder what would happen when the Clinton impeachment reached the Senate? Still, the panic is beginning to set in for the Gop, and they just might shut it all down for a breather.

Until then, it will just get worse for them. The White House ignored the Pentagon’s warning on Ukraine funding (Who knows, they might still have not sent funds). The former special advisor to Ukraine, Christopher Anderson, is testifying today that John Bolton was warning about Rudy Colludy Giuliani.  A former service officer will testify that former Gop congressman Robert Livingston was pulling strings in Ukraine, and the one guy who really should be worrying is Jared Kushner… maybe he is, can anyone really tell?

Meanwhile, we get ever closer to the day we throw the bums out.  An inner-city group tackles a key Democratic need, turning out black voters. And, Elizabeth Warren keeps climbing, now with Democratic activists.