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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 30, 2023

Boo! DavidCobwebWaldman and GregDisconcertingDworkin treat us with a Halloween Eve KITM Special. Be safe! How hard can it be?

Want to talk scary? Let’s talk Mike Johnson. The thing is, nothing scares Mike Johnson. Ask Johnson any question you want, and between the Lord and the law, Mike can find the answer he needs and make it fit. Ken Buck likes Mike’s law answers, Mike’s mom and WaPo like his Lord answers. How long will MAGA and Republicans like Johnson’s answers? Who knows, but don’t expect faith nor ethics to become major factors in their decisions.

Meanwhile President Joe Biden is taking care of business, for this generation and the future’s. If Joe isn’t on the top of everyone’s list, he should be. Dean Phillips won’t beat Biden even in New Hampshire, where Biden won't be on the ballot.

Of course, Malcom X has been resurrected as a White Christian Republican Troll. Glenn Youngkin cares enough about voting rights to restore voter rolls in the slowest most ineffective method anyone could come up with.

Court arguments begin on blocking Trump from the presidential ballot under the ‘insurrection’ clause. Donald is spread pretty thin at the moment but will help out in any way that he can.