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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 31, 2016

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David Waldman has barely a week remaining to determine how Hope Hicks does it. KITM reports from the political front line, as bombshells explode left and right.

Greg Dworkin steps forward to congratulate the winner, no matter who it might be. So far the polls aren’t being swayed, although pundits will have their theories, analysts their analysis and bird watchers their black swans. Fox Democrats quit Clinton, but they like quitting.

Then there is James Comey. Everybody is certain that James Comey screwed up. Comey is why we can’t have nice norms. Harry Reid takes off the gloves! (Harry never wears gloves.)

You can tell Trump’s lying when his lips move, but can he? Trump flunky Chris Christie was Trump’s VP pick, then Donald ditched him for Pence. Donald Trump’s companies destroyed emails in defiance of court orders. Donald Trump, who lies about golf, and skiing, claims to be the best baseball player in New York. And, of course, there is Trump and charities.

Taylor Swift has something that most victims of sexual misconduct never get: Photographic evidence.

Josie Duffy Rice brings her Friday visit to Monday to talk judicial elections and misconduct. Arizona prosecutor with more death sentences than 99.5 percent of counties is up for re-election. He also wants to preserve racially-biased marijuana prohibitionA Houston DA jailed a rape victim, covered up the destruction of 21,000 pieces of evidence—and now wants your vote. A Phoenix prosecutor’s office stands to lose millions of dollars if marijuana's legal, so he is against legalizing it.