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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 4, 2021

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin return from one of those uneventful weekends we could get used to, bringing the news, nuance, and insight we’re already grown accustomed to:

Dems in disarray! Well, more like those two. More like that one, hiding her feet in the bathroom stall. Other than those two, it’s just people working to get things done. Sausage making ain’t pretty, but the thing is, people like sausage. Talk about the benefits for once, instead of the price. Try a sample, if you like it, buy some more.

The other side of the aisle, however, is a far-away place. Mint a coin, or have a trillion dollar NFT painted by George Bush or whatever and get the bills out there. Stupid bloggers come up with ideas all the time, but who listens to them?

How do you negotiate with a party centered on racism? No, wait, it’s “white nationalism”. It’s just hard to separate them sometimes.

Black churches, parents and schools are doing a great job moving teens to vaccination. Vaccine mandates are saving lives across the country. It still isn’t over, though. Alaska is forced to triage patients due to COVID-19 pandemic stress on the hospital system.

Louis DeJoy still runs the Post Office, and he’s still running it into the ground. And yet the USPS might establish one of the greatest aids to help lower income Americans, ever, a postal banking system.

Just throwing this in here now, as I don’t know where else to put it: Corey Lewandowski hit on a married Republican donor by telling her about his giant penis, that he killed two guys, that he lasts 8 hours in bed, all while groping her, and yet she still was not smitten.