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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 6, 2021

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin explain it all today. If you can’t keep up, play it twice:

COVID-19 hospitalizations are dropping. The death toll is rising. We are starting to recover. Unvaxed and unmasked kids cases are soaring. Meanwhile, doctors and scientists loudly debate whether you in particular “really” need that booster, or only “think” you want that booster. Scientists don’t see that as confusing at all. They’re happy to have their vocal scientific debate right in the open, which is just as reassuring to the public as hearing your airliner’s pilots debate flying technique over the intercom, while watching parachutes pass your window.

It is more inspiring to hear one sure voice, which is what Joe Biden plans to have soon. It always kind of works for Trumpists, even when they have absolutely nothing else to offer. Midsize, Midwest factory towns have lost interest in hearing what Democrats have to say, just when Democrats need to hold their governors in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to hold onto democracy.

Back in DC, there are no longer any Republican moderates, unless you’re counting Sinema and Manchin. Americans still support Democratic bills, but are losing faith in Democrats. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to nuke the filibuster, even if it’s just a Cinderella nuke, and everything changes back to pumpkins at the stroke of midnight. If Joe Manchin doesn’t know what a filibuster is for, he won’t mind if it is out for a day. 92 legal scholars suggest Dems tell the Senate parliamentarian to stick it, at least on her immigration decision.

Many January 6 rioters went straight to hidden Capitol security weak spots, as if they knew where they were in advance. Time to call Dog the Bounty Hunter out on Dan Scavino. Plan to call the cops on the lot of Trump henchmen. Take this January 6 coup investigation up a notch and show them, and the media that insurrection is serious business.