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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 7, 2021

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David Waldman is recovering after a second bout of earwax removal ads. Symptoms include pronounced nausea, so I won’t be sharing those pictures.

Greg Dworkin is back for the last time this week, so enjoy him while you can

Mitch McConnell lost a little yesterday. He would lose a lot more often if he didn’t have the filibuster, so he picked the next worst deal for himself. That sad little scrap of paper on the Capitol steps is still sad, but lives another day or so.

In lieu of governing, Republicans are trying out alternatives. Rather than redistricting, Arkansas lawmakers are attacking vaccine mandates. Several governors found a border, some Humvees and a great big political grandstand. While Idaho’s governor grandstanded in Texas, his lieutenant governor built hers at home.

Convalescent plasma treatment is futile to treat COVID-19 patients, so perhaps the best thing to do instead would be to get vaccinated, wear a mask and not catch it. Anti-vaxxers went and made Uncle Joe stop this car, which is all some of those brats needed to straighten up.

And yet, a guy in Maryland shot and killed his pharmacist brother for giving out the vaccine. Where would someone get such ideas and indoctrination?  AT&T, possibly. Journalists are finally reconsidering their ideas of neutrality, invading privacy, and source relationships with cops, while hopefully moving far away from the Acela corridor.

The CDC wants to study the true toll of guns in America. The results will shock everyone, but not surprise anyone.

A great ad might not mean a great candidate. So watch out for viral candidates that seem too good to be true, or just support the people you trust to support the candidates you will be glad to see in those positions.

A federal judge blocked the Texas abortion ban, which is great, but not the end of the fight.

The Senate Judiciary Committee reported that Donald Trump attempted to use the Justice Department to overthrow the country in 2020, however DOJ officials were about to reveal his plot, so he he gave up on that scheme.