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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 1, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin review all that has transpired since we last heard them in August.

Democrat Mary Peltola will be the first Alaska Native elected to Congress, benefiting from Alaska’s newly adopted ranked-choice voting and Peltola’s long held fishy opinions. Let’s give Alaska a high 5! Sarah Palin, reacting to Peltola’s win and her loss, replied “DERP?” Today, Sarah’s word will be “RIGGED!”. Democrats don’t need dopey candidates opposing them to win, but it helps. President Joe Biden is sailing out of FPOTUS’ reach, and the Democratic Party follows him. Roevember is coming, and Democrats have the Roementum!

The DOJ slapped Donald Trump around the last few days after Trump demanded a special master, and so of course he’s going to do it again. Trump is ready to explain everything, officer. But first, hand him back what he stole, and he’ll be on his way. The theft of top-secret documents and obstructing their investigation sure seems like very bad thing, and Republicans seem to be in disarray, but we’re assured there is no cause for alarm, just a few bad apple lawyers Donald hardly even knew will need to be delt with. Some lawyers may not quite get that they need to take one for the team, however.

They get those things in Russia. Vlad is skipping Gorby’s funeral, because he’s busy shutting off the lights on his version of a failed state. Perestroika is out, Defenestroika is in, with passé plutocrats plunging through the glasnost and stroika the sidewalk.