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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 14, 2015

David Waldman is off for Rosh Hashana today - but Kagro in the Morning is not!  David returns tomorrow, along with Greg Dworkin to discuss the 5777 horse race.

Meanwhile here is a pre-recorded selection of stories you probably will not hear discussed elsewhere:

Step by step Americans are sacrificing their right to walk - to open a door and step outside and go somewhere or nowhere without getting behind the wheel of a car. For many it is a struggle, a fight. A risk.

Kagro in the Morning has often addressed the move from “stakeholder” to  “stockholder” capitalism and the ills it has brought to the American people. Robert Reich warns us of our crisis of public morality.

Liberal arts college Cooper Union’s mission of providing a free high-quality education to a small, dedicated group of students was betrayed, and destroyed. Here is the story of how shameless trustees, egotistical technocrats, and unbridled university administrators managed to bring a great institution to its knees.