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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 19, 2022

Yarr me mateys! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin sing ye sea shanties recountin’ many tales from their raft o’ stories. The punditry’s gushin’ o’er the scuppers, yarr.

Sorry anglophiles, if you haven’t been queued in the Queue by now, talking like a pirate might be as close as you get to the froufrou folderol of semi-fictional Royalty until a wedding or something. A Queen can lie in state only so long.

Is there anyone crueler and more mean-spirited than Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott? Absolutely, but what can citizen Donald Trump do? Donald would need to freelance his reverse freedom rides, and without taxpayers covering everything, what’s the fun in that? Hispanics in Florida and Texas must not read the New York Post.

The GQP is a cruel, mean-spirited, racist, authoritarian outlier. It’s collapsing into a white quasar of nutcases and Nazis. Against such cartoonishly dangerous anti-democratic screwballs, Democrats can’t help butuhm... tie? In a Georgia county with a racist history (probably not the only one) Stacey Abrams is painted as an invading army. Marjorie Traitor Greene wants to fly Stacey back to wherever she imagines Abrams comes from.

So, what is FPOTUS up to this week? The Trump team lied and lied and lied about what was being hidden at Mar-a-Lago. Liars across America now wonder if they can lie like that, and the answer is, Judge Aileen Cannon can only do so much. Cannon’s lying about this being a brief pause. Trump’s lawyers now hope Raymond Dearie has lost his mind.

Matt Gaetz needed a preemptive pardon on all things because Matt is guilty of everything. The Trump Supreme Court ordered that a Bremerton assistant football coach have his job returned to him, even though he wasn’t fired, and didn’t want the job. That’s okay by him, the money’s good.