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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 21, 2022

David Waldman couldn’t get a preview post out this morning, so no one knew what he was going to talk about! Don’t worry, though. He and Greg Dworkin came up with something:

Donald Trump has a crisp two-dollar bill ready for the first caddy to feed him good news today. They better get the cash in advance as the old boy’s in a bad mood this morning. The first hearing with special master Judge Raymond Dearie went about as expected, with Dearie refusing to accept no answer as any sort of answer regarding declassification of White House documents. Team Trump filed more babble in reply. Prosecution asks the court to please make them cut that out. The only deadline Trump attorneys care about involve actuality tables, and in the meantime, they hope to debase the rule of law as much as possible. The Zombie Supreme Court is already governed by their whims.

And yet remnants of justice keep coming for Donald and his familyAttorney general of New York, Letitia James finally filed a civil lawsuit on many of the Trump clan.  Migrants are filing a class-action lawsuit against Ron DeSantis for his scheme to traffic people for the lulz. The sheriff of Bexar County, Texas is investigating the legality of Ron’s scam, and might follow the trail all the way to the sinister top South Dakota’s ethics board took “appropriate action” on Kristi Noem’s corruption but will not divulge what that is.

Senators are announcing two bipartisan bills to help stop coups!

All of this outrageous criminality and corruption are raising Democratic chances for the midterms. Joe Biden has made it to Ronald Reagan territory! For those Dems who feel displays of confidence unseemly, there’s still plenty to fret about. Latino support is steadfastly tepid. And in Georgia, the only person on earth who could ever move a Republican to vote Democratic would be Herschel Walker. Oh, and Russia might nuke us all before all the votes are counted.