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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 22, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back at it again, with even more news and banter:

Another bad day for Donald Trump. Judge Aileen Cannon was incinerated by judicial canon fire from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. This is setting off exploding heads throughout the Right Wing, when those two Trump judges on the court went RINO. Clearly feeling the discomfiture and painful obligations of Cobbledick v. United States, Trump went on Hannity to testify out of court. There, FPOTUS brought out the STUPID, revealing probably the worst superpower, ever

And then there’s Attorney General Letitia James lawsuit. It’s hard to keep those Trump cesspools apart, when they commingle so. Is this the final round of the Trump boss battle? Probably not, after New York, we still have an entire world of Trump corruption to explore.

Maybe Truth Social was not such a good investment, after all.

The GQP can’t blame Donald for their disarray, they’re doing most of that themselves. Republican J.R. Majewski said he didn’t bathe for 40 days while deployed to Afghanistan. Majewski could be accurate about his hygiene, but not the Afghanistan deployment.

MAGA media lined up to deny that they were capable of convincing people to bomb hospitals, but it turns out that they can. Voter challenges and records requests swamp election offices, while the Alabama GQP chair refused to present a proper voter ID and then fired the guy who asked for it.

Ted Cruz saluted himself for a bipartisan victory bringing in the NAFTA superhighway, while everyone knows Ted doesn’t do bipartisan. We have the White House Communications Specialist Megan Coyne to thank for pointing that out. At one time, Megan was considered the “Voice of New Jersey” ... somehow.

Migrants have filed a class action lawsuit against Ron DeSantis. Privately, Jared Kushner is distraught. Who wants to tell him?