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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 27, 2012

We're back, live and in person, with the show today. Not that that matters, since this is a description that only accompanies the podcast. Still, it means that there's a brand new show for you to download today, and that's always worth mentioning. Greg Dworkin joined us to take another crack at the "unskew the polls" nonsense, and update us on what the real ones are actually saying. In the spotlight today: the latest Bain-related videos, including the one from 1985, featuring Mitt Romney discussing the business model of "harvesting" companies for profit; Sheldon Adelson's $100 million investment in a potential $2 billion tax cut and maybe a free pass on the current federal investigation of his overseas operations, and; the skyrocketing record number of filibusters in the Senate since Dems took control in 2007.