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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 28, 2018

Yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh cried like a baby and whined like a dog, but most importantly he lied like a Trump.  Today, David Waldman brings us a LOL YOLO Nothing Matters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Post-Hearing KITM:

Sure, the Senate Judiciary Committee is plowing ahead. After all, their base expects pillaging to follow rape. Christine Blasey Ford will soon be forgotten, like some dry hump in high school. If Dr. Blasey Ford wants results, maybe she should call a cop. Senator Amy Klobuchar should have called for security.

Lindsay Graham promises vengeance if, well there is no “if” but there will be vengeance. “Tit for tat“ is fun for journalists and senators to say, as it has “tit” in it and also they’re talking about sex abuse, see? So that will be handy, as it was during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Thomas did the defiance and anger thing too. Temper tantrums have always been manly, while ladies always apologize. Those are just the rules, unless they aren’t, or unless someone makes them change. Senator Jeff Merkley tries an injunction in federal court.

Russian trolls quit hiding, because what are we going to do about them?