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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 28, 2020

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Today, David Waldman has been strongly self-reflecting on a huge, beautiful fast. Can you imagine what even one day of self-examination and atonement would do for Donald Trump?

Donald Trump pays attention like he pays taxes. Whether it’s a shortage of dollars or sense, all of Trump’s life has been an effort to hide that paucity.

Democrats hit the ground crawling in their efforts to decelerate Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court confirmation process, perhaps not to halt it, but at least to slow it down long enough for examination.

Everybody long expected to see a SWAT team tackle Brad Parscale shirtless and drunk in his driveway, but the hope always was that it would be something cheerful, and RICO oriented, not sad and involving spousal abuse. Everyone knew Michael Caputo had some problems, but now it turns out that he had even more.

Some people are lured into the abyss. Some leap in on their own. The rest of us have already fallen, but haven’t yet realized it.