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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 30, 2021

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Greg Dworkin has another big raft o’ stories ™ for today’s KITM, and as always, accompanied by David Waldman’s expert and insightful nattering.

With hours to spare, Chuck Schumer says he’s ready to move forward if everyone else is, avoiding today’s crash by moving it a few weeks away. The smoke-filled room for this negotiation was of course, the annual Congressional Baseball Game. (Which ended with a FAKE score.) Ah, it’s a tale as old as time, or at least a hundred yearsCheck out your Congressional Research Service for more details.

Democrats are split on everything, because that’s how they roll. Republicans are as usual, split on rationales for obstruction. Unfortunately, good policies and popular choices don’t win elections. Kyrsten Sinema laughs at her constituents, while voters and supporters abandon her, but what does she care

This sort of thing would never happen in Canada! It’s not too late, let’s be Canada! They’re great! Unless you’re indigenous, then they’re about the same.

You know what else we’ve been doing for a long time? Vaccine mandates. We’ve had mandates for as long as we’ve had scofflaws, and visa-versa. A kick in the pants is all a lot of them really need. Vaccine mandates work, because people just want to live a normal life again and not worry about getting sick and dying. They’ll thank Joe later.

Republicans are feeling a lot more forgiving about January 6th lately. The news can barely remember that far back. The law will remember longer.

Corey Lewandowski is every bit the skeeze you’d picture him to be, unless you’re Kristi Noem or something. King skeeze, Donald Trump, asked Stephanie Grisham's boyfriend if she was "good in bed”, about the time he was assuring her that his penis was totally normal.