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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 6, 2022

Whew! What is that stench? Judge Aileen Cannon’s “special master” ruling sure smellsdeeply problematic” to just about every expert out there. As usual, David Waldman is up for the job of picking through the incomprehensible swill to identify tiny fragments of jurisprudence floating about.

The good news, NPR informs us, is that Donald Trump will only be president four more years. Donald would be first to point out that this is fake news. One of the fake Trump electors brought four MAGA computer technicians with her for her data breach in a Georgia county election office.

As hoped, Joan McCarter popped in for the last half hour. National Democrats need to take the abortion fight all the way down on state ballots. National Republicans still need to deny election results. Reclaim Idaho claims to have helped reclaim Idaho by taxing the rich for education. A North Idaho library director resigned under pressure from extremists.