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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 8, 2022

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin zap the PRAM, document the atrocities and smash the patriar...well, we might not get to all of the things on the agenda.

Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen who put the loooong in “Long live the Queen” has, after various concerns, false alarms and wild speculation this morning, passed away. You can be certain that they’ll have a dandy painting of her up quite shortly. It took a decade to get Barack & Michelle Obama’s portraits on display in the White House. Time will tell if we’re big enough saps to do that for Donald Trump. The Venetian republic figured that they wouldn’t paint a portrait of anyone without a head.

How did so many of America’s secrets end up at Mar-a-Lago? Why did Trump steal so many classified documents?  There’s one way to find out, but now Merrick Garland has to pick which way to get there. Garland could welcome Cannon’s special master, or he could remove Cannon from the case. Of course, Republicans will retaliate for everything once they get a chance. They still owe Dems one for Teapot Dome.

More Americans see the stealing and stashing of government documents at Mar-a-Lago as illegal, as their opinions of MAGA are being revised from “deplorable” to “dangerous”. Joe Biden spoke the truth about Trump and MAGA, but Trump and MAGA are able to get the point across more effectively. Being MAGA and acting like Trump did not help Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes delay his trial.

A Ron DeSantis crackdown on “election fraudlooks increasingly shaky, although it is working precisely the way Ron DeSantis wants it to. The Michigan GQP knows rules are for losers, and vise-versa. Nonetheless, Democrats are eking out success heading to November. It could be that things are getting better, or it could be because of women as usual.

Tucker and Vlad say Russia hasn’t lost a thing in Ukraine, except militarily and economically. Albania is the first known country to sever diplomatic ties over a cyberattack.