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Kagro in the Morning

May 23, 2013

Greg Dworkin discusses the lingering controversies, including some interesting variations in polling on the AP phone records. Also: the strange case of Josh Barro. The IRS story moves into a new phase, wherein Republicans insist that President Obama had to have known about what a field office of an independent agency was up to, and if he didn't, then that's evidence of a cover-up, too. Next, the Mother Jones reporting on AK-47 "build parties," where participants build their own unmarked and untraceable assault rifles. John McCain looks to defuse "nuclear option" showdown. Lamar Alexander pretends not to see the difference between the ACA and Iran-Contra. A shocking chart showing how the mix of sources of total federal revenues have changed since the 1950s. The Atlantic on "Why Private Schools Are Dying Out." The Teamsters blog notes that income inequality today actually outpaces income inequality in Renaissance Italy. The Medicis were pikers!