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Happy Old Year! It's all about the Fiscal Thingy today, with various people running around pretending things are being "solved." Greg Dworkin joined the show for a chat on the subject, and we had a good laugh/cry at "The Fix" basically blaming "both sides" for winning the election and expecting that to make a difference. Armando chimed in remotely with some comments, and that led us to talk through the mechanics of a last minute deal, which would have to include pre-cleared buy-in from every single Senator, given how long it would take to invoke cloture even by a vote of 99-1. Hmm. Does anyone know where Jim DeMint is, or what leverage there is to prevent him from blowing up a deal just for the hell of it, now that he's on his way out the door? Joining us through the magic of technology: our UK friend, Gideon! He sent us a short recorded segment with a wide range of discussion topics, from the NRA's nuttiness on violent video games, to Mitt Romney's self-depricating humor at the Al Smith dinner, to the lack of progressive policy representation on the Tee-Vee machine. Thanks for chiming in, Gideon! Happy New Year to all!

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Still more on guns today, starting with a look at Slate's interactive graphic of gun deaths in America since Newtown. One interesting find: the number of guns, often purchased to "protect the family," that end up accidentally killing family members, or being used in murder-suicides. Greg Dworkin joined in, sharing some polling data on guns and the NRA, some poignant photos of the warehousing of teddy bears and other stuffed animals that have been sent in overwhelming numbers to Newtown, and some suggestions about how better to support that community. We were also joined by Twitter sensation @RepJackKimble, discussing his new book, Profiles in Courageousness, his views on the Fiscal Thingy, the NRA, and more. Plus, a little peek behind the scenes at what makes C-SPAN tick, and how your humble host helped "liberate" Congressional video you were always paying for, but somehow could never get to on your own.

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We're back, for a betwixt-the-holidays show, and unfortunately, guns are still very much on our minds. Greg Dworkin joined us to kick off discussion of one of the more bizarre stories of the past few days: Dick Armey's armed coup at FreedomWorks. And just for fun, he pointed us to Norm Ornstein's article mentioning that the Speaker of the House didn't have to be a member. You learn something new every day! Norm and Greg learned that anybody could be Speaker, and I learened that Norm didn't know that previously! The crazy FreedomWorks incident occupied a lot of time today, as did the analysis of assault weapons maker Bushmaster's ad campaign for its AR-15 product. You know, the one that reads, "Consider your man card reissued." That's what's made it the weapon of choice in the country's most infamous massacres! Finally, a reminder that the Fiscal Thingy hasn't been resolved yet, and isn't very likely to be, either, while the debt ceiling appears to have crept up on us once again.

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Today, we're witnesses to the unraveling of the conservative coalition, and just maybe the Republican Party itself. Hey, a guy can dream! Greg Dworkin joined us to review the recent polling that reveals a pretty significant brand problem for the Republicans. A message problem, not a messenger problem. He also reminded us of the moment of silence being observed this morning in honor of the victims of Newtown. We also explored the phenomenon of Republican rigidity, noting that elected Republicans were simultaneously refusing to compromise on guns, taxes, the Fiscal Thingy, and pretty much everything under the sun. Which led us to the question of whether what we were dealing with was properly defined as a political party at all. From there, it was back to the topic of "constitutional hardball," and how the Republican practice of it across multiple issues during the George W. Bush administration set things seriously off-kilter for the foreseeable future. A good companion discussion to Thursday's exploration.

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House Republicans present their "Plan B" position on the Fiscal Thingy, so you'll finally be able to see evidence at home on C-SPAN that something's happening, though the procedure is so convoluted, you'll likely have no idea why you're seeing what you're seeing. Oh, and it won't pass the Senate, either, so nevermind. Greg Dworkin joined us for another update from Newtown, and for an analysis of the latest polling on the issues swirling around the tragedy. Turns out the public is pretty well united behind some of the leading proposals for restrictions on assault-style weapons and accessories. So will we see progress, or not? Then a broad discussion about just why we might not. With all the talk about certain rights favored by conservatives being "God-given" or the like, would anyone give up their guns if the Constitution were somehow magically amended in a way that made such a thing possible? And if not, is what we're engaged in really a "debate" at all? More discussion of "constitutional hardball" ensued, including a number of illustrative examples which, taken together, show just how hard it can be to ever "settle" a game of hardball, without even getting into the extra-constitutional meta-issues surrounding gun rights and where people think they came from. Warning: heads may explode!

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We talked a little Fiscal Thingy, and we talked a little Eleven Dimensional Chess. We're still a long way from a deal, but some of the elements are beginning to come into focus, and not everybody is all that happy with the picture. Greg Dworkin joined us to discuss the dealmaking and the meta-issues around it. Do Dems cede ground too easily? Do Republicans hold hostages longer knowing this? Is a pattern emerging? Afterwards, we were joined by Evan Macbeth, aka Paradox13, to discuss his experience as a presidential elector in Virginia's Electoral College. We get way down in the weeds of it, from how people get selected for candidacy to the Electoral College in the first place, to just how they do what they do once elected, to who pays for it all to get done. Finally, still more reflection on Newtown, including a look back at the post-Aurora revelation that the NRA and its allies have actively lobbied against and blocked governement efforts to collect accurate data on gun injuries and fatalities, to deny the debate usable science on the issue. Thanks, anti-science! Policy making without basis in reality is working great!

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Returned from Richmond, today's discussion starts with observations on the mechanics of the Electoral College vote. If it's ever abolished, my ticket to the state House of Delegates gallery to observe the vote will become a collector's item! Armando called in to talk Fiscal Thingy, and the dynamics of finding a deal. And of course, there was much discussion of the aftermath of Newtown, including the acknowledgment that the currently prevailing view of gun rights (at least among legislators and the Supreme Court) is a relatively new invention, and thus a bit of evidence for a "living Constitution" after all. Though conservatives defend against that charge by framing it as the "Constitution in exile." Greg Dworkin joined us in the second hour, for more from on the ground in Newtown, and a discussion of the politics of pushback. That led us to a broader look at "constitutional hardball," and a reminder that at bottom, constitutional rights are what a majority of the Supreme Court says they are. Maybe Gerald Ford was smarter than we all give him credit for, even if the context was different. (And if the precept is true there, it's worth remembering that it's true for the rules of the Senate as well.) Finally, a solid reminder that there's something fundamentally different (if not necessarily inherently wrong) with the way guns are invoked as safeguarding freedom. Sometimes they can "safeguard" your freedoms right out of existence.

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Without Greg Dworkin available on the air, it was a solo effort on today's Pew polling on Presidential job approval and Congressional handling of the "Fiscal Thingy." We also marked the launch of the Daily Kos "War on Christmas Fundraiser," and gave a little peripherally-related background on some of the things that I think make Daily Kos unique as a community and as a forum. We also had another daily dose of filibuster reform discussion, including a look at Jonathan Bernstein's objections to the plan recently circulated by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and a great listener phone call from Mike in Pittsburgh, who pointed out that the "talking filibuster" might also make it easier to crack the 2/3 threshold on changing the rules under "regular order." Plus, a reading of some of the less-often-repeated quotes from Republican Senators in 2005, offered in praise and support of the constitutional option. Finally, a shift in gears: a capitalistic defense of unionism. Why would real small government advocates want to prevent workers from privately ordering their affairs with their employers through unions, when the workers' next most logical solution ends up being voting in a government that will do it for them?

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The Fiscal Thingy debate is reported to be raging on, though once again there's no evidence of it on C-SPAN, because the House isn't doing a damn thing. They're keeping the lights on with minutiae, while John Boehner negotiates on behalf of a Republican caucus that might not even be on his side, when all is said and done. Greg Dworkin joined us to discuss polling that pretty clearly establishes that, despite (once again) the pronouncements of the pundits, the President really does have a mandate on issues critical to the Fiscal Thingy. At the same time, Republican voters are counseling their elected representatives not to give an inch on a single thing, even as a clear majority of the country demands the exact opposite. Branding problem? Recipe for disaster? Both? And as the fight over the so-called "Right to Work" issue rages in Michigan, the Orwellian naming of the bill brought us back to Newt Gingrich's days as a Republican leader, and his behind-the-scenes work to teach Republicans exactly how to cast issues in the light most favorable to them, right down to prescribing lists of words they should use to describe themselve and their policies, as well as Democrats and their policies, no matter who or what they may be. And as usual, we turn in the end to filibuster reform, this time to discuss an open letter from eminent academics to Senators, clarifying the constitutional grounds and Senate precedents for changing the rules by majority vote.

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The Fiscal Thingy is much on our minds today, and Greg Dworkin weighs in with some polling on the issues in play, and who Americans trust to deal with them. Hint for Republicans: your hand is not a strong one. Armando Llorens joined the discussion to note that some commentators are making the case that Republicans actually do best by conceding to the Democratic position on taxes. And we remind ourselves that if it's a "fiscal cliff" to combine even modest tax increases with sequestration that takes government spending out of the economy, then we do no better by replacing sequestration cuts with social safety net cuts in that equation. After all, as Republicans love to remind us (when the subject favors them), "money is fungible!" Finally, a little bit of filibuster reform discussion. Tired of hearing that majority vote rules change is a "slippery slope?" Well, how about some historical data that suggests it's not really all that slippery after all?

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We kicked off with a shout-out to the #saveMI protests today, then launched into a well-rounded morning, with multiple approaches to an emerging theme: the traditional media's ubiquitous false equivalence story. First, it was Greg Dworkin's turn to discuss the difficulties in finding solutions to the Fiscal Thingy, given new polling that suggests that outside of raising taxes on the wealthy, Americans seem unable to agree on just where to turn for savings or additional revenue. Even so, an awful lot of Republicans seem mostly unwilling to give ground on that one area where everyone else is in agreement, and that's bad news for Republicans in Congress trying to find their way on this. In fact, there's a split between their leadership, which has to have an eye on the bigger picture, and the rank-and-file, who are more necessarily bound up in what their own increasingly insulated constituencies are saying. Could that split result in a real fight over Boehner's Speakership? Well, not if the plot to oust him doesn't pay closer attention to procedural realities, according to UVA Prof. Jeffrey Jenkins! From there, it was time for a daily dose of filibuster reform discussion, this time focused on the strange, mythical view many appear to be taking of the old "Gang of 14" agreement. Contrary to the legend, the Gang's agreement didn't take the "nuclear option" off the table. It very purposefully left it there, in plain and threatening view. And that's what made their agreement work! Finally, a quick look at media narratives on what passes for "bold" solutions to the Fiscal Thingy and other problems, and how that relates to what Dan Froomkin called the mainstream press's "bungling" of "the Single Biggest Story of the 2012 Campaign."

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It's "Thinking Out Loud About the Fiscal Thingy" Monday, as we were joined in succession by Greg Dworkin and Armando Llorens to ponder the possibilities as time winds down on the calendar year and the 112th Congress. Might we see a "Grand Bargain" negotiated in stages? How likely is a separate tax deal before the year is out? What about a quickie deal to kick the can down the road on sequestration? Where do Medicare and Social Security fit in all this? And what about the debt ceiling? Does it even belong in these negotiations at all? How roles have reversed in the use of the calendar as leverage in year-end legislative games. And what might the filibuster have to do with it? Finally, a look back at one of the craziest Congressional races (and situations in general) in the country, in Michigan's 11th District, where short-timer Rep. David Curson (D) is filling in for just a few weeks, and Rep-elect (and reindeer farmer and kinda-sorta 9/11 Truther) Kerry Bentivolio (R) is set to take over in January. Yes, Kagro in the Morning brought you that story, thanks to Daily Kos Political Director David Nir, back in August, and we reprise it today.

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December 7th. The Pearl Harbor Day of remembrance days. And it being Friday, we took a short break from extensive filibuster reform discussion, though it certainly came up in context more than a few times, and instead focused on a round-up of other stories from the Hill and around the country. Joan McCarter was on hand to chat about some of the craziness she's covered in the past few days, including the spectacle of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell filibustering his own request to debate and vote on the President's debt ceiling proposal. Better yet, Joan let us know about today's scheduled Google Hangout with Howard Dean, set for 1:15 pm ET, right on the front page of Daily Kos! Come talk with Joan and the Governor about protecting Social Security and Medicare, especially in the context of the "Fiscal Thingy." Your questions are most welcome! Greg Dworkin also joined in for an abbreviated segment today, chiming in on the various goings on. Then it was a quick tour of the day's news, starting with the latest idiocy from the Dean of the Republican Clown College, Dick Morris, whose latest howler is that Hurricane Sandy is what cost Mitt Romney the election and what caused his predictions to be so horribly, horribly wrong. Also: the passage of so-called "Right to Work" legislation in Michigan, which actually creates no rights regarding work at all, though I think it'd be fun if people started demanding their shiny new jobs as though it did. That might make best make the point about what this Orwellian nonsense is really about. We wrapped with a short discussion of Jim DeMint's resignation and what it means, and something to think about over the weekend: the need for a revival of mutual insurance companies, credit unions, employee-owned pension funds, and the like.

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Back on our regular schedule today, so we were able to catch up with Greg Dworkin. On today's agenda: the DC kabuki theater surrounding the "Fiscal Thingy," the realpolitik of internal caucus dynamics, and how they create "lag time" in between the public's expression of its prefences and the ability of our elected officials to finally align themselves with them. Armando joined in for an extended discussion on the debt ceiling issue, specifically on the widsom and feasibility of eliminating the necessity for Congress to raise the statutory limit. Then, a wide-ranging news roundup, including: the Senate's rejection of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, thanks to lobbying by Rick Santorum; Rep. Virginia Foxx chewing out a House staffer for having the temerity to ride the "Members Only" elevator (even though it's Members Only during votes, which was apparently not the case); Sen. Rand Paul doesn't know what Kentucky's biggest industry is, and finally; an evaluation of one of the most overlooked (but powerful) provisions of the filibuster reform proposal.

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Late start today, but we still got our full two hours in. Thanks to Armando for filling in early, and for sticking around for the first hour-plus of the delayed show! On the agenda today: the continuing attacks on Susan Rice; is it too soon to ponder the 2016 presidential race; new PPP poll on Republican nuttery, and of course; more on filibuster reform. In particular, how well do comparisons of the 2005 nuclear option fight and today's filibuster reform effort really hold up? And why do editorial writers, misty-eyed for the days of the "Gang of 14" agreement, always forget that it enshrined the right and ability of the majority to change the rules by majority vote? Finally, a hint at a discussion to come: the NYT investigation into the value and efficacy of state and local government incentives granted to businesses in the hopes of bolstering job creation and retention.

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The new Washington Post/Pew poll puts Greg Dworkin back in the polling analysis game, this time revealing that Republicans are losing the "Fiscal Thingy" debate, as 53% of respondents indicate they'd place the fault for missing the end-of-the-year deadline on Congressional Republicans, while just 27% would blame the White House. Then, a bit of interconnected background that took us from the current filibuster reform fight, to the origin of the filibuster loophole, to Aaron Burr versus Alexander Hamilton, and back to today's tax cut fight, via House discharge petition procedure and the motion to recommit. And finally, a reminder about just how conniving those ALEC folks actually are, via ALEC's pre-fabricated package of legislation that allows states to turn its prison population into a profit center. Say, doesn't that sort of upset the whole social compact as it relates to policy decisions to shoulder certain burdens in order to criminalize certain behaviors on its head? Yeah, it sort of does. Oh wells!

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Merry War on Christmas, everyone! It's December at last, and time to ramp up our continuing series on filibuster reform. Despite numerous technical problems today, we pushed on through, and after a shortened visit with Greg Dworkin, we turned to another extensive look at the filibuster reform fight by reviewing this past weekend's excellent Up with Chris Hayes episode focusing on the issue with a panel of experts that included an actual former Senate Parliamentarian. And still, there was more to add, believe it or not! Armando also joined in the discussion, and we make the case that if there's really something "in the DNA of the Senate," as former parliamentarian Alan Frumin insists, that insists on unfettered debate, then it stands for the proposition that the Senate is empowered to do what it can to guarantee that that debate is real and substantive, and that outsized deference to procedural rules not actually inhibit the debate it supposedly protects.

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We were joined for an extended Abbreviated APR today by Greg Dworkin, who came prepared to answer the lingering question posed yesterday: how did the Simpson-Bowles non-report treat the savings projections in the Affordable Care Act, and wouldn't we do better to wait a bit on the so-called "fiscall cliff" and see what the scope of Medicare's contribution to the issues really is? We roped in Joan McCarter to join us in talking about that and related issues for the first hour of the show. If reading Daily Kos is like getting the paper two weeks early, then Daily Kos Radio is like getting Daily Kos two hours early. In the second hour, we wondered aloud why the CEOs behind the "Fix the Debt" gang, who ordinarily busy themselves with raiding their companies' pension funds to pay themselves giant bonuses, are suddenly so concerned with curtailing and undermining the biggest pension fund out there, but which because it's public, is currently beyond their reach. Hmm... gee! And finally, as promised, more discussion of the filibuster reform fight: which Senators are still holdouts, and just where did this reform coalition come from, anyway? The answer, if you don't know it already, just might put a little spring in your step today. Listen and find out!

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In today's Abbreviated APR, Greg Dworkin looks at Medicare in the context of the "fiscal speed bump" negotiations. Wouldn't we be better served by waiting until the picture becomes clearer on the projected savings from Affordable Care Act implementation? Also: the Fast Food Forward strikes in the New York area, and how they relate to the WalMart and Hostess strikes. Finally, a look at all the important stuff that somehow gets left out of newspaper coverage of the filibuster reform fight. You'll only get that here, on Daily Kos Radio!

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Greg Dworkin abbreviated the Abbreviated Pundit Roundup, during which we talked exit polling and the new political reality: you can't win with just the conservative base anymore. Another critique of the latest critique of filibuster reform from Jonathan Bernstein. And an extended interview with longtime Daily Kos and Netroots community member and New York State Democratic Committeewoman Debra Cooper, who's running for a newly open seat on the New York City Council. Come and hear what Debra's got to say about the importance of this race. Believe it or not, it's a race that can have national implications. Find out why!

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Greg Dworkin joined us at the top of the show for the Abbreviated Abbreviated Pundit Roundup. We take another dip in the waters of Lake Crazytown, reading the election night liveblogging of the "gay fanboy" nominated by wingnut columnist Charlotte Allen to run the fantasy 2016 Palin presidential campaign. Please do this, guys! Then, more filibuster reform fight previews and complaint debunking. Finally, a peek at the revelation that the Obama administration began attempting to compile a rulebook for drone strikes, just in case Romney won. What does that mean?

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We're back, post-Thanksgiving Day, which you all know is the Pearl Harbor of the War on Christmas. Greg Dworkin joined us for the Monday Abbreviated Abbreviated Pundit Roundup. Yes, we abbreviate things twice in the mornings. We then turned our eyes back to the upcoming filibuster fight, with a review of the most recent reporting from Politico on the subject, which somehow ignored until the very last sentence of the entire article that leading Democratic proponents and leading Republican opponents of filibuster reform actually agreed on the single most important proposal, the so-called "talking filibuster." So there you have it. Modern politics and political reporting in a nutshell. Partisans are at one another's throats, threatening complete gridlock, because they agree on policy. From there, an equally amazing exploration of Fox News's troll-baiting "War on Men" article, and finally Adam Davidson's New York Times piece asserting that the genius captains of American industry are scratching their heads, wondering why highly-skilled laborers who had invested tens of thousands of dollars in their education and training were not lining up to take the fast food-level wages they were offering. What a puzzler! Maybe a tax cut will help them clear their heads. Someone get these guys some retention bonuses, ASAP!

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Thanksgiving Day! It's a slow news day, of course, but we passed the time pleasantly enough, chatting with Greg Dworkin, Armando and caller David from Asheville. We were thankful for our favorite topics: quants versus guts; pundits versus people; "traditional America" versus the new demographic reality, and; makers versus takers. A nice chat to have on in the background while you're cooking and/or cleaning, or maybe just a decent excuse to plug in the earphones and tell the relatives you can't hear them for the next two hours. Happy Thanksgiving!

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A special, extended show today! Not what we anticipated doing on the day before Thanksgiving, but if you were driving to a relative's home today for the holiday, maybe the extra hour was appreciated. In fact, if you don't listen to anything else in the show today, make sure it's that bonus 3rd hour, because that's when we talked to Mike Hummell, known to Daily Kos readers as bluebarnstormer. He's the author of the insider's diaries on the Hostess strike, and a member of the Bakers' Union at the center of the drama. And frankly, he's the only one making a lick of common sense in this whole thing. Be sure to listen in and find out why. The standard two hours of the show weren't bad today, either! Greg Dworkin stopped by for what's become an on-air Abbreviated Pundit Roundup more than a polling roundup, now that the election is behind us. And Armando chimed in on the business and bankruptcy laws underlying the Hostess dissolution.

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Republicans continue to believe they lost the election because they weren't conservative enough, so Marco Rubio declares he has no clue how old the Earth is. And why would he? It's only in the science books! And you know you can't get the Republican nomination for president if you read those! Greg Dworkin stopped by to discuss that very subject today, and the impact of the competing schools of Republican Crazy that threaten to pull their already shrinking coalition apart. That's not the same thing as the demise of the Republican Party, mind you. Just a routine headache of coalition politics, really. But if you don't believe in any kind of science, it's hard to even figure out a way to cure your own headache. We also reviewed a lost gem of the Internet, a 2001 Heritage Foundation analysis of the Bush tax cuts, and guess what? They promised a wonderful future, complete with gigantic job growth and the elimination by 2010 of the national debt! All thanks to "dynamic scoring!" Well, neither of those things appear to have worked out very well. But probably only because they weren't conservative enough, or something like that. Finally, we took a look at the Hostess situation, reading an excellent diary from Daily Kos by bluebarnstormer, describing the givebacks already extracted from the unions during the 2005 bankruptcy as context for the new concessions demanded from management, even as that same management votes themselves enormous rasies. Shocking, but not surprising, since the company has been in the process of being devoured from the inside by Bain-style locust capitalism for the past few years. Close call on that whole Mitt Romney thing, people!

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It's Thanksgiving week, so the news is likely to be slow. We'll take this opportunity, then, to wrap up the discussion of the history, mechanics and procedure behind the "constitutional option" for Senate rules reform. But first, a welcome diversion from Greg Dworkin, who brought us the usual collection of fascinating news clips detailing Republican cluelessness, unskewing, and general fear of reality. Then, the promised filibuster wrap: why it's not quite true when the pundits tell you the "constitutional option" has never been used before, how those who've used it have left a clearly-blazed trail behind them for our use today, and how Senate Democrats actually used it last year and nobody noticed! Added bonus: a critique of Jonathan Bernstein's critique of the "talking filibuster" solution.

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We're in luck! Greg Dworkin was able to join us this morning for a roundup light on the polls, but heavy on the punditry. We discuss Mitt's post-election gaffes, Angus King's coy games about caucusing with Democrats, and the coming fight on filibuster reform. And yes, we even took a detour into the 1%-er grifter narrative threatening to burst through the seams of the still-growing Petraus affair. Hour two of the show was about Part 2 of our "deep dive" into filibuster reform history. We picked up from where we left the previous show, describing the apparent conflict between the Constitution's grant to each house of Congress of the right to determine its own rules, and the Senate's own rules purporting both to require a 2/3 vote to end a filibuster of a rules change proposal, and to make that rule (and all the rest) perpetual, from one Congress to the next, unless changed in accordance with those same perpetual rules. We discussed the origin of the conflict, and how three Vice Presidents across both parties have settled the paradox in the past, all of which serve to illustrate why the beginning of a new Congress creates a special opportunity to enact rules changes by simple majority vote, and how it's happened in the past. The remaining piece of the puzzle, i.e., why no one seems to know it's been done in the past, despite knowing that the rules have in fact been changed, we'll settle next week. But you get a hint at it at the very end of today's show!

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Petraeus? Still in the news. But we mostly stayed away from that, even though there's a rich vein to be mined in the strange similarities emerging as between the players in this drama and the Salahi idiocy. Remember those weirdos? Anyway, Greg Dworkin dropped in to put us on an even keel and talk more about post-election analysis. And then it was the steep climb over the mountain to understanding the stakes and the procedure in the upcoming Senate rules reform fight. What has to happen? How can it be done? What's the history of rules changes in the past? All that and more in today's show, with an exciting cliffhanger conclusion... tomorrow!

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Well, General Petraeus pretty much guaranteed us we'd have stuff to talk about today, but before we got into that nonsense, we had a visit from Greg Dworkin, and an opportunity to talk about the hottest topic among at least some parts of Very Serious circles: "epistemic closure." Yes, the Traditional Media is very concerned that Republicans closed themselves off from reality in insisting Romney was going to win. But didn't they have their own problem in closing themselves off from reality in insisting that the numbers didn't show what they in fact did show? From there, it was on to the craziness of the Petraeus story, the even crazier craziness of the volume of email involved, and the even crazier craziness than that: the shirtless Teabagger FBI agent at the center of it all. Your surveillance state national security team, ladies and gentlemen. And as always, a few of the kind of sidebar discussions that make the show what it is. What do I mean? Tune in and find out!

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Like a car wreck, it's just too difficult to look away from continued Republican expression of shock at having lost the election that all the data said they were likely to lose. But it provides a perfect launching pad for discussing all the things their disconnect from reality means. We spent a good hour or more on the unfortunate Tennessee Republican Beth Cox, profiled in the Washington Post, and what her story might tell us. And we just had to pause to note RedState's boo-hoo-ing about the Romney campaign being a "consultant con job." Dude, the Romney EVERYTHING is a consultant con job! But amazingly enough, even as the traditional media is turning out their torrent of coverage of how out of it Republicans really are, they're still after us to look for "compromise" with the people who hate numbers, science, reason, logic & economics. And to top it all off, they're giving Paul Ryan a waiver on his term-limited chairmanship of the Budget Committee so he can negotiate the undoing of supposedly "automatic" spending cuts. Ever wonder why nothing in Washington ever seems to work quite right? (P.S. Don't worry, we had technical trouble, but the annoying clicking DOES go away!)

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Republicans continued churning out more Crazy, so we had to keep covering it. Greg Dworkin joined us with exit polling analysis, and to point us to a shining example of everything that's wrong with Republicans: Mary Matalin's disastrous, eye-rolling, head-shaking huffing, snorting whinefest of an appearance on CNN. Armando also chimed in to discuss post-election reactions, and a little bit about the future of Daily Kos Radio. Finally, we wrapped up by tying together some of the more unhinged "conservative" reaction, how gerrymandering left the Republicans with a rump majority in the House, and how filibuster reform in the Senate can help us deal with them both during the lame duck and the next two years.

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Election wrap-up continues, with an evaluation and ranking by performance of the pollsters, aggregators and analysts. And of course, a look back at the most ludicrous pre-election punditry and predictions--with a special focus on everyone's favorite target: Jennifer Rubin.

Looking forward, a hint at what's to come in the lame duck Congressional session, the prospects of a "Grand Bargain," and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Laughing at the Misnomer "Fiscal Cliff."

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We're back with our first post-election morning show, and wow... what a morning it is! Greg Dworkin joined the show in his usual slot, for the post-mortem on the "quants" versus the "guts." And we wrapped the show with a call from Steve Singiser, who brought us up to date on the Congressional races. In between, we got a little weedy on filibuster reform, how it might work, what to look out for in the way of Republican mewling about it, and why it matters even if the House is staying Republican.

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We had a great extended segment today with Greg Dworkin and Tim Lange (aka Meteor Blades) on the air together for most of our first hour today! We talked last minute polling, gut/narrative vs. data, more Nate Silver, the breakthrough Business Week "It's Global Warming, Stupid" cover, the October jobs numbers, and much more. A fun way to wrap up the week, and close out the last live show before the election!

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Our polling and punditry roundups are back online, as Greg Dworkin's Internet servcie has been restored! So we discussed Chris Christie's recent cooperation with President Obama on storm relief, the strange-sounding-but-explainable designation of Ohio as a "toss-up," the latest on the punditry's love affair with "The Narrative," and Republicans' continued attachment to "The Math." But is "The Math" really entirely divorced from reality? Consider that while Republicans accuse Democrats of manipulating polling output, Republicans are using state legislatures (and in some cases, plain old criminality) to manipulate the input in the one poll that really matters: actual voting. From ALEC copycat voter ID laws, to fake voter registration schemes, to their ill-fated attempt to force U.S. Attorneys to pretend they were finding and prosecuting "voter fraud," Republicans have been hard at work on creating this narrative for a long time. Plus, more on the astonishing idiocy of the attacks on Nate Silver, and how Dick Morris has finally written The Dumbest Thing Ever (but still gets paid).

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We got our regular fix on the polling and punditry today, thanks to our first post-Sandy visit with Greg Dworkin. And though things are winding down and the cleanup is beginning, Sandy still dominated the conversation. Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan staged "storm relief" events, and both were panned in the press for it, including detailed coverage of how work was stopped in order to make sure the candidates would arrive in time to be photographed packing donations. Meanwhile, the Red Cross has been pretty clear that money is what's needed, and in-kind donations actually hamper relief efforts. But whatever! At any rate, it gave us the chance to observe that when it comes time to campaign, the Republican mantras about local voices making local choices goes down the drain. Central command says we need soup photos, so you're getting soup! Sounds familiar, eh?

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Our first post-Sandy show, at least from where we're sitting. We rounded up some of the most dramatic stories, discussed the pros and cons of Twitter's ability to spread news from peer-to-peer, noted Mitt Romney's insistence that private relief and state-based emergency management would be preferable to FEMA, and discussed the traditional media's strange obsession with attacking Nate Silver's Five Thirty Eight methodologies in the middle of the storm's onslaught. People are weird, man.

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Hurricane Sandy is rolling in, but we made it on the air for our Monday show. And that means a double shot polling update from Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser. The storm preoccupied us, of course, and there's even a polling impact, since many polling firms are East Coast operations, plus there could be days on end when most of the Northeast is unable to answer their phones. So we may be flying partially blind into Election Day. Also discussed: Suprise! A top Romney advisor really does own a shipyard; the millions of dollars of Romney campaign funds being spent with consulting firms owned by or employing Romney campaign aides; the weirdness that ensues when "outside auditors" are asked to evaluate their own tax advice to their corporate clients; and just a little bit about Matt Stoller's controversial article arguing for progressives to walk away from voting for Barack Obama. (Hint: I'm not doing it.)

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It's Friday again, and that means we're down to one full business week left before election day. We checked in with Greg Dworkin for our daily polling & punditry update, then were joined by Andrew Jones (aka sluggahjells) for a wide-ranging discussion of politics & media, including the effects on both the campaign and governance of living inside one media bubble or another. Finally, we dove into an insidious little trick of accounting that's coming into widespread use in several states that has the effect of letting your boss pocket the taxes he's withholding from your paycheck! Strange but true!

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Hey, did you know that the Navy isn't really smaller now than at any time since 1917? It was actually smaller in 2007, but apparently that's been lost to the mists of time. Oh well, Mitt was only off by 90 years. Cut him a little slack! After that little fact check, we welcomed Greg Dworkin for our regular morning polling check up, and a discussion of the punditry's love for narrative that seems to be driving the Romney "momentum" story that's otherwise totally unsupported by any actual data. We also caught up on the Richard Mourdock meltdown in Indiana (and connected the dots with the "thinking" of Todd Akin). From there, we wandered into gun policy, the recent gun violence, and the challenges of "enforcing the laws we already have" in an era of changing technology. Finally, the acknowledgment that across-the-board sequestration won't happen gave us a chance to talk about how Congress can rewrite its own rules, how that might impact the drive to get the Senate to change its filibuster rules, and why the favored narrative that says the filibuster promotes compromise might really be entirely backwards.

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Today's burning question: How did ABC News write a story that actually totalled the current inventory of Army and Marine bayonets without answering even the admittedly dumb question of whether there are fewer now than there were in the past? Well, I guess that just goes to prove that data isn't smart all by itself. Thankfully, there was some smarter data to be had, when we checked in for our regular regimen of poll watching with Greg Dworkin. In the second hour, Armando joined us to interview author Chuck Thompson about his book Better Off Without 'Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession. Finally, we wrapped up with a sneak preview of an upcoming issue: the new Washington consensus that automatic, across-the-board sequestration is no longer accepted as a Very Serious tool for Very Serious people. Why? Because as Congressional observers will tell you (and told you at the time) Congress lives by different rules, where there's nothing automatic about "automatic" triggers.

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Post-debate wrap, of course, with Greg Dworkin & Armando. How nutty was Romney's antiquated view of foreign and military policy? Strange enough to make us raise Smedley Butler's name in casual conversation. Talk about your throwbacks, though some would argue we never really left that era behind. Seriously, though. Path to the sea? And counting ships as the sole metric of naval strength? What's next, counting cans of spinach? Plus we dive back into the world of Republican voter registration criminality and the growing trend of bosses harassing their workers with political coercion. And sadly, there's been another round of multiple shooting incidents, plus one bizarre shooting story, that once again have the NRA folks out hoping that if we all squint just right, we'll see things their way.

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We're pre-gaming the debate once again, and there's no better or more reality-based way to do that than to get your Monday Double Shot of polling roundups, with Greg Dworkin & Steve Singiser. What's up with Gallup? How about those likely voter screens? How do they account for early voting and same day registration? For tonight's debate, will the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis play a role? Which candidate would you rather have had with his finger on the button in 1962? And here's a question: Why so much media interest in the mechanics and methodolgies of polls, which don't count, but so little interest in mechanics and methodologies of voting rights and voter access, which does count? The arrest of a Republican operative in Virginia last week, on charges of dumping completed voter registration forms, matches exactly the m.o. employed in years and years of previous Republican schemes in multiple states. And curiously, they're all traceable to the same Republican consultant: Nathan Sproul. When are they going to get serious and arrest this guy?

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A fine Friday news roundup, with a dash of polling from Greg Dworkin. What's up with that Gallup poll? Should you be freaking out? (Answer: No.) Mitt Romney is 18 days from overturning decades of precedent on financial disclosure. The Republican Ohio Secretary of State apparently thinks the Supreme Court can go screw itself. An arrest is finally made in Virginia on Republican election shenanigans. And in the Wisconsin Senate race, ALEC poster boy Tommy Thompson accuses Tammy Baldwin of being soft on Iran, even while he's underwriting Iranian uranium mining!

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Greg Dworkin returned from a short absence to go over the polls with us, and survey the post-debate landscape, plus answer the lingering question of why national polling still matters, even though we elect our presidents state-by-state, through the Electoral College. And what defines the post-debate landscape today? The binder. Tagg Romney wanting to punch the President. "Five point" jobs plans that have no points in them, and three studies that "support" the plan, but actually don't. And the amazing ability of conservatives to connect poverty and gun violence, but still refuse to see the connection between access to health care and mortality. All this can only exist in a world full of isolated information bubbles, of course. And we can't be sure whether the relentless march of technology is freeing us from that bubble, or just making it easier to build newer, smaller ones. Ah, life!

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Post-debate discussion with Andrew Jones (aka sluggahjells) and our loyal UK listener, Gideon! The format. The moderation. The questions. The curious avoidance of the word "Massachusetts." The Rose Garden transcript. And... THE BINDER. Plus the latest voter suppression scheme at work in Virginia, and the emergence of red flags raised at VMI as the Romney campaign hatched its plans for Mitt's "major foreign policy" address there earlier this month. Multiple topics, multiple voices, from multiple continents! A great post-debate show!

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It's debate day, so it's a big day for pre-gaming. We were without Greg Dworkin today, but the publication of the latest Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll gave us the opportunity to highlight the differences between analyzing an unfavorable poll and "unskewing" one (i.e., cheating). Then a meandering stroll through the news, including the launch of Glenn Beck's line of jeans, the absurdity of Rep. Joe "You Lie!" Wilson (R-SC) complaining about the inappropriateness of President Obama's campaign accusing Mitt Romney of lying, and Rep. Darrell Issa's stretch in comparing the Benghazi attacks to President Bush's "mission accomplished" moment. Finally, we returned to the story of Mitt Romney's time at the head of Bain & Company's consultancy with the Russian government, and wondered why being a top advisor to the Yeltsin administration gets no mention from a campaign that admits it's lacking in foreign policy experience. Is it just that he's reluctant to accept the Cold War-era implications? Or is it that given the chance to construct a free market economy from the ground up, Romney instead opted to reconstruct a much more familiar (and personally profitable) kind of crony capitalism?

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It's debate week again, so it's a great time for a Monday Double Shot of polling & punditry roundups from Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser. Freakouts always go better with a little inoculation of reality and the long view, right? Hour two today took us on a "Connect the Dots" stroll down Memory Lane. Or as Republicans would have it, down the Memory Hole. What connects today's focus on the latest Bain plunder target, Sensata, with supply-side economics, the 2009 Obama stimulus program, the 1993 Clinton stimulus program, Medicare, Social Security, and the Republican proclivity for betting against America and constantly claiming our country is an unlivable hellhole? Listen in and find out!

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It's VP Debate Night, but we're still untangling the fallout of the last debate. And now that things have calmed down some, we were glad to have Greg Dworkin back with us to take us on a tour of the polling landscape. From there, it was on to an exploration of new frontiers for the show--specifically science and space. This week saw the successful launch and docking of the first private, unmanned resupply mission to the International Space Station, pulled off by SpaceX and its Dragon cargo vessel. A great leap forward? A victory for privatization at the expense of a once-inspiring public endeavor? Aaron Oesterle (aka FerrisValyn) joined us for a discussion, and raised some thought-provoking questions and issues about an area that used to border on science fiction, but are going to become part of our everyday reality in the near future. Privatization is everywhere these days, and that led us to wrap up with a detour into prison privatization in particular, and the peculiar dangers of letting hyper capitalists (and future locust capitalists) lead the effort to privatize an entire economy all at once, as with Bain & Co. and the former Soviet Union. Now I have a headache! But what a set of issues to sort out next week!

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It's a veritable sideshow shooting gallery of Republican jerks today. There's one-time billionaire and now just mega-millionaire David Siegel and his crazy-ass, plagiarized email threatening to fire employees if Obama wins reelection. West Virginia Senate candidate John Raese, who just up and decided a river needed to be diverted and have a waterfall in it because he wanted one, but construction permits were terrorism, so screw it. Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, whose registered no recognition at all when his empty-headed reliance on scripted talking points was lampooned before his very eyes by Soledad O'Brien on CNN. The new just-say-whatever strategy coming out of the Romney campaign. And finally, newly-crowned King of the Sleazebags, Tennessee Congressman and (soon-to-be-former) doctor Rep. Scott DesJarlais, revealed by his own tape recording to have knocked up one of his patients, then pressured her to have an abortion... before later running for office as a pro-life Teabagger.

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Setting aside the widespread polling panic, we let our eyes wander to stories of the absurd, like those from Arkansas Republicans coming out in favor of slavery, which in turn took us to Tim Griffin, voter caging, Neal Horsley's admissions of bestiality, creationism. But eventually we came around to the polls, starting with Pew's numbers from yesterday, leading into Markos's analysis of the latest PPP polling numbers, illustrating the difference between legitimate analyses of methodology and the crackpot practice of "unskewing" the numbers with magic. Also: Kevin Drum's "Hack Gap" and what it might tell us about liberals vs. conservatives, and the slow creep of "Leadership PACs" into SuperPACs.

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It's Monday of the Vice Presidential Debate Week, but all the talk is still about last week's Presidential contest. And, strangely, Big Bird. We checked in with our polling experts, Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser, for updates on the data, and where the races are headed, both at the top of the ticket and downballot around the country. In the second hour, more "dot connecting," in a reading on the "wisdom" of free markets and cost-benefit analyses, plus a roundup of Roll Call's Top 10 most vulnerable Members of Congress.

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Things always return to the mean, they say. And two days after the debate, the traditional media appear to be catching on to the unsupportable paradox of "winning" a debate on style while losing it on substance. Add to that the latest admission from Romney that he was "completely wrong" in his infamous 47% comments, and it looks like we're right back where we started from. Greg Dworkin joined the show for his regular polling and punditry roundup, and special guest Andrew Jones (aka sluggahjells) sat in for a wide-ranging and fun Friday finale.

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Well, we're post-debate on meeting number one, and we talked reactions, snap polling, and historical trends with Greg Dworkin. But it wasn't all debate, all the time. We dove into the tax-exempt status of political churches, revisited the below-the-radar problem of "cost-benefit analysis" of agency rules and regulations, and the coming fiasco of their application to regs that stand in the way of the financial services industry bilking even more out of your pockets and the pockets of your neighbors. Oh yeah, and then we went back to the debate!

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It's debate day, which is to say that it's time for the traditional media to tell you that there might possibly be some news later on, so just stay tuned. And if there isn't any, we'll make some up. Greg Dworkin rounded up the real, already-happened news in today's polling segment. We took calls from Tomtech on his low-cost, grassroots ad campaigns in Texas, and OllieGarkey on the dangers and nuances of mixing politics and religion. And finally, we peeked in on the wingnuts frolicking in fantasy land, with their claims that "abortions" are frequently performed on women who aren't even pregnant, and that an already-circulated 2007 videotape of then-Senator Barack Obama saying non-controversial stuff is somehow, suddenly, the worstest thing ever, not to mention a perfectly valid reason for white dudes to do Amos & Andy impressions on the air.

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It's a guest hat trick today, with segments featuring Greg Dworkin on the latest polling & punditry news, Meteor Blades (Tim Lange) on Romney's hackneyed foreign policy attacks, and Armando Llorens on the the latest from the Commonwealth Court in the Pennsylvania voter ID case. And of course, we have a good laugh at Scott Brown's deer-in-the-headlights-gets-booed-by-the-audience debate moment, as well!

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We've got our traditional Monday Double Dose of the polling & punditry roundup with Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser. And Mitt Romney obliges us once again, by opening his mouth. This time he's upset that President Obama "misunderstands" American values. Like stealing pension funds and telling supporters their hometown pride cookies look like crap! It was all a fine set-up for a reading of Steven Pearlstein's "I am a job creator: A manifesto for the entitled." Pretty much the elite's whiniest carping in a nutshell!

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It's Friday, Friday... you know the rest. Greg Dworkin parsed the polling and punditry. Todd Akin took a beating. Republicans were (once again) caught perpetrating the only thing approaching voter fraud that ever actually happens. The shift that wasn't, on Republican tax strategy. And Mitt Romney raises the bar on jerkiness, blaming veterans' suicides on the defense budget (but not Ryan's vote to slash it).

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We're back, live and in person, with the show today. Not that that matters, since this is a description that only accompanies the podcast. Still, it means that there's a brand new show for you to download today, and that's always worth mentioning. Greg Dworkin joined us to take another crack at the "unskew the polls" nonsense, and update us on what the real ones are actually saying. In the spotlight today: the latest Bain-related videos, including the one from 1985, featuring Mitt Romney discussing the business model of "harvesting" companies for profit; Sheldon Adelson's $100 million investment in a potential $2 billion tax cut and maybe a free pass on the current federal investigation of his overseas operations, and; the skyrocketing record number of filibusters in the Senate since Dems took control in 2007.

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Our regular visit from Greg Dworkin addresses the mysteries of the Republican obsession with "unskewing" the polling, based on, well, nothing. Yet apparently, it's catching on. So be on the lookout for Poll Truthers in a media outlet near you. Plus: people are still scratching their heads over Mitt Romney's proposal to add power windows to the nation's fleet of airliners; Florida is still straining to tamp down on voting-while-a-Democrat, and; Rand Paul still seeking a standing ovation for his one hour of "tireless work" blocking Senate business.

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Back from the weekend following The Worst Week Ever for Romney, during which Romney puts a cherry on top of his FAIL sundae, casually acknowledging on 60 Minutes that it's right and fair that people who make $50,000 ought to pay a higher tax rate than he does on his millions. Thanks, Willard! We had our extended Monday polling & punditry round-up today, with Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser, and took a historical but still political detour to discuss the H2 network's show, "How the States Got Their Shapes." Fascinating stuff. Seriously!

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Today's Kagro in the Morning show reviewed the coverage from two major Senate debates last night, in Massachusetts and Virginia, and watched the polling and punditry trends with Greg Dworkin. From there, it's another extended connect-the-dots session pulling in the "fiscal cliff," the old "Super Committee," Blue Dogs and their dwindling influence, the stimulus plan vote, and Kent Conrad's commitment to the Zombie Simpson-Bowles "report."

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A giant bonanza of polls were turned loose for today's polling & punditry roundup with Greg Dworkin. And Mitt Romney kept the 47% flame alive by making a series of bizarre claims about editing, context, and "debunking," so yeah, we went there again. Also, the UC Davis Pepper Spray cop gets a pass from the District Attorney, leading us to an expansive discussion about the militarization of the police and the use of "non-lethal" weaponry against protestors. Oh, and Republicans in the Senate charge that if it wasn't for the Constitution, they'd totally nail Harry Reid. Stupid Constitution! Repeal Article I!

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It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so why not raid ye a pension fund & bury yer loot on Grand Cayman, to mark the occasion? Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular polling and punditry analysis. We turn an eye to the Orange Co., FL Earned Sick Time ballot initiative. And yes, Romney's 47% tape still looms large -- launching us into today's big "connect the dots" discussion of tax expenditures, subsidies, and the true nature of "mooching."

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Wow. Romney World is on fire today, and there's really just no oxygen out there for anything but Romney's secret tape 47% comments. There's no getting around it, that's the topic of the day. Greg Dworkin joined the show to talk polls, punditry & trends. And from there, it's a free-ranging discussion of the broader themes and the granular fine points packed into this tiny snippet. Including a reading of the web-famous "Open Letter to that 53% Guy."

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Happy 5773, Earth! You don't look a day over 5750, if you ask me. It's September 17th, and Occupy Wall Street is back out on the streets, marking its anniversary. Daily Kos contributing editors Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser joined the show with their polling and punditry roundups, plus listener calls led us to discussions of the importance of your vote (especially in local elections) and the unfortunate decline in impact and value of Bob Woodward's insider journalism.

Direct download: September_17_2012_64.mp3
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Camp Romney goes all in on the crazy, declaring that there would be no anti-American sentiment in the Middle East if Mitt Romney were president. Greg Dworkin joined us for his regular polling and punditry round-up. Laura Clawson updated us on the Chicago teachers' strike. And Adam Bonin recapped the Pennsylvania Supreme Court arguments over their new, controversial voter ID law.

Direct download: September_14_2012_64.mp3
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Further fallout from Romney's disastrous reaction to the tragedy in Libya, and embassy protests in Cairo. RedState speaks out against the media's conspiracy to focus on Romney when he convenes press conferences. Plus Greg Dworkin's polling and pundit roundup, Bill in Portland Maine's pitch for the upcoming Netroots Nation fundraising auction, and listener calls.

Direct download: September_13_2012_64.mp3
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The Romney campaign's astonishing response to the overseas events and the death of Amb. Chris Stevens in Libya dominated the discussion today, even seeping into our polling discussion with Greg Dworkin. In other news: Tea Party Freshmen in Congress wrestle with having to vote to keep the government funded; Del. Bob Marshall (R) of Virginia is quoted as saying disabled children are "God's punishment" to women for prior abortions, and; the charitable Romneys fight tooth and nail to prevent a hospice from opening in their neighborhood. (Property values, dontcha know!)

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The conventions are over, and Congress returns to DC from August recess. In a joint polling & issues review with Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser, we looked at post-convenion bounces, shifts in the polling, and the emerging "Obama leads" media narrative. On the Congressional front, it's more of the same, with small bore nonsense filling in the space around yet another continuing resolution to keep the government operating in the absence of any ability to fund it under regular order.

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Day Three of Democratic National Convention coverage from Charlotte, NC. Reviewing Wednesday's speeches and Thursday's punditry, and looking ahead to the big finale.

Direct download: Semptember_6_2012_64.mp3
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Day Two, from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. Featuring Greg Dworkin, Daily Kos Associate Campaign Director Rachel Colyer, C.S. Kendrick and David & Dante Atkins. Reviewing Tuesday's speeches, Wednesday's punditry, the fight against voter suppression, and some surprise future plans from Daily Kos' own favorite brother/brother team!

Direct download: September_5_2012_64.mp3
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Live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC! Daily Kos Radio hosts David Waldman & Armando Llorens talk to Greg Dworkin, and to Raven Brooks & Mary Rickles of Netroots Nation. Plus a call from Bill in Portland, ME!

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Oh. My. God. Lol chair. That is all. We review the closing night of the Republican National Convention, as if we could remember anything other than that crazy chair thing. Chair! CHAIR! Dude. Worst. Hologram. Ever.

Direct download: August_31_2012_64.mp3
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Reviewing the Wednesday night lineup at the Republican National Convention, from "Tad True" to "full-blown bullshit."

Direct download: August_30_2012_64.mp3
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Recapping the craziness of the Republican National Convention's first night, both on the podium and on the floor. Rick Santorum's hands. Kelly Ayotte's lemonade stand. Nikki Haley's Sudafed. Chris Christie's... Chris Christie. And more. Plus Greg Dworkin's daily polling and issues analysis, and Armando Llorens' take on the shouting down of Zoraida Fonalledas.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 28, 2012

In today's weirdest news, we took a look at the story of the arrest of four active duty soldiers in an alleged plot to assassinate President Obama, and also apparently put millions of American princesses under their spell by poisoning the Washington State apple crop. That lead to a wide-ranging exploration of the parallels between urban gangs and right-wing militias, and whether John Galt or Vito Corleone had the more realistic method of separating onesself from society.

What a show!

In news from closer to reality. The irony of Republicans rediscovering the "debt clock" at their convention, and of RNC Chair Reince Preibus noting that each family's share of the debt increase could be covered by less than two off-the-cuff Mitt Romeny bets.

And of course, Greg Dworkin joined the show for his regular polling and issues segment for the first time since David noticed Greg had shed the old DemFromCT moniker.

Direct download: August_28_2012_64.mp3
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Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman (Twitter: @KagroX) hosted Daily Kos colleagues DemFromCT (Greg Dworkin), DarkSyde (Steven Andrew) and Steve Singiser to discuss the latest national polling and issues, the approach of Hurricane Isaac both to Tampa and perhaps more directly to New Orleans, and the Akin impact on the Republican National Convention. Plus we note the irony in the residents of Akin's hometown looking to the government for assistance now that their wells have run dry from drought.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 24, 2012

Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman (aka KagroX) discusses the day's polling and issues with Greg Dworkin (aka DemFromCT), and the broad implications of's publication of a treasure trove of Bain Capital documents.

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