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Kagro in the Morning - November 26, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving GunFAIL roundup. Greg Dworkin brought us dueling Hagel headlines, turned quickly to freelancing Chuck Schumer, and wound up with a selection of the many articles decrying Bob McColloch's grand jury farce, and wondering what lies ahead. Joan McCarter weighed in on the grand jury process as well, including the incredibly ridiculous story of Witness #40, as well as her take on Schumer. The bizarre Kabuki theater of Harry Reid's tax deal trial balloon. The bizarre kooky theater of The Stockman Effect. In happier news: the Shakespeare First Folio discovery. Boehner jumps the gun on Benghazi committee. More revealing detail on the case of the Washington 3-year-old shot in the face. Scott Greenfield's "The Ferguson Lie."

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Kagro in the Morning - November 25, 2014

Tough day to start with a radio show, in the wake of events in Ferguson. We discuss the grand jury process with Armando, a listener contribution on SCOTUS curtailment of the civil rights suit avenue, in the form of an August NYT opinion piece, and various of the other seemingly inexplicable details of yesterday's events. In the second hour, more details emerge in the GunFAIL case involving a three-year-old accidentally shot by a four-year-old playmate in the home of his gun enthusiast dad. The House finally files its lawsuit against the president. Except it's not against the president. And it might just undermine the Congress, instead. Vox wonders what a Republican president might do with expanded executive power. And I wonder why they think we have to guess.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 24, 2014

An active and spectacular GunFAIL weekend drove much of the show's agenda today. Greg Dworkin plays along, sharing stories on a Connecticut state report suggesting that race & affluence might have impacted the willingness of agencies to intervene in Adam Lanza's treatment, as well as other missed opportunities in his case. Also, questions about the link between mental illness and gun violence. In broader political news: a short honeymoon for Congressional Gop leaders; Republicans in disarray, and; why millennials don't think everyone should vote. News breaks on the Hagel resignation, and Armando ponders the path forward. A crazy few days in GunFAIL: another gun enthusiast's child has been accidentally shot at home; a Ferguson-area woman allegedly accidentally shot & killed herself with a gun bought as protection in the event of unrest; NJ hunter accidentally shoots & kills himself; a 9-month-old girl shot by her father as he cleaned his gun; a puzzling dual-shooting in Maine; target shooting dad & son accidentally kill the neighbor lady, and; a 12-year-old girl is accidentally shot & killed by her sister after church. Wrapping up: Benghazi! Congress eyes new DC pot law. NJ shifts cops from guarding child welfare workers to save on overtime, moves them to guarding an empty Ebola quarantine site, and meanwhile a child welfare worker is attacked & stabbed in her office.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 21, 2014

We broadcast the show from the underground bunker, safe from the Chaos in the Streets! Sen. Tom Coburn was the first to offer a wink at the idea of violence, but KS Sec. of State Kris Kobach wasn't going to be out-crazied. Greg Dworkin brought us a few immigration news selections, segued to a polling roundup, a legal analysis of the president's plan, and a fascinating series of Tweets on the historical reality of (at least one example of) Anglo immigration. Speaking of which, TPM's Ben Railton had more factual background on that topic. Finally: Armando joins us for an extended discussion of the collapse of the Republican defunding strategy.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 20, 2014

Greg Dworkin joined us for the morning news round-up, including the push by MI Republicans to apportion their electoral votes, tonight's immigration announcement, the latest post-election polls, and some data on who's helped by the ACA, plus thoughts on why opposition remains so strong. Also, Jay Leno backs out of a gun lobby trade show. Later: what got Uber so upset? What are they doing with their data? Is that why they're worth so much? Or is it other businesses, like sub prime car loans? Arliss Bunny circles back on the Gruber story, to make the Modern Monetary Theory argument that he's just fundamentally incorrect about what taxes are, and what they do. Bad gun day: campus shooting & a "home intruder" mistake.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 19, 2014

Greg Dworkin spends about 12 seconds on Gruber, then moves on to the nearly inexplicable KXL pipeline vote, immigration reform issues, and the Republican Love Boat sees starbursts for Scott Walker. Explaining the "painless filibuster" procedure used for the KXL vote. The mainstream breakout of the Bill Cosby story. Uber's PR implosion grows worse. Joan McCarter joined us in slapping our foreheads over Uber, before moving on to her insights on the lame duck agenda, continued Gop obstruction, and the price we paid for Landrieu's gambit. Next, a little on-air constitutional law war gaming over recess appointments. Shutdown strategery speculation. Elizabeth Warren wants banks to prove they're protecting customer data. (Any 2016 implications?) And finally, some hot scoop on net neutrality from Vice.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 18, 2014

The most-buzzified stories of the day: Uber & Gruber. Greg Dworkin enters the fray with his roundup of Gruber backgrounders & explainers, Ron Fournier's latest flop & the many crushing responses offered, and a note on the immigration fight. Armando joined in to add his own points on Gruber, which likewise meshed with those emptywheel had made in years past, leading us to ponder the nature of the penalty/tax & the role of Democratic foot-draggers, the filibuster & more. Moving on, we yelled at Uber a lot, because creepy. And just maybe, seriously dangerous.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 17, 2014

Greg Dworkin helped get us up to speed with his roundup of one of the latest election postmortems, the role of tax policy in our growing inequality, Obama's departure from the demanded humility narrative, and David Jarman's reminder that, "You win elections to enact policy, not the other way around." Plus, the start of a week-long NatGeo series on the science of "personhood," and the nurse who never had Ebola would like you to stop calling her the Ebola Nurse. Armando joins an extensive discussion of CNN's scoop, "How the GOP used Twitter to stretch election laws." Another "Imagine the Outrage if" story, as Orrin Hatch calls progressives "straight old dumb-ass liberals." There's no Official Progressive Outrage Machine, though, so never mind. But might that be a good idea? Is AOL's "Digital Prophet" just a random nut and no one will say it?

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Kagro in the Morning - November 14, 2014

Political Twitter was abuzz this morning with criticism of the "Mook Mafia" story and the indictment of former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship. Armando joins us for extended discussion of last night's buzz: yet more revelations of mass cell phone data vacuuming, and the latest developments in the #Pointergate story. A post-election and legislative lame duck session update from Michigan, via Rosalyn MacGregor. The latest song parody from Lauren Mayer. Impeachment-mania is back, apparently ignoring the previous lack of concern over Republican flexing of executive muscle, as documented by Jon Perr. Which reminded me of the time Mary Landrieu could have blocked an important nomination as leverage for her Hurricane Katrina grievances, but didn't. Weekend news grab bag: ISIS to mint its own coins; Solyndra losses reversed into profit; UT county repays inmates charged in "Pay For Stay" scheme; Mark Udall mulls reading the torture report.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 13, 2014

Greg Dworkin helps us get a handle on a muddled news day: the politics of the new US-China climate deal, McConnell's prospects in the new Senate, and drilling down into Connecticut's results. WV elects an actual used car salesman. The president chews some gum, apparently. Time magazine promotes the comments section to editor. The KXL Hail Mary. Does this kind of appeasement work? Ask the 75% of House Dems elected in 2006 who are no longer in DC. Suburban MD school board erases all holiday names from its calendar rather than add a Muslim one.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 12, 2014

Rounding up morning news with Greg Dworkin, we discussed the US-China deal, the lame duck KXL vote proposal, the lack of compromise genes among Republicans, and more post-election thoughts about What Went Wrong. Vote trading at SCOTUS? Huckabee joining the permanent candidate dole? Joan McCarter was up next, discussing election results, the lame duck agenda, Republican budget plans, net neutrality and AT&T's related extortion plan. Today in WTF: an Iowa mom arrested for voting; oil company lawyers say frowny faces are "assault."

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Greg Dworkin set the tone for the show today with a collection of articles examining the policy vs. politics & ideology vs. pragmatism questions at the center of... well, everything. Why do we vote on Tuesdays? More about The Great Wage Slowdown. Colorado Democrats win back seats lost in gun recall. Political money (read: the Kochs) is changing (read: buying) statehouse reporting.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 10, 2014

Greg Dworkin starts with a brief roundup of international affairs, including Russia & Ukraine, ISIS and Ebola in Africa. Public trust in physicians is dropping. SCOTUS to take on the ACA again. Are public beliefs about guns accurate? And does that matter? More post-mortem: low turnout. How will the new Senators like Joni Ernst adjust to its norms? Hot right-wing talk: Obamacare and reconciliation. Economic inequality's gotten so bad, you can't earn your way out of it, nor can you invest your way out. Breitbart's "Big Government" makes a Big Mistake. Attack all the Lorretta Lynches!

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Kagro in the Morning - November 7, 2014

Greg Dworkin brought us his morning roundup. Libertarian types finally show up on Day 18 of 21 to say Ebola quarantines have been politically motivated. The election really wasn't about Obamacare. Did Mark Warner "woo the wrong voters?" The unnoticed progressive victory of Dan Malloy. And some questions answered about Ebola blood testing. Armando discusses Shaun King's incredible #pointergate story. Not everything about putting cameras on cops is all that good. Mystery Google barges shut down over safety concerns. Speculation on White House post-election strategy hits the Star Trek barrier.

Additional weekend reading:

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Kagro in the Morning - November 6, 2014

Election post-mortems continue, and the big question appears to be whether voters are confused, cognitively dissonant, or just Gimmetarians. Do the election results give us any hint how Republicans will proceed on health care? Let's speculate! And have Armando join us! Rosalyn MacGregor shares Stanford research that says Americans are more sharply divided along political lines than racial lines. David Frum's "The Gun-Control Movement Is Learning How to Win." Meanwhile, some gun rights supporters apparently descend into insanity.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 5, 2014

Internet connectivity kept us off the live stream today, and the spotty backup mic made modulation control a challenge as well. But hey, substance rules here! (And no, the whole show is not as loud as the start.) Greg Dworkin helped us round up the results and commentary: the age of the electorate, the role of the economy (stupid), the internal battle of establishment versus radicals, and the sweeping, big-picture looks at why it all happened the way it did. Maybe. The big question: Did the Republican establishment keep Tea Party-type radicals in line? Or did Tea Party-type radicals simply hold their tongues long enough to pass for the establishment? Also: what about the filibuster? And what does the recent trend in conservative libertarianism mean for DC's marijuana laws, and civil liberties in the national security arena?

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