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Kagro in the Morning - December 31, 2014

Last live show of the year! Why "traditional media" instead of "mainstream media?" Explainer journalism time! Events have forced us to do yet another GunFAIL-focused show, as yet another toddler shoots and kills yet another mother with her own self-defense gun. Long story short, we parse this one closely. Silver lining: Idaho authorities & reporters have remembered they have some other gun issues to settle. In other poor gun decision news, the story of a shootout on the street after a convenience store robbery in South Carolina. Which is fine and keeps us safe, because reasons. Armando joins for discussion of the NYPD work slowdown, Marco Rubio saying something dumb, and how politics in 2015 might unfold. Oh, and by the way, bushmeat's not to blame for Ebola. Sorry about that. Vermont's crazy gubernatorial election will end in the state legislature. Not unprecedented, but TV ads might be! IL man who accidentally Second Amendmented himself made up a sob story that got him profiled in the local papers. Respect the culture!

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Kagro in the Morning - December 30, 2014

The GOP's Steve Scalise problem dominates the political news. Greg Dworkin picks up the subject, brings us the fascinating "Tragedy of the American Military," and draws police parallels, via TPM's "The Other Blue Nation." Dictator Obama claims power to reject legislation! And the "fleeting obsessions" of the WH press corps. Armando tries to help make some sense of the North Korean Sony hacking claims, but even with listener help, we're still not quite there. Also, the discussion of LBJ & Selma we teased yesterday. And finally, Jane Mayer pieces together the story of "The Unidentified Queen of Torture."

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Kagro in the Morning - December 29, 2014

We're back from a short break, and we've got some catching up to do with the NYPD's Pat Lynch-triggered PR debacle, as well as holiday GunFAIL. Greg Dworkin brought us a far-flung roundup, including the story of how "MTV has done more for the US teen birthrate than decades of policy." Polling on racial issues has an (unsurprising) red/blue divide. Racism vs. racial bias. Obama: lame duck, or honey badger? Jeb-mania! Christie-toast becomes crispier. TN finding its way to Medicaid expansion, and a reminder that S-CHIP is up for renewal in 2015. The latest airline disaster. And the worst media fails of 2014. Crossing racial bias with guns: Two white guys take BB guns off the shelves at WalMart & wander the store firing, and live to tell the tale. Also still alive after the weekend: the white woman who put on body armor and drove around, shooting up Chattanooga, and finally taking aim at police when they caught up with her. Not alive: the black man who police say fired a gun toward a crowd of club-goers, then at responding cops. They do Christmas differently in Texas, I guess. And PolitiFact's year-end roundup of the worst of political Internet memes. "Pants on Fire" doesn't even begin to cover some of these.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 19, 2014

A rare joint appearance by Greg Dworkin and Armando this morning, featuring discussion of the Colbert Report finale, Cuba, Obama's exceptional week, Rubio's less-exceptional one, the mess surrounding The Interview (on which even George Clooney weighs in). Why Planned Parenthood supported a CRapnibus full of abortion restrictions. More on the "nuclear option" & it's effect on the judiciary. Been committed to a mental institution but want your guns back? OK. A Rosalyn MacGregor update from Michigan. Republicans <3 judicial activism. The Ferguson grand jury's "Witness 40" is a bigger wacko than anyone originally thought. And the thing we didn't get to, but you should: Shaun King on what to do about it.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 18, 2014

We somehow allow ourselves to get caught up in the weird Sony/North Korea/The Interview story, even though we don't have any real idea what's going on. Even though there are more important stories, like cop push-back on the nationwide protests. Greg Dworkin willingly went along for a bit, then ran through his top APR headlines, focusing heavily on Cuba, including one throwback reference to 1998. Side note to the bizarre Sony story: Did Iran hack Sheldon Adelson? Hey, St. Louis cops didn't shoot this guy. Correction from yesterday, re: impeachment penalties. Plus, the 19th century impeachment case that could have saved us heartache in 1974. NYC police union leader invites discussion, let's say, on the confusion about and amongst cops, citizens, and our rights.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 17, 2014

We're still talking about torture. You'd think it was important, or something. Does it make sense for Sen. Ron Wyden to introduce legislation on it? For Hillary Clinton to endorse the idea? Greg Dworkin rounded up judicial nomination news & commentary, the many implications of the Russian collapse, our own improving economic picture, and the coming Republican Medicaid expansion. Could torture start again? Armando joined us for an extended segment on anti-torture legislation, Jeb-mentum, billion dollar spy blimps, Cuba, the curious case of Estefanía Isaías, and Antonio Weiss.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 16, 2014

Peshwar demands our attention, right out of the box. We have our own shooting problems, as usual. Speaking of which, Greg Dworkin notes that Newtown families file suit against the maker of Bushmaster rifles, and the amazing Australian response to the Sydney attack. Also: the ruble collapse; oil prices drop, airlines pass the savings on keep the $, and; the latest poll to ask the wrong questions about torture. Torture isn't new, and neither are anti-vaccine beliefs. The mechanics & dynamics of how the derivatives rule rollback got into the CRapnibus.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 15, 2014

We start the week with an eye on the Sydney hostage situation, plus the weird bent that the Uber surge pricing story put on it. Greg Dworkin rounds up weekend news, including the procedural wrangling in the Senate, Obama's immigration move, the Lima climate change talks, the CRomnibus & Elizabeth Warren, Cheney on MTP & torture polling (a real thing), while even John Yoo backpedals. The Senate's weekend, explained. A look back at the 2009 torture "debate" shows little has changed, and prompts Armando to join the discussion. The media examines wages of torture. Now Ohio cops want apologies for protest t-shirts. But have you ever seen cops' t-shirts?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 12, 2014

Unraveling the procedural issues surrounding the passage of the CRapnibus. What was up with that super-close vote on the rule? What if it hadn't passed? Why would anyone vote no on the rule and yes on the bill? Why would the White House want it to pass? Is Elizabeth Warren's current opposition equivalent to Ted Cruz's past opposition? The argument that allowing bigger donations to parties is a good thing. Allowing Native Americans to grow & sell marijuana on reservations. Torture accountability is for those who didn't do it. Turns out the more wolves ranchers kill, the more livestock they lose. A member of the Open Carry Tarrant County gang allegedly flipped her switch and killed her family. Catching up on the state of filibuster reform thinking among Senate Republicans.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 11, 2014

Outgoing Rep. Paul Broun, after years of telling people to just take whatever McJobs they can find, says he's now accepting offers for fat cat corporate compensation. Greg Dworkin explains how Broun might actually have become dumber, then rounds up morning headlines. The Company Behind CIA Torture. Vox on torture. Cheney throws Bush under the bus. Media FAILs and torture. Doctor FAILs and torture. Heavy competition for the title of "most underreported" B.S. provision in the cromnibus: gutting pension protections; suspending truck safety rules; rolling back environmental & nutritional standards; reviving public derivatives trading bailouts; a 10x hike in campaign contribution limits; jamming DC's new marijuana laws; even blocking light bulb efficiency regulations and ACORN funding! In other news: ISIS seeks to sell the bodies of murdered hostages. Harvard prof's crazy Chinese food war. Koch brothers now writing their own school curriculum. Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) blames her husband's death on Obamacare. Canadian news reminds people you can be prosecuted for torture. When it comes to Obamacare, Republicans love judicial activism.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 10, 2014

The torture report continues to dominate the news today, and Greg Dworkin helps round up headlines and more on the subject. The cromnibus bogs down under the weight of extraneous riders. Time's Person of the Year: Ebola fighters. The "disastrous flaw" in the CIA torture program. Another cromnibus rider: block DC pot legalization, in the dumbest possible way. Armando weighs in on a broad range of torture issues. But in the end, "we're awesome," so what does it matter?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 9, 2014

Greg Dworkin jammed as many of the top stories of the day into his roundup as he could: the CIA torture report; the Surgeon General nomination (even supported by an ex-NRA lobbyist); another attempt at a "left" Tea Party?; this year's flu vaccine; NJ legislature's Chris Christie investigation ends; polling on Brown, Garner cases & police cams and what to do about it; WTF with watermelons? Campus reaction to the UVA developments. Pelosi scores one on Schumer. Emptywheel focuses on the key issue in the torture report: it's for exploitation, not intel. Armando has an eye out for the CIA/Gop rebuttal, and raises questions about the next ACA repeal moves, plus the very weird "order" issued by a TX-based federal judge. A counter-intuitive call for torture pardons... from the ACLU!

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Kagro in the Morning - December 8, 2014

Much of the weekend (and this morning's Abbreviated Pundit Roundup), and therefore much of the show, was consumed by debate over the Rolling Stone UVA rape allegations, their subsequent apology (but not retraction), push-back from other media, and then just outright nuttery, as highlighted by the WaPo, and brought to our attention by none other than Ron Fournier. Turning to electoral politics, Armando called in to discuss the outcome of the LA-SEN runoff, and the sort of reactions it sparked on the future of Dems in the South. The DNC launches its post-election review. Is it likely to yield decent results?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 5, 2014

Greg Dworkin joins us in noting the Twitter jubilation over the latest jobs numbers as well as the continuing protests across the country growing out of the Brown, Garner & Rice cases (and so much more), which pose problems for politicians from Bill de Blasio to Loretta Lynch. What do you do with the Sandy Hook gunman's now-empty house? Breaking: Republicans are full of it on anti-poverty programs. A thing happened at TNR. Conservative paper says we need police transparency & accountability. Yay! But also, it's about cigarette taxes. Boo! Gop civil war never stopped. Chris Christie's doesn't control his top aides & is therefore exonerated. Right? Armando gets us all philosophical about history, political science and the modern state of the law, by way of The War of the Roses. Rosalyn MacGregor updates us on the insanity of Michigan's lame duck legislative carnival. Another MI story, via Eclectablog, on a scheme to open a FEMA re-education camp taxpayer-funded Tea Party-themed K-12 school. Plus a story out of Florida lays out how it's done by straight-up criminals. Weekend reading: Pay-to-play with Congress pays off in company tax breaks.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 4, 2014

Another tough day for a radio show, this time in the wake of the Eric Garner case. But we found a back door into the racial issues through Chris Rock's remarkable essay in The Hollywood Reporter. Greg Dworkin already had it in his round-up, along with the morning's key reads on Garner. Did you notice? Health care spending growth is the lowest ever recorded. Ebola update: Boston, no; Atlanta, maybe. Mood lightener: toilets are gross. Next: pondering the Garner case. Why isn't selling loose cigarettes considered "disruptive" genius, like Uber? Chicago's schools are the latest public entity suckered by bond brokers.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 3, 2014

A libertarian you'll recognize for his gun advocacy, but who also opposes drunk driving laws (and protests at sobriety checkpoints) is struck by a drunk driver, but wants you to STFU about irony. Greg Dworkin shared a wide-ranging collection of stories. AFT President Randi Weingarten reminds us that Sandy Hook's teachers, students and families will need long-term support. Things not looking so hot for Landrieu. New suspected Ebola patient in Boston. Apparently stop & frisk doesn't cut crime. WTF with James Watson? And Richard III is positively identified. But it's no match with the current royals! Hmm! Joan McCarter joins us to discuss just what the hell a cromnibus is, the Republican proclivity for economic uncertainty, and renewed CBO shenanigans. Jim Inhofe continues to be loopy. Will courts intervene in the next TX execution? NV raging racist speaker-designate ends up as... assistant majority leader. Possible effects of the King case on the ACA, explained. And a brief net neutrality update. Lastly, Detroit's top bankruptcy lawyer is expensing his vacation travel.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 2, 2014

Greg Dworkin brings us selections from the morning papers: Elizabeth Lauten and the last taboo; the latest CNN polling; oil prices plunge & the economy perks up. Armando joins in briefly to comment on the Lauten story and President Obama's proposals on military gear and cameras for cops, which of course are no panacea. Republicans pull back from impeachment, but float "censure." Remember that one? And a few more notes on Uber-gate: how secure is their database, both internally and externally?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 1, 2014

We're back from the Thanksgiving break, and it seems the news forgot to take that break. Video of the Tamir Rice shooting surfaces, and it's outrageous. Greg Dworkin rounded up some of the most interesting writing on Ferguson. A polling update: majority finally say "things going well"; immigration policy OK, process not. Black Friday was meh, but still a huge gun day. SCOTUS takes up the case of a UPS worker put on unpaid leave because she was pregnant. Republican staffer who criticized Obama daughter resigns. The "frightening" Amazon/CIA partnership. Twitter's tracking your other apps. Speaking fees & personal appearance riders. Vanity or necessity?

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