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Kagro in the Morning - March 31, 2015

Continuing backlash against Indiana's ridiculous "religious freedom" bill tops the news today. Armando joins us for that discussion, and reminds us of the common roots shared by RFRA & the Hobby Lobby case, and some of the more ridiculous possible ramifications. Nuclear negotiations with Iran appear to be continuing apace, even as Congress pushes for a role in reviewing any deal. And that leads us to a little discussion of the TPP and fast track authority. Had to share a dumb GunFAIL story that'll really make you "Respect the Culture." Ted Cruz & his Obamacare enrollment. There are other people in the universe who have run for president, even after actually destroying their electronic records. In the Blood from a Turnip files: extortionate rates on prison phone calls and payday loans.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 30, 2015

Another in-depth look from the HuffPo at how St. Louis County municipalities wring dollars from their poorest residents. A new water tax brings out the Irish penchant for old-school methods of protest. From the world of self-fulfilling prophecy: GA "patriot" plants bombs in a local park to scare neighbors into worrying about terrorism. Scott Walker's a front-runner? Time for some outrageous dark money stories, then! As an added bonus, learn again how no law can bind the rich! One last look back at that oddball Starbucks "Race Together" campaign, through the lens of wage theft. A very good point!

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Kagro in the Morning - March 27, 2015

A veritable parade of guest voices today! First, the big news of Harry Reid's retirement. Greg Dworkin discusses that, and rounds up headlines on the Senate budget vote-a-rama (and the impact of the race for the White House on it), House passage of the "doc fix" bill, and just for fun, a story out of left field about maple syrup. And, uh, "maple water," God help us. Next, Rosalyn MacGregor's Michigan update, which we botched live, but have "digitally remastered" for the podcast! Gov. Snyder short-circuits school reform, the MI House OKs "religious" discrimination against gay adoption, while their Senate approves a "choose life" vanity license plate scheme that funnels state dollars to anti-abortion activists. Meteor Blades dropped in to discuss developments in the nuclear talks with Iran. And Armando also joined in to discuss Harry Reid, and briefly, breaking news on a California concealed carry case.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 26, 2015

Three main topics of conversation today: the German plane crash; the situation in Yemen, and; the budget vote-o-rama and the continuing fight over filibuster reform. And that's really about it! Of course, we fill in the blanks with some homework reading assignments on Yemen & Saud-ish Arabia, and have an extended conversation about what the vote-a-rama tells us about the need for filibuster reform and the process by which it might be implemented. Deep in the weeds today!

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Kagro in the Morning - March 25, 2015

The Duck Dynasty guy figures atheists can be converted under the threat of unspeakable brutality. Greg Dworkin notes the push for automatic voter registration in California, and reminds us why conservatives think this is so terrible. Jeb's obstacles to the nomination. A former Reagan administration official (now with CAP, believe it or not) says Republicans criticize Obama's foreign policy even though it's "a national security strategy Ronald Reagan would love." Joan McCarter joined us for a little Idaho news chat. Ted Cruz's plans to join Obamacare. Pete Sessions duz teh maff rong. Republicans fight over which terrible budget to pass, while Daily Kos endorses a better one. A "doc fix" deal emerges in the House, but faces trouble in the Senate. Finally, the sob story of the day: rich donors just aren't feeling the love anymore.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 24, 2015

Greg Dworkin rounds up all the Ted Cruz Nuz. What it might mean that Cruz is officially in while others are not. Steve King is puzzled by Jews. The new line of attack on Jeb: he's not anti-Obamacare enough. Monte Frank of Team 26 tells us about the 3rd Sandy Hook Ride on Washington, and discusses the national drive for gun violence prevention, so-called "smart guns," etc. Next, we try to make good on missing Rosalyn MacGregor's Michigan update, but instead play the (admittedly excellent) February update! Why? Because we're professionals. A procedural explainer on the budget resolution, on which debate begins today in the House. What is the "Queen of the Hill" rule, and why would you use it? KITM listeners are among the few for whom this rule isn't completely new!

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Kagro in the Morning - March 20

Caught up in the basketball mania, which is terrible, we get the backstory on one of the NCAA's craziest team mascots, the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, from contributor Arliss Bunny. Next, Armando points to the latest on eGhazi from Politico, which suggests that the State Department was hoping to streamline its record retention procedures and give staff considerably more discretion in deciding what to preserve. That led to an extended discussion of the issue's many complexities, and an ever-present tension in all transparency decision-making. The white supremacist Mesa, AZ shooter has nothing to do with white supremacy, somehow. An interesting follow-up to how scam PACs swindle small donors: ProPublica looks into how they swindle large ones.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 19, 2015

It's the first day of the basketball tournament that trademark law says you can't name without permission! But Greg Dworkin distracts us from that with some news stuff, like the Israeli elections, Scott Walker's staffing problem, continued monitoring of eGhazi, and opinions of Obamacare shifting? Hey, how about those crazy college athletic team names? Mitch McConnell can't run the Senate like he said he would. Asking the wrong questions about police shootings. And about almost everything. More about the dumb Starbucks thing. Then, a dumb Dick Cheney thing.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 18, 2015

Aaron Schock's resignation creates a looming shortage of radio material. But as the press narratives begin to take shape, this story will still need some sorting out. Greg Dworkin brings us the latest on the Israeli election results, and notes that another poll shows little eGhazi impact & little other change, and alerts us to Obama's "green gambit." More snark on Schock. Seems James O'Keefe is back at it. Something, something, Donald Trump. Having been in transit and missed the opportunity to comment on Schock, Joan McCarter joins us from even further west than usual. She considers whether Boehner is really ready to surrender the "doc fix" hostage, the Senate's use of Loretta Lynch as a hostage on the unrelated trafficking bill, and her fascinating look at the physical undersea infrastructure of the Internet.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 17, 2015

Greg Dworkin takes a peek at the Israeli elections, and notes that 16.4 million have gained insurance under the ACA. NH might let its Medicaid expansion expire, while political hardball may move other states to finally give in to expansion. Begun, this year's budget wars have. OR automatic voter registration bill signed. Latest poll on Clinton. Splashy eGhazi headline might not carry the weight the writer thinks. Armando joins us to discuss why, and what the state of the rules and regulations are. I fall for a joking Tweet about the joke of a Starbucks campaign, which I also don't get. A weird story that could be construed as consumer-driven banking deregulation, if you squint at it just right. And Aaron Schock is in still more trouble.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 16, 2015

Greg Dworkin brings a great lesson from the medical world; rounds up some of the top Israeli election stories; "the stupidest paragraph" he's read "in, like, three months"; Teabaggers = Birchers; another slice of the Wall St. bonus problem; Michigan losers want to change the rules; Jeb discussed national security info in private e-mail, but so what; he's quoted on the Beltway condition known as "Clinton fatigue," and; a discussion of why Congress isn't covered by FOIA. Ted Cruz scares the crap out of a little girl. A GunFAIL roundup including a Bud vs. Busch shooting, how gun store shoplifting became "white collar" crime, an extended rant over the WA dad who left his gun out and finally got charged, but appears to have learned nothing, and a MI prosecutor forgets his gun inside his kid's school. Finally, a look back at Greg's find on cognitive dissonance among Republicans who still insist Obamacare is a job killer, as they have with everything else in history.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 13, 2015

Trey Gowdy's a bit of an oddball. Is he playing a little too loose with sensitive info? Aaron Schock can't stop. Wall St. bonuses now 3x larger than avg. household income. Tell me the Founders anticipated that. How to write a political story when there's no news. One theory on where Cotton's letter really came from. Armando updates us on the latest in the case purporting to block executive immigration action. CaliphateBook is apparently a thing. (But it's totally not like ReaganBook.) Zak Cheney-Rice points out that the OU SAE story shows we know how to deal with racists. But racism is something we haven't quite figured out.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 12, 2015

McCain blames Obama for the Cotton letter. And snow. Greg Dworkin's headlines have the Gop both in disarray and united. Israeli elections loom. CRS explains treaties vs. executive agreements. Making a case for Rubio. Not sure Lindsay Graham is flirting with treason because of Cotton's letter? Well, now he is. Ted Cruz's CPAC applause lines mysteriously don't work with firefighters' union. TN and IA legislatures consider dumb gun stuff. Fox's Megyn Kelly says racist emails like those in Ferguson are routine. Speaking of emails, remember how no one cared when the Bush WH "lost" millions of them? And what are the rules that apply to Congress, now set to subpoena Clinton? Just a wee bit more on the disqualifying comments from Lindsay Graham. Taxpayer subsidized corporate crime.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 11, 2015

Stunningly, the Hillary Clinton email story continues to fascinate the media. Republicans try out the old "it was just a joke" line about Tom Cotton's letter. OU Pres. David Boren expels two SAE students, but listener @sponson is is not impressed. One of the students, meanwhile, has issued an interesting statement. When Joan McCarter joined in, talk turned to just how crazy Tom Cotton really is, plus Aaron Schock's latest problems, the tax cheating Ferguson judge's resignation, and the 1984 Congressional letter to Daniel Ortega blasted by Newt Gingrich. Joan rounded up the top stories on the Senate's stalled human trafficking bill, ACA signups & the King threat, and the Daily Kos endorsement of Donna Edwards. Finally, Laura Clawson's critique of eGhazi-mania, and Buckeye BattleCry's astonishing update on AR state rep. Justin Harris' botched adoption.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 10, 2015

Backlash against Tom Cotton's glorified Facebook post dominates the day. The guy who said ISIS was infiltrating Arkansas now runs Republican foreign policy. Greg Dworkin notes the lack of eGhazi impact, Cotton doesn't know what he's talking about, and his foolishness will have a cost. Netanyahu campaign hits perfect storm, recalling more than a few American parallels. Boehner not going anywhere. More hits on Cotton, and a discussion of Senate treaty consideration process. Aaron Schock is caught bilking taxpayers again, and conservatives are calling for his resignation.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 9, 2015

Greg Dworkin puts Daylight Savings Time on track with an eclectic roundup, including Western water wars, Florida's ban on use of the term "climate change," Issa's bid to get back in the news, the latest 2016 polling, the Gop in disarray, and Senate Republicans agree to "Like" Tom Cotton's Facebook post about Iran. The Selma weekend. Gop House coup talk, again. The Ferguson judge aggressively jailing people for owing the government money... owes the government money. Menendez headlines generate political speculation and some oddball spin from Republicans. Contrarian Republicans can't break their Reaganism training even when they try. More scamPACs. Surveillance surveyed.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 6, 2015

Greg Dworkin returns to the show this morning, rounding up monthly jobs numbers news. The RNC actually opts to up the crazy at 2016 debates. A new Q-Poll. BREAKING: President Obama is black. The horrifying story and backstory of Arkansas state rep. Justin Harris. Despite the recent gun-on-campus incident, or perhaps because of it, the Georgia legislature is apparently considering combating rape on campus by arming fraternities. A gun nut scolds fellow gun nuts for their sloppy gun nuttery. A roundup of the good stuff on the bad stuff in Ferguson & elsewhere.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 5, 2015

Minor GunFAIL update: woman who forgot her loaded gun in a church bathroom wants the charges against her dropped. Except it's a problem that runs in the family. There was no avoiding the Hillary Clinton e-mail story today, so Armando joined us as we read through a round-up of reportage, reviewed it from a tech perspective, took our opportunity to say "What Digby said" on the subject, compared it to the treatment of Jeb Bush's own use of private e-mail, and then complained about media people like us spending too much time on the story. We spent a few minutes on some King v. Burwell loose ends, rounded up some loose weird news items, and called it a day.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 4, 2015

We just couldn't escape the King v. Burwell orbit today. So, we once again dive into the weeds of the case, starting with an attempt to give some sensible form to the plaintiffs' case, though it just doesn't hold together all that well, and Armando couldn't sit still for it, which was a fine excuse for sharing his six things to watch for during oral arguments. We also added insights and live updates from SCOTUSBlog and the WSJ, plus some throwback commentary on Obamacare's path to passage and what it might mean for divining "legislative intent." We also paused along the way to note the lawlessness of the Alabama Supreme "Court," the Netanyahu speech, and a hint at a good(-ish) reason why Hillary Clinton might have opted for private e-mail.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 3, 2015

Morning chatter today about the Netanyahu speech & the rash of TX GunFAIL. Greg Dworkin had our first Ebola update in some time, including nurse Nina Pham's lawsuit against her hospital. Plus a brief wrap-up of political reporting on the DHS debacle. A Greg Sargent tweet gives us an opportunity to talk about procedural fine points you won't hear about elsewhere. Armando joins in to discuss the Hillary Clinton e-mail story, and the next installment of our King v. Burwell legal backgrounders on Chevron deference and constitutional avoidance. The House prepares to close the book on DHS. Special training for armed moms. Is it enough? Can it ever be? And speaking of moms, here's one company president's apology to moms she'd discriminated against in the past.

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Kagro in the Morning - March 2, 2015

Texas weighs heavy in weekend GunFAIL. Greg Dworkin rounds up the Republican DHS collapse and the obscure rule that could possibly provide a way out, Chris Christie's engineering of a major environmental settlement from ExxonMobil to close his budget gap, and Scott Walker's possibly premature surge to frontrunner status. Armando primes us for King v. Burwell week, focusing on his Sunday piece on how and why the plaintiffs' textual arguments in the case fall flat. And Aaron Schock is in still more trouble, for taxpayer-paid private planes and hiring full-time personal photographer.

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