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Kagro in the Morning - November 30, 2015

A nice holiday weekend, for most people each day better than the last, is again marred by another mass shooting. David Waldman addresses the facts, opinions and complete BS about this case and other stories capping this month.

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls, which ready or not, are coming from online polling. What is the accuracy and usefulness of online polls?  

Carson is falling, and maybe Trump is too, going into Iowa and New Hampshire. Voters are split (on party lines, natch) on the seriousness of climate change, but overall people are beginning to lead greener lives, and two-thirds of Americans want the U.S. to join the Climate Change Pact.

A newspaper in New Hampshire thinks Chris Christie is the one that will keep us safe. They have been consistently out of sync for decades. 

The media recently started catching on to Donald Trump, and may have a plan for how to deal with his constant lying. Trump, however has the fringe in his pocket, the loser class see him as a savior, and the rest of the pack just holds on, hoping for the best. Anyhow, his rallies are fun.

The holiday season is #gunFAIL season! No, it’s #gunFAIL all year around, but it sure picks up when kids aren’t hanging around gun-free zoned schools all day. David recounts a few recent examples:

7 month old is this year’s new record holder for youngest gun fail victim.

Mississippi Waffle House waitress slain after asking a patron not to smoke.

A man totes his gun into a Walmart and shoots it. A man totes his gun out of a Walmart and shoots it. People are toting and shooting everywhere in Georgia.

A Muslim is questioned about his birthplace, religion, and opinions on ISIS, then shot.

A gun threat closes the University of Chicago.

How many antichoice attacks, threats and incitements until you admit clinic violence is real? #is100enough ?

Ben Carson’s wife, Candy Carson, makes a head scarf decision while in Jordan — inciting outrage and derision from… no one actually.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - November 27, 2013 airing November 27, 2015

It's Pre-Thanksgiving, 2013, with Greg Dworkin, Joan McCarter and Armando. Greg rounded up the day's ACA news & polling. Twitter's been buzzing with discussion of the latest attempt by conservatives to overturn Obamacare and block access to contraception along the way. Armando and Joan both weigh in on this one, and wrap up on the story of netroots involvement in the filibuster reform fight, including the role the Daily Kos Campaigns team in converting the "outside" game into metrics the "insiders" could understand and absorb, a critical element in making the "inside/outside" game work. Joan previews the upcoming holiday period on the Daily Kos front page, including coverage of significant Thanksgiving and Black Friday labor actions. Wrapping up on the nuts & bolts of the nuclear option, we take a look back at a forgotten, late 2005 proposal by the then-majority Republicans in the Senate to set off a sort of "mini-nuke" that actually purported to erase its own tracks after it was used. And how was it to be used? To force through an ANWR drilling amendment, believe it or not. But can that sort of thing really be erased? Depends who you ask, and when!

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - November 26, 2014 airing November 26, 2015

Pre-Thanksgiving GunFAIL roundup. Greg Dworkin brought us dueling Hagel headlines, turned quickly to freelancing Chuck Schumer, and wound up with a selection of the many articles decrying Bob McColloch's grand jury farce, and wondering what lies ahead. Joan McCarter weighed in on the grand jury process as well, including the incredibly ridiculous story of Witness #40, as well as her take on Schumer. The bizarre Kabuki theater of Harry Reid's tax deal trial balloon. The bizarre kooky theater of The Stockman Effect. In happier news: the Shakespeare First Folio discovery. Boehner jumps the gun on Benghazi committee. More revealing detail on the case of the Washington 3-year-old shot in the face. Scott Greenfield's "The Ferguson Lie"."

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Kagro in the Morning - November 25, 2015

As the sounds of guests arriving and holiday preparations go on around him, David Waldman delivers today’s KITM, full of Thanksgiving cheer and stuff for you to shout across the dining room table tomorrow:

For Greg Dworkin, Thanksgiving marks the time when “early polls” become “polls” — and more predictive as you finish your leftover turkey.  

Bernie Sanders comes out on top in many categories, but still trails Hillary Clinton. Martin O’Malley almost doubles his national support in his home state with 7%.

Donald Trump is doing just fine. His behavior is being picked up on by some people, but does the attention hurt or help him? How can news organizations reveal what Trump is without revealing what his followers are? So what to do if Trump leaves? Meanwhile, Ted Cruz sets himself up as Donnie Jr

Marco Rubio will defeat ISIS with ground war on multiple fronts and few allies, otherwise whatever Obama’s now doing. So what to do if ISIS leaves

Armando calls in to discuss the media’s objective viewpoint, and future narratives. Can anything from the right be so abhorrent or egregious to be labeled as objectionable, or is the news too beat up to say so?

What is known so far about the two suspects arrested in connection with the Black Lives Matter Shooting — are they terrorists, white supremacists, and does it matter?

David discusses the connection between gun culture, and the slow deterioration and eventual suicide of a Maryland college student considered one of the best and brightest

Mike Huckabee loves the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but can’t tell them apart.

Scott Walker tries to move on, but still a loser.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 24, 2015

David Waldman returns tomorrow for the KITM Thanksgiving Special, today enjoy the KITM pre-Thanksgiving Special Special:

Turkey does not put Putin in a festive mood

Greg Dworkin rounds up some new polls. (With polls, consider if the poll is of Republicans, for the election, the primaries, Iowa, New Hampshire, or an aggregate, or listen to the show as Greg considers it.) Greg predicts Cruz vs Rubio, but it could be Cruz vs Trump. Either way, Cruz rubs his hands diabolically.

Is Donald Trump just bigger than The Truth? If so, why does the truth keep lying about Donald Trump? Ben Carson bails on one big lie, as Trump doubles the double down. To recap:

  • The Media has noticed Donald Trump lies:

Like the one about thousands in New Jersey celebrating after 9/11.

Or the one about fake crime statistics and general race-bating.

  • The Media has noticed that Donald Trump lies a lot:

Here are 6 Donald Trump lies.

Donald Trump is constantly lying.

Donald Trump’s fact-free campaign.

Donald Trump’s audience likes the lies.

  • The Media has noticed that they have been letting Donald Trump get away with it:

The media does not know how to deal with Trump’s lying.

Here are 4 theories on how Donald Trump gets away with it.

Does the truth even matter anymore?

His supporters don’t care.

Donald Trump may be invincible.

  • Donald Trump’s lies are deadly: 

Is there blood on Fox & Trump’s hands?

More Tamir Rices are on the way.


Armando calls in to talk about the idea that Trump can transcend the truth.

Trump tweeted fabricated murder stats from a neo-nazi and this is how the media reported it.

Trump can’t convince O’Reilly. Little Green Footballs claims they traced the graphic’s source.

Three white gunmen are suspected of shooting Black Lives Matter demonstrators. Is this terrorism?

Vitter claims he wrote a letter warning about refugees back when, Armando calls BS.


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Kagro in the Morning - November 23, 2015

Bobby Jindal dropped out of the presidential race, but he couldn’t pull David Waldman down with him. David will be on this week for at least today and tomorrow, but then he has to start preheating his oven.

Ben Carson is usually a good surgeon, not necessarily a good historian, even though he wrote a book. Maybe his wife & co-writer Candy Carson did the proofreading.

Greg Dworkin brings good news for poll fans — a lot of polls! Greg reminds us that there’s a big difference between the "Republican electorate" (i.e. primary) and the "electorate" (i.e. general election): So, Trump leads the polls, especially with the white working class, which is as predicted. But, if only Mitt were there, it would be different (at least in New Hampshire)! And, while everyone is yapping about Trump’s lead, have you looked at Hillary’s? Hillary Clinton is the most trusted to handle terrorism.

Donald Trump has been compared to leaders in the past, today Greg and David talk about Trump’s many parallels with George Wallace, and how the support for a new Wallace has grown.

David Vitter is a loser, here are a few reasons.

On campuses there seems to be a growing backlash against old heroes such as Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Jefferson. David sees no problem with this as long as you turn in your homework supporting your thesis first.

The Gop contenders show strong support, weak knowledge of the Constitution and who was responsible. Which is strange, because learning can be so easy and fun.

The myth of the Lost Cause of the Civil War in the South is assumed to be about denying slavery. But in addition to economic slavery we could also add sex slavery.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 20, 2015

You won’t be able to hear David Waldman’s Kagro in the Morning live today, because it is no longer morning and so today’s broadcast has ended. But — hit the link above and it is just as good!

Greg Dworkin brings us the horse race in progress: Donald Trump manages to stay in the presidential race by, well, leading the polls. Ted Cruz is climbing — quicker than Marco Rubio, with Ben Carson dropping. Predictions still estimate Rubio in good shape. Bernie Sanders reaches a new high, which may get him NH, maybe not IA.

The French president promises to get tougher if re-elected. Trump promises to be so fascist it’ll make your head spin. Kelly Ayotte finds she can’t get conservative enough

Greg & David return to David & Armando’s discussion of what is fair game to “mock” in political discussions. Here are more thoughts for liberals and conservatives about Syrian refugees. An award-winning marine's response to the Syrian refugee crisis is required reading. Can Cruz beat Carson with evangelicals?

Jihadists attack a hotel in Mali. Mitt Romney said Mali earlier. David did too.

Armando talks about the legal side of the Castle Doctrine — how it’s abused, will be abused, and is a bad deal even for the NRA

A Syrian family rejected by Indiana is welcomed in Connecticut. This hospitality does not show up in Virginia. Ted Cruz used to like Syrian refugees. David Vitter steps on his wife again, which isn’t even his usual fetish.

Paul Ryan returns the house to the usual disorder.

You can listen to next Monday’s Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny live at 8AM Eastern. Monday’s show will be an interview with Iraq expert Landon Schroder!

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - November 19, 2014 airing November 19, 2015
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Kagro in the Morning - November 18, 2015

It is time to address the Syrian Refugee Freakout, and that is just what David Waldman does today — aided by the full KITM all-star lineup: Greg Dworkin, Armando, and Joan McCarter!

But first, the polls are out and Greg Dworkin has got them:

Carson slowly falls, Rubio slowly rises, Donald Trump’s demise is postponed for a while. How is the big picture been changing? Bye Bye Bobby — he had a number of reasons to go back to Louisiana.

Top Carson advisor knows Ben Carson is no rocket scientist when it comes to foreign policy.

Military leaders concerned that Washington hasn’t learned a thing from previous wars.

Republicans defiant in their plan to throw out the jews deny refuge to Syrians, which does not seem to be a good long-term plan

David and Armando review an article by Kevin Drum: “Liberals Should Knock Off the Mockery Over Calls to Limit Syrian Refugees”. If mockery is off the table, how does one confront the unconstitutional, un-American, illegal, impossible “positions” that won’t change anything, would make things worse, and aren’t actually policy proposals, but pure unadulterated bigotry without being called on to “reasonably compromise”  with blatant immorality

Joan McCarter joins the discussion: Republicans are laying the groundwork for a government shutdown to prevent any funding for a refugee resettlement program. In fact they have recently attached policy riders to many spending bills vowing to shut its borders to people fleeing political persecution, violence, famine, and abject poverty based on their religion.  

Mitch McConnell isn’t letting xenophobia get in the way of misogyny. Is Gop hatred of Obamacare bigger than all concerns? Or can it just wait?

The Koch Brothers have a spy program — to spy on liberals.

Want to be as smart as Einstein, but don’t like big words? Here you go.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 17, 2015

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Republicans want just a little less rights for one religion that is just a little less than theirs. The Governors will protect us (like they did from Ebola)! The press asks—and asks, asks, and asks why won’t the President do what he’s been doing all along?

Greg Dworkin points out the idea was the same in 1939, wonder what happened to those kids? Latino voters also note the Gop mean streak.

The world unites against ISIS, but along the front lines few define their support in the same way.

After Paris, US movie goers from the left and the right unite in demanding heavily enforced gun-free zones.

Stingray phone trackers, capable of taking information from your phone, as well as block your calls, and track your activity, wouldn’t be used on you, of course, just bad guys. Which is why they are on the wish list of local police departments.

Ben Carson, a very bad boy now reformed, has been revealed doing more bad things in his past. This time plagiarism, which you know got the attention of Plagiarism Today.

Plastic Microbeads, once in toothpaste and body washes, do not go away, and so have eventually gone everywhere, including Chinese sea salt.

If you are a terrorist and would like help, there is a 24 hour Jihadi Help Desk.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 16, 2015

David Waldman, heart broken by Giants, perseveres nonetheless. 

The French are attacked, but what do we know about the attackers? The French retaliate—possibly against the correct targets and people. Some providence may sort it out eventually.

Greg Dworkin notes the calls for solutions and a balanced debate. David’s and his discussion helps expand our international/political lexicon, by adding the term “Daesh-bags”—which will probably become depressingly useful in the future.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have problems of their own, with a couple of losers winning, and another in the wings.

David updates and expands some stories earlier explored on KITM:

The President and Chancellor at Mizzou took different paths to their departures. What does that mean for future protesters and movements?

The Washington Post looks into the Louisiana feud that led to a 6 year old’s killing by police.

Ads could use inaudible sound to track your behavior. Political billboards are scanning your face for reactions. Don’t worry! (At least don’t let them see that you are worrying.)


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Kagro in the Morning - November 13, 2015

It’s Friday the 13th today. If you think that’s unlucky, consider the idea of David Waldman endorsing Liz Cheney for Congress! Before you reach for your hockey masks and machetes—David only endorses her campaigning, not her winning, just so that new generations can be reminded of the history and heritage of the Cheney name.

Speaking of the Cheney legacy, David spends most of the rest of the show looking into an exclusive article from Politico Magazine: ‘The Attacks Will Be Spectacular’. Starting in the spring of 2001, the CIA repeatedly and urgently warned the White House that a terrorist attack was coming. Armando calls in to help discuss the Cheney/Bush White House mindset, their defining/not defining torture, assassination, drone strikes and other decisions that weigh on us still today.

Someone says we have reached “peak Trump” almost every day, and almost every day Donald Trump gives us more Trump that we could have ever imagined. In certain ways it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 12, 2015

As you know, David Waldman has not yet published his doctrine on defending against Baby Hitler, even as other under-paid philosophers have stepped up. Click over to to see how far your donations can go to help support Kagro in the Morning. It’s hard to believe, but for just pennies a day, you too can help move the national discussion past babies like this. Won’t you help?

A TN woman was scared in a Walmart lot, pulled her gun on several people including a 7 year old. She remains frightened. Another guy in Tennessee got the bullets scared out of his gun, right into a pedestrian

Greg Dworkin rounds up the post debate opinions and polling to discuss: Is the electorate past their flings and finally getting serious? The shakeout is coming a little slower than expected, but does that really matter to Marco Rubio? People may be beginning to realize that Ben, Donald, and other flings are not the ones to settle down with.

David looks into the many questions coming out of the complex problems at the University of Missouri. Are college campuses supposed to be “intellectually safe” or “intellectually dangerous”? Are college kids out to steal freedom of speech? The real reason protesters do not want the media around.

Looks as if police in Louisiana shot dead a 6 year-old autistic boy in a beef over a woman. 

Still no Lex Luthor PAC, but this guy is paving the way.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 11, 2015

David Waldman did not watch last night’s Republican debate. In fact, he couldn’t bring himself to even form the word “watch” last night.

Greg Dworkin watched, and has a lot to say about it, too:

So—who won the debate? Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz? Elizabeth Warren? Everybody? Anybody? Nobody? All agree: John Kasich lost. Anyhow, a financial debate just frustrates and confuses them. Could any of them give Hillary trouble? 

Marco Rubio is starting to steal a little Evangelical thunder from Ben Carson. Why is that?

In Louisiana, “Liar, Cheater, & Stealer” Vitter bitter, calls debater “faker & hater”.

Armando calls in to further discuss the Mizzou University controversy, especially the confrontation between photographer Tim Tai and professor Melissa Click, and the aftermath

Joan McCarter visits, because a Wednesday without Joan is like a coffee cup without snowflakes:

The Gop debates featured a commercial attacking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Elizabeth Warren, who immediately fought back.

Cruz and Rubio try to out-crazy House Republicans on Obamacare. The House Republicans try to out-crazy each other , and the House tries to pull the Senate into the crazy over filibuster rules.


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Kagro in the Morning - November 10, 2015

Wait. What? David Waldman pops into today’s rerun with a SURPRISE Live show! So, if you were more on-the-ball than me you were rewarded with a whole new hour.  If not, you’re still lucky—we can hit a link above and catch up:

Some loon brings a gun into Starbucks, says his name is Mary Christmas, of course they misspell it on his cup. Ask your barista to write your creed on a cup today!

Students at the University of Missouri learned valuable lessons on the strength of collective bargaining this week. There is still much to learn in this story, however. Armando calls in to discuss the rights of the people in the middle of the story vs. the people on the outside looking in. Is this a collective “No comment”?  Is it the creation of a safe space?


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Kagro in the Morning - November 9, 2015

David Waldman. Is he racist? Does he want to deny Christmas to coffee drinkers? Find out on today’s show!

Greg Dworkin asks: Does the John Bel Edwards ad show that he is the better Vitter vetter veteran?

Ben Carson really likes himself and is disappointed some do not. So, he suggests that instead of criticizing or laughing at him, that you go vet someone else, like Barack Obama instead. What would we do without Ben Carson? 

Ted Cruz, however, loves his enemies, or at least he loves having enemies. Jeb Bush, who is still running for president, has some things to fix soon. The rest of the pack hopes that New Hampshire will be the big turnaround for their campaigns

Hillary Clinton is doing pretty good so far. The Democrats hope some of that rubs off on their upcoming campaigns.

So, an Evangelist, a social media personality, and a lunatic walk into a Starbucks

Armando calls in to talk about football players at the University of Missouri demanding that the University president resign. Some go on a hunger strike — more than a million dollars are at stake, after all this is college football we are talking about. The president resigns.

David looks into Ben Carson’s pushback on the Yale Psychology class story, twitter discovers David’s hidden agenda


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Kagro in the Morning - November 6, 2015

Today David Waldman tries, and fails to put Ben Carson behind him. He does however get to talk about a lot of other stuff:

Greg Dworkin presents a potpourri of politics and polling for your perusal:

It's Jobs Friday - and it's a good one. Also, it turns out that Americans like government health plans best.

Not so good news for Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, who now move to the kid's table. Lindsey Graham and George Pataki are not invited at all. Jeb Bush, who is still running for president, probably wishes his dad and brother would quit talking about old times. Although fun to watch, the Republican debates move few people outside of Republicans. Insiders are pretty certain Ben Carson can not win, but do think that Marco Rubio might.

All politics used to be local, but lately all politics are turning national. This change is still not enough to help David Vitter, with prominent Republicans endorsing the Democratic competition, and with even Gumbo PAC running ads against him.

People are looking at Ben Carson, and that makes him so very angry. All bad news is good news for his evangelical followers, although his presidency would still remain very bad news for all people.

Being an Oath Keeper is keeping a lawyer from keeping his attorney oath.

Louisiana police say they were exchanging gunfire with a suspect (they weren't) when the suspect was backing his car towards them (he wasn't) and then multiple police bullets killed a 6 year old boy (they did).

Armando gives his personal South Florida, Miami-Dade county, Cuban perspective on the various lies and re-lying of Marco Rubio.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 5, 2015

David Waldman would like to present the first chapter of Indiana Carson and the Pyramid for grain, but the special FX budget is too steep. Carson could spend his time pondering policy questions, for example wet-foot, dry-foot policy.

Greg Dworkin gets into the discussion of the candidates and recent elections:

Matt Bevins won by running against Barack Obama, which won't work for David Vitter.

Little change for polling as Trump-Carson are still doing great selling their brands of grift-otainment, Rubio and Cruz continue to inch up, while Clinton-Sanders maintain their levels. Marco Rubio tries to pick on Trump's immigration stand, probably a bad move, while the press gets around to noticing Rubio's handling of personal finances. With all of this going on, Ted Cruz may now have found a path through this pack of weaklings.

Should we thank Obama for the drop in Democratic political control? Did gun control cost Democrats in the Virginia election? Are liberals losing the culture wars? Are Democrats plagued by low self esteem, and thus attracted to self-blaming clickbait? Here is what a Democratic sweep looks like.

You hear it here first: Kevin Brady ratified as Ways and Means chairman.

Was the response to the Colorado Springs shooter effected by police fatigue to open carry pedants?

Mike Huckabee, idiot, proposes an idiotic plan on idiot network, which may just strike a chord with his constituency. Was Ben Carson a direct-mail scam that just got out of hand?

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Kagro in the Morning - November 4, 2015

David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, Armando and Joan McCarter are back with an action, information, and wisdom-packed show:

In local news, vile homophobe and horrible person Eugene Delgaudio ousted!

Greg Dworkin looks at recent polling, as well as the dark and light spots in yesterday's voting:

Trump falls, Carson rises. So, is Donald Trump or Ben Carson winning the book grift contest? Old grifts still haunt Ben. Jeb, now minus the !, plummets. Hillary Clinton consolidates her lead.  

In Kentucky, this guy - no, not this guy - won an election. In about 6 months he'll be a RINO. Want to know more about the elections? Daily Kos Elections will tell you everything. Charlie Cook will tell you even more.

Armando calls in to discuss what the election wins means for the D's & R's, He and David name their favorite grifters running for the Gop Primary. Ben Carson is pretty good, but Ted Cruz's scams have a lot to be said for them.

Joan McCarter discusses the latest news in the last half of the show.
New Kentucky governor Matt Bevin will soon be stepping on the rake of reality. Paul Ryan just stepped on his, by admitting Planned Parenthood can't be defunded.  The House Republicans aim to gut financial reform in the upcoming highway bill.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 3, 2015

David Waldman is still out today, but will be back tomorrow, and so will Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter! Meanwhile here is an new pre-recorded show:

Rand Paul threw a tiny little “filibuster” (which wasn’t a filibuster) to fulfill his promise at the last debate to fight the “Washington Machine”. He spent every ounce of his energy, and charged his supporters about a buck a minute. David devotes today’s show to an examination of the machine - the business of politics, and the politics of business.

How can candidates turn campaign cash into personal cash? No surprise that many ways have been devised. Buy Ted Cruz’s book for $85.00 and find out.

How can the government partner with business to redefine the illegality out of criminal behavior? Again, there has been no shortage of ideas or effort put into this.

The Education Department, despite a crackdown against what it calls “bad actors,” continues to hand over tens of millions of dollars every month to other for-profit schools that have been accused of predatory behavior, substandard practices or illegal activity by its own officials or state attorneys general across the country.

Copyright law on auto software might have hindered the emissions detection that could have shown Volkswagen’s deception earlier. With microphones and RFID readers in cars and home appliances that can communicate with whomever asks them, what is there to worry about?  

With a variety of people worried about sharing the information stored in their own DNA, progress continues on the technology to read and store it. Don’t worry, there is no trick say researchers. They only want to help.

Rosalyn MacGregor's Michigan politics segment, scheduled for last Friday, makes it into this show:

The State legislature is still looking for a billion or so to fix their roads.

Accusations fly on who who was responsible for feeding Flint River water to the city.

MI state police and the attorney general's office continue to investigate whether Todd Courser broke any laws trying to cover up his affair, and conclude the investigation into Todd’s claims that extortion drove him to accusing himself of doing drugs and sleeping with a male prostitute.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 2, 2015

David Waldman is on vacation today and tomorrow, but there will be no reruns for you! Today’s show is brand new, albeit prerecorded for today:

David gives us his inside story and insight on how the formula for heavily scripted and stage managed political candidates came about. Gopac, a conservative group headed by the then House Republican Whip Newt Gingrich came up with the handout Language: A Key Mechanism of Control. Positive words and contrasting words were fed to politicians like language lessons on tape essentially nationalizing local elections, and creating the blueprint for many scams, eventually the spread of PAC's. Since then the formula has grown into a multilevel marketing scam of national proportions. Now, candidates such as Ben Carson naturally transition from regular MLMs to government, and there are plenty of ways to make money with only the most tangential connection to actual governing imaginable. David will reveal the secret of how you can make start making big money today!

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