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Kagro in the Morning - December 31, 2015

Kagro in the Morning wraps things up for the year! And by the way, how’s your corn hole? Greg Dworkin rounds up the day’s political headlines. Twitter’s abuzz with links to Nate Cohn’s explanation of Trump supporters, but is anybody buying Jeb’s? The Year in Gaffes. Gop-ers still trying to split five Iowa votes 10 ways. But is it all for naught? It’s looks that way on paper. An alarming note on year-end GunFAIL: Five family members or significant others have been accidentally shot in the homes of cops, just since Christmas! Armando dives enthusiastically into the predictions game, not just on primary contests, but on policy, issues, and the next presidential term. And following up on some previous KITM stories: a top head rolls in the Flint, MI water scandal; Trump’s spokestroll turns out to be just the kind of Gimmetarian you thought she was; and Congress actually does something about plastic micro-bead pollution.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 30, 2015

David Waldman makes it to the middle of the week, and almost to the end of the year with the help of guests Joan & Greg: 

Greg Dworkin brings us campaign highlights and lowlights: Donald Trump’s bile is a healing balm, although Trump voters are out for revenge, and Trump’s spokeswoman is out for revenge, although she seems like a nice person.  

The experienced presidential candidates know enough to get the Hell out, leaving The Republican establishment figuring out how to tweak the system to still get what they want. The WSJ thinks the “cluster” option is still the least likely.

Chris Christie’s checkbook meets new friends at the airport. Sheldon Adelson has a journalist built to his liking.

Joan McCarter looks ahead to the pointless, symbolic fights coming in the new year.

Maniac Trio Ted Cruz, Steve King and Louie Goehmert will bring the insanity on tour for 2016.

A bruised Planned Parenthood gears up for even more attacks in the election year.

But first, The Potato Drop!

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Kagro in the Morning - December 29, 2015

David Waldman returns from both a vacation and a cold to tackle the many items of varying importance that have been begging to be tackled.

Greg Dworkin gives us the inside line on who’s the best bet in the presidential horse race. Hillary Clinton is way ahead, with Trump and Cruz way back. It doesn’t look like much of a race so far, unless you concentrate on the Gop pack with Rubio falling, Cruz rising. Establishment darling Marco Rubio is not really representative of anyone, as people notice the political natural is not a natural for the job. How about a Jeb! comeback?

None of us want to miss the climatic explosion of Donald Trump, which enriches the media, and destroys the Republican party. Bernie Sanders thinks he might catch some of the pieces raining down, Donald Trump sees a disaster

Paul Ryan shows he can govern — big mistake. Instead of fighting ISIS, South Carolina backs the Confederacy. Girl shot in face expected to survive, probably did not expect to be shot in the face.

Jerry Lewis damages his legacy by insulting Obama, praising Trump, Reagan

"Affluenza" teen visits Puerto Vallarta right in the middle of tourist season, realizes his mistake.

David reports that Ruby Tuesday is overpriced for what you get there

​People that accidentally shoot themselves in Montana get several depressing surprises, including air ambulance bills.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - December 30, 2013 airing December 28, 2015

Struck down by the kids' Christmas colds, we had to re-air our Dec. 30, 2013 episode: Morning wingnut outrage: Someone said "spooning" on CNN, and that's Teh Sex! Morning meta-debate: does criticism of the NYT's Benghazi story require on-the-ground reporting? Greg Dworkin focuses the morning madness with a round of ACA stories. Charles Gaba (aka Brainwrap) gets front page WaPo notice for his signup calculations. Greg's next story becomes the first hour obsession, the NBC coverage of how ACA implementation was impacting employees of a Michigan car dealership. But not before distracting us with the very wonkish notion of carving time up into infinitely small slices, to see if we can defeat federal health care policy. Or something. Then we double back to dissect that NBC News story, and it doesn't look like it holds up. The NSA is in the news again, and we read Cory Doctorow's treatment of the big Der Spiegel story. Also: Bloomberg reveals the new American Caymans, in South Dakota.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - December 31, 2014 airing December 25, 2015

Our last rerun of the Christmas break was our last live show of last year! Why "traditional media" instead of "mainstream media?" Explainer journalism time! Events have forced us to do yet another GunFAIL-focused show, as yet another toddler shoots and kills yet another mother with her own self-defense gun. Long story short, we parse this one closely. Silver lining: Idaho authorities & reporters have remembered they have some other gun issues to settle. In other poor gun decision news, the story of a shootout on the street after a convenience store robbery in South Carolina. Which is fine and keeps us safe, because reasons. Armando joins for discussion of the NYPD work slowdown, Marco Rubio saying something dumb, and how politics in 2015 might unfold. Oh, and by the way, bushmeat's not to blame for Ebola. Sorry about that. Vermont's crazy gubernatorial election will end in the state legislature. Not unprecedented, but TV ads might be! IL man who accidentally Second Amendmented himself made up a sob story that got him profiled in the local papers.

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Our December 30, 2015 episode returns! The GOP's Steve Scalise problem dominates the political news. Greg Dworkin picks up the subject, brings us the fascinating "Tragedy of the American Military," and draws police parallels, via TPM's "The Other Blue Nation." Dictator Obama claims power to reject legislation! And the "fleeting obsessions" of the WH press corps. Armando tries to help make some sense of the North Korean Sony hacking claims, but even with listener help, we're still not quite there. Also, the discussion of LBJ & Selma we teased yesterday. And finally, Jane Mayer pieces together the story of "The Unidentified Queen of Torture."

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - December 29, 2014 airing December 23, 2015

An "encore performance" of our Dec. 29, 2014 episode: We were back from a short break, and had some catching up to do with the NYPD's Pat Lynch-triggered PR debacle, as well as holiday GunFAIL. Greg Dworkin brought us a far-flung roundup, including the story of how "MTV has done more for the US teen birthrate than decades of policy." Polling on racial issues has an (unsurprising) red/blue divide. Racism vs. racial bias. Obama: lame duck, or honey badger? Jeb-mania! Christie-toast becomes crispier. TN finding its way to Medicaid expansion, and a reminder that S-CHIP is up for renewal in 2015. The latest airline disaster. And the worst media fails of 2014. Crossing racial bias with guns: Two white guys take BB guns off the shelves at WalMart & wander the store firing, and live to tell the tale. Also still alive after the weekend: the white woman who put on body armor and drove around, shooting up Chattanooga, and finally taking aim at police when they caught up with her. Not alive: the black man who police say fired a gun toward a crowd of club-goers, then at responding cops. They do Christmas differently in Texas, I guess. And PolitiFact's year-end roundup of the worst of political Internet memes. "Pants on Fire" doesn't even begin to cover some of these.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 22, 2015

Yesterday’s discussion between David, Greg & Armando about the Bernie Sanders campaign and the practical realities of contemporary political campaigns and party dynamics inspired a blog post describing the different viewpoint of some frustrated Progressives fighting out there in the trenches.

The Texas grand jury issues no indictments in the death of Sandra Bland — prosecutors usually get indictments when they really want one.

Video technology increasingly reveals possible police misconduct: In Los Angeles, one deputy accidentally shoots another, then shoots the suspect several times. In Paradise CA, an officer shoots a drunk driver, and doesn’t admit it.

David discusses  a new type of jihadist: part terrorist, part gangster — but is cloaking criminality with piousness really new? And how about cloaking criminality with patriotism?

An 82 year old woman calls police because she heard someone chanting, "ISIS is good, ISIS is great" while they were having sex. Maybe taking see something, say something a little too far? Or maybe she misheard?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 21, 2015

Happy Winter Solstice! Twitter’s abuzz with Miss Universe news, including the news that Robin Leach is still working. Good for you, Robin! Greg Dworkin rounds up weekend polling, horse race and debate news, strange bedfellows on Mid East dictators, and further discussion of the DNC data breach, with which Armando takes exception. Where’s Waldo Rubio? Cruz continues creeping. Santorum actually makes the news! Well, the ISIS news. 30% of Gop voters think they can bomb the genie back into the bottle. Commercial flights to and from Cuba are in our future. ISIS gives us another chance to blur the lines between politics and crime.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 18, 2015

David Waldman brings on the Friday Insanity, and there’s plenty:

Remember the War from Christmas?

Augusta County schools in Virginia closed after being hit by the perfect storm of ignorance, as calligraphy brings an abundance of caution and puddles of urine from school officials. Nothing to learn here, move on

Greg Dworkin hears you like the crazy, so he put some crazy in your crazy:

The Media still struggles with how to push back on Donald Trump, can he be contained, or just shut up for a minute? Trump remains the Honey Badger, and his backers like it, and would be there even if he wasn’t.

Cruz and Rubio continue to battle, as Rubio steps into Cruz’s trap, scaring Rubio’s money, and aggravating Latinos. The Republicans have been burning this bridge a while.

Bernie Sanders looks good to take NH, and now IA. Hillary Clinton leads 2-1, though, even with less “likability, and now the Sanders’ campaign takes a hit with a fired data director.

The House passes the Omnibus spending bill, now it’s through Demon Pass to the Senate.

David delves further into the shams, scams, and shell games of flim-flammer Martin Shkreli, who had learned from lessons taught by Bain capital, Gordon Gekko, Don Corleone, and generally all BBA courses to remember to drain the maximum available from every transaction, but didn’t learn to first legislate the crime out of his business dealings, and most importantly to build a good coalition of powerful political friends. Like ISIS and Saudi Arabia.


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Kagro in the Morning - December 17, 2015

Martin Shkreli, Sheldon Adelson, David Waldman — who has demonstrated the highest ROI on their business model lately? 

David joins in on the Shkreli Schadenfreude, but adds much more. Is extractive greed the path to maximizing shareholder value, which is the cornerstone of good business? So, Martin Shkrelli, Boy-Genius-Entrepreneur has been arrested for securities fraud. You might remember him for raising a drug price 5000%, buying the world’s most expensive album, and other business dealings.

The journalists at The Las Vegas Review-Journal did not know exactly who they were working for. Now they know it’s Sheldon Adelson. David looks into what might have motivated him to buy the paper, the possible repercussions, and how the purchase was orchestrated.  

The editor in chief for the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune writes an editorial on the NRA, and was eventually fired for insubordination, although she was following procedures established over 3 decades. 

Ahead of open carry, Dallas officials urge residents to keep calm if they see handguns, and not to jump to hasty conclusions on “bad” or “good” guys. Now there is a move to make a crime out of deciding the threat of a person heading towards you with a gun.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 16, 2015

After the National Anthem, after the birds tweet and the opening music, after the Ping! and then that opening music, then you know that eventually you will be rewarded with 2 hours of entertaining, informative, David Waldman & friends:

Greg Dworkin subjected himself to the Republican terror-debates last night, as well as the Twitter feed and several articles: With all of the candidates, and 4 hours of debates, the media would be happier with at least a 4 way battle, but it looks like it is coming down to 3: Trump, Cruz and Rubio. Who really supports these candidates? By the way, Hillary Clinton still sits pretty.

Rosalyn MacGregor reported on KITM months ago on Flint, Michigan’s switch from Lake Huron water to the Flint River. Even then, they knew about the hazard of increasing lead in the drinking water. Now, the mayor declares a state of emergency.

Joan McCarter is not on team Bearded Paul Ryan, but Paul has to finish his hunt. Joan’s prognosis is that the government will cling to life through the 22nd, then everyone goes home for Christmas. A multi-millionaire celebrity with lots of time and connected friends, lobbies and humiliates the government into doing something right. CNN asks Carly Fiorina to take responsibility for Planned Parenthood lies. Fat chance.

David looks into a particularly looney former police chief now in jail for his usual habit of violent behavior, and wonders what he’s been drinking. No, really. Should violent offenders and abusive police have their blood checked for lead levels? Can bad cops be predicted by how many complaints have been lodged against them? Wait a minute — don’t people already track how many complaints have been lodged against police officers?

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Kagro in the Morning - December 15, 2015

Remember, you have less than ten shopping days buy this year’s hottest holiday gift: a Christmas contribution to David Waldman at! Buy one for friends, family and yourself!

Greg Dworkin brings us many polls and much more: 

Trump. No matter what he says, or what happens, or maybe because of it, Trump is somewhere in the lead with the Gop. The good news is that with most others, including Independents, he is still a loser. Hillary Clinton is still seen as a leader — and the leader in the election. It is starting to look as if Ted Cruz will be the one to lose to Clinton rather than Trump. At a secret meeting there was a pledge of allegiance to Cruz. Hispanic activists call Cruz and Rubio traitors. Gop billionaires still shop for a Christmas deal on the election.

On the anniversary of the Newtown Shooting, the memory continues to recede for many, but their parents work to keep that from ever happening

Las Vegas Review-Journal Staffers try to find out who even owns their newspaper.

Carly Fiorina, America’s famous modern job killing outsourcing CEO, naturally has created “The Outsourced Campaign” David looks into this and other Super PAC shell games. Unrelated — Carly Fiorina chews dogfood.

A Modesto Pastor is shot in a firearms safety class, by his instructor when the instructor didn’t notice he had not holstered his safety orange fake gun, and pulled out his very real personal gun. Who could have foreseen this happening when they sometimes do up to three things for safety?

Gun violence, the Christmas gift that keeps on taking.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 14, 2015

David Waldman sniffs out today’s BS, so you don’t have to:

Secret US Policy Blocks Agents From Looking at Social Media of Visa Applicants, Former Official Says — the headline says. David says this isn’t at all what the article is about, and questions if this is what the situation is really about and if this is even an effective solution to the existing problem.

Greg Dworkin brings new polling, analysis and a movie review: Spotlight — “If you lose your respect for real journalism, see this movie and restore it”.

In Iowa people like Bernie, but voting for Hillary. Trump is on a plateau, as Cruz soars. Head to head polls are usually dumb, but here are some. (Trump is the big loser.) Did Gop wait too long to disown trump? Yep, and no one significant has said they won’t vote for him anyhow. The pack breaks into tiers. Is it time to talk about a “brokered” convention? (Even if that is not what they are talking about.) Fiorina snaps, but who is listening?

What is your level of anti-gun-ness? Do you want to minimize accidents, tightly control guns into schools, or do you want to ban guns — all of them? That might actually be the place to start. People are looking into the criteria for being a “Responsible Gun Owner” or a “Good Guy With a Gun”. Rifleman wanders the streets of Akron, and confronts barbershop owner. Eventually the cops are called in — by the Rifleman. The Starbucks cup evangelist gives a bad name to maniac zealot sociopaths by calling for mass assassinations. Meanwhile, the #GunFAIL Effect continues, with an American kid dying every other day

Serena Williams is first woman since Mary Decker to get onto the cover of Sports Illustrated as Sportsperson of the Year!

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Kagro in the Morning - December 11, 2015

David Waldman today addresses examples of news that you just do not hear being addressed anywhere else in detail, which is a shame considering that these are the stories that you would really want addressed everywhere:

An ex-Oklahoma City cop, Daniel Holtzclaw, has been found guilty of multiple on-duty rapes. This is egregious abuse of power, clearly linked to concerns voiced by Black Lives Matter, feminist groups and many others for a lifetime, and yet is only starting to gather attention of the mainstream news. David covers this in some detail today.

A University of Texas task force recommended that students should be able to carry handguns in classrooms but not inside dormitories, but said “Every member of the working group thinks that we would be best if we did not have handguns in the classroom” as their sensibilities became entangled in the law.

CNN’s crazy Trump superfan, who said she’d “never been involved” in politics before, turns out to have been a dangerous birther, married to Bundy militia man, and oh yeah, a state legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Armando refutes the intellectualized rationalizations framing the Trump phenomena: Trump supporters, like the Tea Party before them, are just a rebranding of certain conservative groups.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Michigan: Gov. Rick Snyder stands up for sanity, and another road deal falls apart. MI House, Senate leave major issues for the final week of session, just like the Washington folks. 

Ben Carson is going to leave the GOP if they have a “brokered convention”. But boy, it would get great ratings, so Trump should go for it.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 10, 2015

David Waldman wonders what’s up with these Millennial Hotels lately? And, why don’t they have a decent bar?

That crazy old loon who hates abortion really spilled the beans in open court yesterday with his insane, incriminating outburst, didn’t he? And so did the Planned Parenthood shooter!

Greg Dworkin analyzes the analysis from the left through the right, and the dummies that pretend to be in the in-between. The media worm is finally turning on Trump. But really, Trump is a fine representative for Republican values, and most would be fine with voting for him if he ended up nominee. If not Trump, was the door opened for Ted Cruz, or is Cruz even less electable than Trump? Marco Rubio is checking the most boxes for political scientists, but is he out there wooing like he should?

Terrorism, Obama, and calls for gun restrictions are making this a Merry Christmas for gun makers.

The Planned Parenthood shooter asked for directions to Planned Parenthood, says he’s guilty, and said he was a warrior for the babies, so there may be less calls for “both sides” of this argument.

Justice Antonin Scalia suggests that black students do better in “less-advanced schools” that are on “slower tracks”. David looks into the concept that diversity brings “intellectual danger”, or “safe spaces” to education. 

Wendy David regrets being part of the reason we can’t make progress on the gun issue. 

Mock mass shooting at University of Texas uses mock guns so no one gets shot as they mock win to prove their point. They end up having to use a Mock campus. Mass farting event will use real farts for real winning.

Is multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg really completely altruistic? Zuckerberg has a different viewpoint.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 9, 2105

Today David Waldman continues to pee on the Trumpster fire, managing to hit a few other targets along the way:

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls and the reviews the news: Donald Trump’s modest proposal to keep out Muslims is being widely condemned abroad and at home. The anger is bipartisan but it’s only a political inflection point if Republican leaders and candidates refuse to support him. But how did we get here? As calls go out to renounce his candidacy, Trump’s N.H. backers circle the wagons. So, why did he pick this time to attack Muslims? Meanwhile, Trump moves on to new targets. Liberals have been saying he’s a loser for some time now, but has Trump already won? And would he ever admit losing anyhow? By comparison, Hillary Clinton and the Dems continue to smoothly cruise.

No matter what bigotry exists in society, veteran’s cemeteries remain quite inclusive and welcoming.

The guy that made a drone with a firing handgun, makes a drone with a flamethrower, but still personally gets into scuffles with police very similar to open carry nuts.

Joan McCarter takes time from her crazy schedule of tracking crazy politics to stop by:

We all know the government will not be funded by this Friday, as everyone gets in line to slip in policy riders and all kinds of lobbyist wish list items. Dick Durbin promises all hell will break loose over the abortion provision language he spotted in the bill.

Mitch McConnell may seem to go out of his way to be a SOB, but he does put in extra effort for his fellow jerks from time to time.

Self-proclaimed serious guy Marco Rubio goes Dick Cheney by planting misinformation with the help of the AP in the interest of stoking fear and gaining votes.

Racism, bigotry and fear does not seem to be a great branding strategy for Trump Tower. Clever schemer Ted Cruz schemes to ride Donald Trump’s Islamophobia draft.  

A GunFAIL incident happened to Miss Kansas and two grizzly bears, so it can happen to you.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 8, 2015

David Waldman simply can not be bought. But don’t let that keep you from trying. Click over to and pump him and KITM full of cash and find out for yourself.

Greg Dworkin brings us the news, most of it about Donald Trump, exactly as Trump planned. Donald Trump leads Republican polling, because more Republicans support and approve of Donald Trump. Because they too dislike and are afraid of Muslims. Because they too want authoritarian government. Because they too are drawn to the Fascist path. Because they, like Trump, see how Palingenetic Ultranationalism is not as “hat friendly” of a slogan. Because Trump is them.

Donald Trump originally set himself apart from other Gop candidates by being rich, incorruptible and not PC. He recently demonstrated that he would not kow-tow to “special interests” by banning any Muslim from anywhere into the US, unless they could step up and show that they were rich and famous enough to be trusted as a good friend of Mr. Trump’s. Or, if you have a set of compelling deals for him. Or if you have a set of compelling deals for his daughter. Or, even if you were just a Saudi Prince that owned one $48.5M apartment. Or, you Just wanted to buy Derek Jeter’s old World Tower Penthouse — Donald Trump can be generous and flexible during these times.

The Supreme Court won't hear an assault weapons case, but don’t get your hopes up says David. The case will help if it helps in the defining of assault weapons, and also extending to future cases.  Opponents will try to limit its success to that one case.

A former marine heard he was being called a terrorist, so he loaded up his guns and took off to NYC to teach those folks what terrorism was all about. The FBI spoiled the lesson.

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who has made a career for herself by posing to show off her gigantic and imposing weaponry and guns, would like to travel to Paris to meet up with Syrian refugees and then by “putting them down, blacking them out, just put a piece of brass in their ocular cavity and end their miserable life.” The ones in the water may not be sporting enough for her.


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Kagro in the Morning - December 7, 2015

David Waldman reminds us that today, like all days, we should eat only American food.

Greg Dworkin brings the polls and discusses the news: Trump-Cruz-Carson in IA, Trump-Cruz-Rubio in NH. As expected, Donald Trump’s lead deceives as well, and the bet is still on Rubio. But, really, the big story isn’t about the leader, it is about why he is leading. Partisans win with partisans, by showing how partisan they are, and so a radical group of Republicans is having an easy time moving the party to the right. If you live in a conservative state, you have a better chance being shot, though. 

The Chicago police reports on the Laquan McDonald shooting don’t match the video. So, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced today that the U.S. Department of Justice will investigate the Chicago Police Department. All of them.

President Barack Obama, confident that he, and we, are on the right side of history, reaffirms that “Freedom is more powerful than fear”. Will the public see it his way? Obama’s opponents clearly have a different way of seeing it.

Do you feel confused about the roster of allies and enemies that we have in the Middle East, just as the debate moves into how hard we will be hitting whomever we are mad at or scared of? Imagine if you were actually there, aiming a gun, or having a gun aimed at you. David spends the second half of the show peeling the onion, only to reveal many more layers underneath, just to begin the conversation on this complex subject. Who is Bashar al-Assad, and how did he become President of Syria? You have heard of Sunnis and Shiites, but how about the Alawites, the Salafis, and their importance in the region? Find out a lot more on today’s show, and then realize the small percentage that you actually know!

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Yay!  We, and David Waldman make it through a show without a mass shooting! Of course there will be another coming along soon... 

Greg Dworkin brings us the polling and news: Trump is way ahead, how about that? He does know how to throw a rally. Trump meets with the Gop Jewish Coalition, reminds them that some of his favorite stereotypes are JewishNot many were won over, though. Does Trump (or Kasich) understand what it means to be “prejudiced”?

The big money’s still on Marco Rubio, but when is Rubio going to win a primary? Can he even win a primary? Or could he just win anyway

If you are into image advantages, Hillary Clinton has a bigger one than Bernie Sanders.

Armando talks to David on the difference between talking it out and writing it out, and the advantages of listening to KITM. 

Joan McCarter reminds us to mark our calendars: One more week until the government shutdown!

Medical groups push for repeal of gag order on gun violence research. House Republicans leave Planned Parenthood defunding out of spending mix, for now. Senate Republicans vote to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, let terror suspects buy guns.

Chris Christie tries to show toughness by being more of a tough guy, by demanding evidence that orphans get adopted, questioning the value of allies (and alleys), and of course supporting torture. At some point a refusal to "look backward" becomes a failure to "look forward”.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 3, 2015

We know you are out there thinking about KITM, and the prayers you send are always welcome. But, have you considered sending money? If so, stop by for information on how you can donate!  

David Waldman, along with the rest of us, has to address yesterday’s mass shooting, again not be confused with any other mass shooting yesterday

Greg Dworkin points out that hours before the San Bernardino shooting, doctors urged Congress to lift funding ban on gun violence research.

The outpouring of thoughts, prayers, and BS from NRA supported politicians was immediate, possibly heartfelt. #thoughtsandprayers has been the best place to read replies

People are still thinking about that Planned Parenthood shooting some time back, and think Republicans deserve some of the blame.

Here is the best way to ask an Iowa Caucus gun control question, if you don’t mind what answer you will still probably get.

Ted Cruz hopes Republican voters are less bloodthirsty than what Rubio hopes they are, going into the primary.

A private memo turns up describing how the Gop would handle Trump if he was nominee — there is probably a memo for each possible nominee, other than Pataki. 

Armado calls in to ask where have the Liberals been the last 20 years or so while this mess has been growing? Where are the politicians that will make the stand that gun ownership is not a fundamental right? Or emphasize the power of states to decide? And, of course remember the state of the Supreme Court when making any voting decision.

Meet The Press tries to be “fair and balanced”, may even invite on someone that doesn’t like anyone getting shot.  Instead, they will definitely make certain to book M'aiq Huqqabeh.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 2, 2015

David Waldman promises, and delivers an eclectic show today:

A former police officer has his first love stolen from him, as well as his faith in humanity, vows to let nothing stop him in his search for its return.

Greg Dworkin calls in with the news you can use — which includes polling! How yooge is Trump’s lead? It not only depends on whom you ask, but how. Voters start to shift to Hillary Clinton, although Bernie Sanders does just as well head to head with Republicans.  

The media continues to catch on to Trump,  but what is the real reason that it is time to dump on Trump? Trump may have found his match with the Homo-Demon Hate-Pastor.  

New Jersey Muslims used to trust Governor Chris Christie, but quit trusting presidential candidate Chris Christie. As the U.S. continues Middle East coalition building by cahooting with enemies and antagonizing friends, Iraqis do not know who to trust at this moment.

Ted Cruz had it all figured out, when he was going to take out Jeb Bush, but now he has Marco Rubio in his way.

Armando calls in with a few bones to pick with Greg, David, and others:

Ted Cruz hits Marco Rubio on foreign policy, linking him to Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, actually creating a Gop debate on policy and substance. Meanwhile the pundits wring their hands over Hillary Clinton’s likability, a problem she shares with Jeb! and Trump, the other two well-known candidates. 

David and Armando discuss Bernie Sander’s plan for free tuition, and similar programs for which a decision needs to be made to help those at the extremes or to help everyone, and if means testing is the path to helping everyone.

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Kagro in the Morning - December 1, 2015

Happy December! Between bites of pie and gravy, David Waldman helps us shake off the tryptophan.

Greg Dworkin does not promote, but helps recount how Iowa and New Hampshire got to be first in line to decide who will run for president. Greg and David also do not promote, but report on how the shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility could convince Democrats to risk a government shutdown over guns.  

The guys that warned you about Jade Helm and saw thousands of dancing Muslims in New Jersey have theories on what went wrong in Syria. John McCain and Lindsey Graham want 20,000 troops in Syria and Iraq to turn things into something that they do not quite have a plan for. Ben Carson moves way past dog-whistles in his campaign as he battles Ted Cruz for the hearts and votes of people that think homosexuals should be killed. As Cruz rises, so does Gop support for Marco Rubio, thus ruining Rubio’s outsider cred. New Hampshire’s top paper endorses Chris Christie, mostly because they don’t know Chris Christie

Research reveals the network of dedicated professionals working to create American skepticism of climate change. For more info on this kind of shenanigans, check out the John M. Olin Foundation on Dkosopedia!

Apparently unaware of the dangers of guns, a teen sticks one right through his neck. He is alive, as is one of many toddlers recently shot in Tennessee. Sadly, not as fortunate: the 7 month old in Rome, New York. (warning: graphic description)

David explores the magical thinking about Isis, as well as the murky history of how Saudi Arabia exports radical Islam.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 30, 2015

A nice holiday weekend, for most people each day better than the last, is again marred by another mass shooting. David Waldman addresses the facts, opinions and complete BS about this case and other stories capping this month.

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls, which ready or not, are coming from online polling. What is the accuracy and usefulness of online polls?  

Carson is falling, and maybe Trump is too, going into Iowa and New Hampshire. Voters are split (on party lines, natch) on the seriousness of climate change, but overall people are beginning to lead greener lives, and two-thirds of Americans want the U.S. to join the Climate Change Pact.

A newspaper in New Hampshire thinks Chris Christie is the one that will keep us safe. They have been consistently out of sync for decades. 

The media recently started catching on to Donald Trump, and may have a plan for how to deal with his constant lying. Trump, however has the fringe in his pocket, the loser class see him as a savior, and the rest of the pack just holds on, hoping for the best. Anyhow, his rallies are fun.

The holiday season is #gunFAIL season! No, it’s #gunFAIL all year around, but it sure picks up when kids aren’t hanging around gun-free zoned schools all day. David recounts a few recent examples:

7 month old is this year’s new record holder for youngest gun fail victim.

Mississippi Waffle House waitress slain after asking a patron not to smoke.

A man totes his gun into a Walmart and shoots it. A man totes his gun out of a Walmart and shoots it. People are toting and shooting everywhere in Georgia.

A Muslim is questioned about his birthplace, religion, and opinions on ISIS, then shot.

A gun threat closes the University of Chicago.

How many antichoice attacks, threats and incitements until you admit clinic violence is real? #is100enough ?

Ben Carson’s wife, Candy Carson, makes a head scarf decision while in Jordan — inciting outrage and derision from… no one actually.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - November 27, 2013 airing November 27, 2015

It's Pre-Thanksgiving, 2013, with Greg Dworkin, Joan McCarter and Armando. Greg rounded up the day's ACA news & polling. Twitter's been buzzing with discussion of the latest attempt by conservatives to overturn Obamacare and block access to contraception along the way. Armando and Joan both weigh in on this one, and wrap up on the story of netroots involvement in the filibuster reform fight, including the role the Daily Kos Campaigns team in converting the "outside" game into metrics the "insiders" could understand and absorb, a critical element in making the "inside/outside" game work. Joan previews the upcoming holiday period on the Daily Kos front page, including coverage of significant Thanksgiving and Black Friday labor actions. Wrapping up on the nuts & bolts of the nuclear option, we take a look back at a forgotten, late 2005 proposal by the then-majority Republicans in the Senate to set off a sort of "mini-nuke" that actually purported to erase its own tracks after it was used. And how was it to be used? To force through an ANWR drilling amendment, believe it or not. But can that sort of thing really be erased? Depends who you ask, and when!

Direct download: November_27_2013_64_2.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - November 26, 2014 airing November 26, 2015

Pre-Thanksgiving GunFAIL roundup. Greg Dworkin brought us dueling Hagel headlines, turned quickly to freelancing Chuck Schumer, and wound up with a selection of the many articles decrying Bob McColloch's grand jury farce, and wondering what lies ahead. Joan McCarter weighed in on the grand jury process as well, including the incredibly ridiculous story of Witness #40, as well as her take on Schumer. The bizarre Kabuki theater of Harry Reid's tax deal trial balloon. The bizarre kooky theater of The Stockman Effect. In happier news: the Shakespeare First Folio discovery. Boehner jumps the gun on Benghazi committee. More revealing detail on the case of the Washington 3-year-old shot in the face. Scott Greenfield's "The Ferguson Lie"."

Direct download: November_26_2014_64_2.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - November 25, 2015

As the sounds of guests arriving and holiday preparations go on around him, David Waldman delivers today’s KITM, full of Thanksgiving cheer and stuff for you to shout across the dining room table tomorrow:

For Greg Dworkin, Thanksgiving marks the time when “early polls” become “polls” — and more predictive as you finish your leftover turkey.  

Bernie Sanders comes out on top in many categories, but still trails Hillary Clinton. Martin O’Malley almost doubles his national support in his home state with 7%.

Donald Trump is doing just fine. His behavior is being picked up on by some people, but does the attention hurt or help him? How can news organizations reveal what Trump is without revealing what his followers are? So what to do if Trump leaves? Meanwhile, Ted Cruz sets himself up as Donnie Jr

Marco Rubio will defeat ISIS with ground war on multiple fronts and few allies, otherwise whatever Obama’s now doing. So what to do if ISIS leaves

Armando calls in to discuss the media’s objective viewpoint, and future narratives. Can anything from the right be so abhorrent or egregious to be labeled as objectionable, or is the news too beat up to say so?

What is known so far about the two suspects arrested in connection with the Black Lives Matter Shooting — are they terrorists, white supremacists, and does it matter?

David discusses the connection between gun culture, and the slow deterioration and eventual suicide of a Maryland college student considered one of the best and brightest

Mike Huckabee loves the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but can’t tell them apart.

Scott Walker tries to move on, but still a loser.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 24, 2015

David Waldman returns tomorrow for the KITM Thanksgiving Special, today enjoy the KITM pre-Thanksgiving Special Special:

Turkey does not put Putin in a festive mood

Greg Dworkin rounds up some new polls. (With polls, consider if the poll is of Republicans, for the election, the primaries, Iowa, New Hampshire, or an aggregate, or listen to the show as Greg considers it.) Greg predicts Cruz vs Rubio, but it could be Cruz vs Trump. Either way, Cruz rubs his hands diabolically.

Is Donald Trump just bigger than The Truth? If so, why does the truth keep lying about Donald Trump? Ben Carson bails on one big lie, as Trump doubles the double down. To recap:

  • The Media has noticed Donald Trump lies:

Like the one about thousands in New Jersey celebrating after 9/11.

Or the one about fake crime statistics and general race-bating.

  • The Media has noticed that Donald Trump lies a lot:

Here are 6 Donald Trump lies.

Donald Trump is constantly lying.

Donald Trump’s fact-free campaign.

Donald Trump’s audience likes the lies.

  • The Media has noticed that they have been letting Donald Trump get away with it:

The media does not know how to deal with Trump’s lying.

Here are 4 theories on how Donald Trump gets away with it.

Does the truth even matter anymore?

His supporters don’t care.

Donald Trump may be invincible.

  • Donald Trump’s lies are deadly: 

Is there blood on Fox & Trump’s hands?

More Tamir Rices are on the way.


Armando calls in to talk about the idea that Trump can transcend the truth.

Trump tweeted fabricated murder stats from a neo-nazi and this is how the media reported it.

Trump can’t convince O’Reilly. Little Green Footballs claims they traced the graphic’s source.

Three white gunmen are suspected of shooting Black Lives Matter demonstrators. Is this terrorism?

Vitter claims he wrote a letter warning about refugees back when, Armando calls BS.


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Kagro in the Morning - November 23, 2015

Bobby Jindal dropped out of the presidential race, but he couldn’t pull David Waldman down with him. David will be on this week for at least today and tomorrow, but then he has to start preheating his oven.

Ben Carson is usually a good surgeon, not necessarily a good historian, even though he wrote a book. Maybe his wife & co-writer Candy Carson did the proofreading.

Greg Dworkin brings good news for poll fans — a lot of polls! Greg reminds us that there’s a big difference between the "Republican electorate" (i.e. primary) and the "electorate" (i.e. general election): So, Trump leads the polls, especially with the white working class, which is as predicted. But, if only Mitt were there, it would be different (at least in New Hampshire)! And, while everyone is yapping about Trump’s lead, have you looked at Hillary’s? Hillary Clinton is the most trusted to handle terrorism.

Donald Trump has been compared to leaders in the past, today Greg and David talk about Trump’s many parallels with George Wallace, and how the support for a new Wallace has grown.

David Vitter is a loser, here are a few reasons.

On campuses there seems to be a growing backlash against old heroes such as Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Jefferson. David sees no problem with this as long as you turn in your homework supporting your thesis first.

The Gop contenders show strong support, weak knowledge of the Constitution and who was responsible. Which is strange, because learning can be so easy and fun.

The myth of the Lost Cause of the Civil War in the South is assumed to be about denying slavery. But in addition to economic slavery we could also add sex slavery.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 20, 2015

You won’t be able to hear David Waldman’s Kagro in the Morning live today, because it is no longer morning and so today’s broadcast has ended. But — hit the link above and it is just as good!

Greg Dworkin brings us the horse race in progress: Donald Trump manages to stay in the presidential race by, well, leading the polls. Ted Cruz is climbing — quicker than Marco Rubio, with Ben Carson dropping. Predictions still estimate Rubio in good shape. Bernie Sanders reaches a new high, which may get him NH, maybe not IA.

The French president promises to get tougher if re-elected. Trump promises to be so fascist it’ll make your head spin. Kelly Ayotte finds she can’t get conservative enough

Greg & David return to David & Armando’s discussion of what is fair game to “mock” in political discussions. Here are more thoughts for liberals and conservatives about Syrian refugees. An award-winning marine's response to the Syrian refugee crisis is required reading. Can Cruz beat Carson with evangelicals?

Jihadists attack a hotel in Mali. Mitt Romney said Mali earlier. David did too.

Armando talks about the legal side of the Castle Doctrine — how it’s abused, will be abused, and is a bad deal even for the NRA

A Syrian family rejected by Indiana is welcomed in Connecticut. This hospitality does not show up in Virginia. Ted Cruz used to like Syrian refugees. David Vitter steps on his wife again, which isn’t even his usual fetish.

Paul Ryan returns the house to the usual disorder.

You can listen to next Monday’s Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny live at 8AM Eastern. Monday’s show will be an interview with Iraq expert Landon Schroder!

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - November 19, 2014 airing November 19, 2015
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Kagro in the Morning - November 18, 2015

It is time to address the Syrian Refugee Freakout, and that is just what David Waldman does today — aided by the full KITM all-star lineup: Greg Dworkin, Armando, and Joan McCarter!

But first, the polls are out and Greg Dworkin has got them:

Carson slowly falls, Rubio slowly rises, Donald Trump’s demise is postponed for a while. How is the big picture been changing? Bye Bye Bobby — he had a number of reasons to go back to Louisiana.

Top Carson advisor knows Ben Carson is no rocket scientist when it comes to foreign policy.

Military leaders concerned that Washington hasn’t learned a thing from previous wars.

Republicans defiant in their plan to throw out the jews deny refuge to Syrians, which does not seem to be a good long-term plan

David and Armando review an article by Kevin Drum: “Liberals Should Knock Off the Mockery Over Calls to Limit Syrian Refugees”. If mockery is off the table, how does one confront the unconstitutional, un-American, illegal, impossible “positions” that won’t change anything, would make things worse, and aren’t actually policy proposals, but pure unadulterated bigotry without being called on to “reasonably compromise”  with blatant immorality

Joan McCarter joins the discussion: Republicans are laying the groundwork for a government shutdown to prevent any funding for a refugee resettlement program. In fact they have recently attached policy riders to many spending bills vowing to shut its borders to people fleeing political persecution, violence, famine, and abject poverty based on their religion.  

Mitch McConnell isn’t letting xenophobia get in the way of misogyny. Is Gop hatred of Obamacare bigger than all concerns? Or can it just wait?

The Koch Brothers have a spy program — to spy on liberals.

Want to be as smart as Einstein, but don’t like big words? Here you go.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 17, 2015

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Look up David Waldman on Look at all the good reviews people have given KITM!  You have thought similar things as well, so now is the time to consider donating, maybe?

Republicans want just a little less rights for one religion that is just a little less than theirs. The Governors will protect us (like they did from Ebola)! The press asks—and asks, asks, and asks why won’t the President do what he’s been doing all along?

Greg Dworkin points out the idea was the same in 1939, wonder what happened to those kids? Latino voters also note the Gop mean streak.

The world unites against ISIS, but along the front lines few define their support in the same way.

After Paris, US movie goers from the left and the right unite in demanding heavily enforced gun-free zones.

Stingray phone trackers, capable of taking information from your phone, as well as block your calls, and track your activity, wouldn’t be used on you, of course, just bad guys. Which is why they are on the wish list of local police departments.

Ben Carson, a very bad boy now reformed, has been revealed doing more bad things in his past. This time plagiarism, which you know got the attention of Plagiarism Today.

Plastic Microbeads, once in toothpaste and body washes, do not go away, and so have eventually gone everywhere, including Chinese sea salt.

If you are a terrorist and would like help, there is a 24 hour Jihadi Help Desk.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 16, 2015

David Waldman, heart broken by Giants, perseveres nonetheless. 

The French are attacked, but what do we know about the attackers? The French retaliate—possibly against the correct targets and people. Some providence may sort it out eventually.

Greg Dworkin notes the calls for solutions and a balanced debate. David’s and his discussion helps expand our international/political lexicon, by adding the term “Daesh-bags”—which will probably become depressingly useful in the future.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have problems of their own, with a couple of losers winning, and another in the wings.

David updates and expands some stories earlier explored on KITM:

The President and Chancellor at Mizzou took different paths to their departures. What does that mean for future protesters and movements?

The Washington Post looks into the Louisiana feud that led to a 6 year old’s killing by police.

Ads could use inaudible sound to track your behavior. Political billboards are scanning your face for reactions. Don’t worry! (At least don’t let them see that you are worrying.)


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Kagro in the Morning - November 13, 2015

It’s Friday the 13th today. If you think that’s unlucky, consider the idea of David Waldman endorsing Liz Cheney for Congress! Before you reach for your hockey masks and machetes—David only endorses her campaigning, not her winning, just so that new generations can be reminded of the history and heritage of the Cheney name.

Speaking of the Cheney legacy, David spends most of the rest of the show looking into an exclusive article from Politico Magazine: ‘The Attacks Will Be Spectacular’. Starting in the spring of 2001, the CIA repeatedly and urgently warned the White House that a terrorist attack was coming. Armando calls in to help discuss the Cheney/Bush White House mindset, their defining/not defining torture, assassination, drone strikes and other decisions that weigh on us still today.

Someone says we have reached “peak Trump” almost every day, and almost every day Donald Trump gives us more Trump that we could have ever imagined. In certain ways it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 12, 2015

As you know, David Waldman has not yet published his doctrine on defending against Baby Hitler, even as other under-paid philosophers have stepped up. Click over to to see how far your donations can go to help support Kagro in the Morning. It’s hard to believe, but for just pennies a day, you too can help move the national discussion past babies like this. Won’t you help?

A TN woman was scared in a Walmart lot, pulled her gun on several people including a 7 year old. She remains frightened. Another guy in Tennessee got the bullets scared out of his gun, right into a pedestrian

Greg Dworkin rounds up the post debate opinions and polling to discuss: Is the electorate past their flings and finally getting serious? The shakeout is coming a little slower than expected, but does that really matter to Marco Rubio? People may be beginning to realize that Ben, Donald, and other flings are not the ones to settle down with.

David looks into the many questions coming out of the complex problems at the University of Missouri. Are college campuses supposed to be “intellectually safe” or “intellectually dangerous”? Are college kids out to steal freedom of speech? The real reason protesters do not want the media around.

Looks as if police in Louisiana shot dead a 6 year-old autistic boy in a beef over a woman. 

Still no Lex Luthor PAC, but this guy is paving the way.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 11, 2015

David Waldman did not watch last night’s Republican debate. In fact, he couldn’t bring himself to even form the word “watch” last night.

Greg Dworkin watched, and has a lot to say about it, too:

So—who won the debate? Marco Rubio? Ted Cruz? Elizabeth Warren? Everybody? Anybody? Nobody? All agree: John Kasich lost. Anyhow, a financial debate just frustrates and confuses them. Could any of them give Hillary trouble? 

Marco Rubio is starting to steal a little Evangelical thunder from Ben Carson. Why is that?

In Louisiana, “Liar, Cheater, & Stealer” Vitter bitter, calls debater “faker & hater”.

Armando calls in to further discuss the Mizzou University controversy, especially the confrontation between photographer Tim Tai and professor Melissa Click, and the aftermath

Joan McCarter visits, because a Wednesday without Joan is like a coffee cup without snowflakes:

The Gop debates featured a commercial attacking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Elizabeth Warren, who immediately fought back.

Cruz and Rubio try to out-crazy House Republicans on Obamacare. The House Republicans try to out-crazy each other , and the House tries to pull the Senate into the crazy over filibuster rules.


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Kagro in the Morning - November 10, 2015

Wait. What? David Waldman pops into today’s rerun with a SURPRISE Live show! So, if you were more on-the-ball than me you were rewarded with a whole new hour.  If not, you’re still lucky—we can hit a link above and catch up:

Some loon brings a gun into Starbucks, says his name is Mary Christmas, of course they misspell it on his cup. Ask your barista to write your creed on a cup today!

Students at the University of Missouri learned valuable lessons on the strength of collective bargaining this week. There is still much to learn in this story, however. Armando calls in to discuss the rights of the people in the middle of the story vs. the people on the outside looking in. Is this a collective “No comment”?  Is it the creation of a safe space?


Direct download: November_10_2015_1_hr_show_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - November 9, 2015

David Waldman. Is he racist? Does he want to deny Christmas to coffee drinkers? Find out on today’s show!

Greg Dworkin asks: Does the John Bel Edwards ad show that he is the better Vitter vetter veteran?

Ben Carson really likes himself and is disappointed some do not. So, he suggests that instead of criticizing or laughing at him, that you go vet someone else, like Barack Obama instead. What would we do without Ben Carson? 

Ted Cruz, however, loves his enemies, or at least he loves having enemies. Jeb Bush, who is still running for president, has some things to fix soon. The rest of the pack hopes that New Hampshire will be the big turnaround for their campaigns

Hillary Clinton is doing pretty good so far. The Democrats hope some of that rubs off on their upcoming campaigns.

So, an Evangelist, a social media personality, and a lunatic walk into a Starbucks

Armando calls in to talk about football players at the University of Missouri demanding that the University president resign. Some go on a hunger strike — more than a million dollars are at stake, after all this is college football we are talking about. The president resigns.

David looks into Ben Carson’s pushback on the Yale Psychology class story, twitter discovers David’s hidden agenda


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Kagro in the Morning - November 6, 2015

Today David Waldman tries, and fails to put Ben Carson behind him. He does however get to talk about a lot of other stuff:

Greg Dworkin presents a potpourri of politics and polling for your perusal:

It's Jobs Friday - and it's a good one. Also, it turns out that Americans like government health plans best.

Not so good news for Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, who now move to the kid's table. Lindsey Graham and George Pataki are not invited at all. Jeb Bush, who is still running for president, probably wishes his dad and brother would quit talking about old times. Although fun to watch, the Republican debates move few people outside of Republicans. Insiders are pretty certain Ben Carson can not win, but do think that Marco Rubio might.

All politics used to be local, but lately all politics are turning national. This change is still not enough to help David Vitter, with prominent Republicans endorsing the Democratic competition, and with even Gumbo PAC running ads against him.

People are looking at Ben Carson, and that makes him so very angry. All bad news is good news for his evangelical followers, although his presidency would still remain very bad news for all people.

Being an Oath Keeper is keeping a lawyer from keeping his attorney oath.

Louisiana police say they were exchanging gunfire with a suspect (they weren't) when the suspect was backing his car towards them (he wasn't) and then multiple police bullets killed a 6 year old boy (they did).

Armando gives his personal South Florida, Miami-Dade county, Cuban perspective on the various lies and re-lying of Marco Rubio.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 5, 2015

David Waldman would like to present the first chapter of Indiana Carson and the Pyramid for grain, but the special FX budget is too steep. Carson could spend his time pondering policy questions, for example wet-foot, dry-foot policy.

Greg Dworkin gets into the discussion of the candidates and recent elections:

Matt Bevins won by running against Barack Obama, which won't work for David Vitter.

Little change for polling as Trump-Carson are still doing great selling their brands of grift-otainment, Rubio and Cruz continue to inch up, while Clinton-Sanders maintain their levels. Marco Rubio tries to pick on Trump's immigration stand, probably a bad move, while the press gets around to noticing Rubio's handling of personal finances. With all of this going on, Ted Cruz may now have found a path through this pack of weaklings.

Should we thank Obama for the drop in Democratic political control? Did gun control cost Democrats in the Virginia election? Are liberals losing the culture wars? Are Democrats plagued by low self esteem, and thus attracted to self-blaming clickbait? Here is what a Democratic sweep looks like.

You hear it here first: Kevin Brady ratified as Ways and Means chairman.

Was the response to the Colorado Springs shooter effected by police fatigue to open carry pedants?

Mike Huckabee, idiot, proposes an idiotic plan on idiot network, which may just strike a chord with his constituency. Was Ben Carson a direct-mail scam that just got out of hand?

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Kagro in the Morning - November 4, 2015

David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, Armando and Joan McCarter are back with an action, information, and wisdom-packed show:

In local news, vile homophobe and horrible person Eugene Delgaudio ousted!

Greg Dworkin looks at recent polling, as well as the dark and light spots in yesterday's voting:

Trump falls, Carson rises. So, is Donald Trump or Ben Carson winning the book grift contest? Old grifts still haunt Ben. Jeb, now minus the !, plummets. Hillary Clinton consolidates her lead.  

In Kentucky, this guy - no, not this guy - won an election. In about 6 months he'll be a RINO. Want to know more about the elections? Daily Kos Elections will tell you everything. Charlie Cook will tell you even more.

Armando calls in to discuss what the election wins means for the D's & R's, He and David name their favorite grifters running for the Gop Primary. Ben Carson is pretty good, but Ted Cruz's scams have a lot to be said for them.

Joan McCarter discusses the latest news in the last half of the show.
New Kentucky governor Matt Bevin will soon be stepping on the rake of reality. Paul Ryan just stepped on his, by admitting Planned Parenthood can't be defunded.  The House Republicans aim to gut financial reform in the upcoming highway bill.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 3, 2015

David Waldman is still out today, but will be back tomorrow, and so will Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter! Meanwhile here is an new pre-recorded show:

Rand Paul threw a tiny little “filibuster” (which wasn’t a filibuster) to fulfill his promise at the last debate to fight the “Washington Machine”. He spent every ounce of his energy, and charged his supporters about a buck a minute. David devotes today’s show to an examination of the machine - the business of politics, and the politics of business.

How can candidates turn campaign cash into personal cash? No surprise that many ways have been devised. Buy Ted Cruz’s book for $85.00 and find out.

How can the government partner with business to redefine the illegality out of criminal behavior? Again, there has been no shortage of ideas or effort put into this.

The Education Department, despite a crackdown against what it calls “bad actors,” continues to hand over tens of millions of dollars every month to other for-profit schools that have been accused of predatory behavior, substandard practices or illegal activity by its own officials or state attorneys general across the country.

Copyright law on auto software might have hindered the emissions detection that could have shown Volkswagen’s deception earlier. With microphones and RFID readers in cars and home appliances that can communicate with whomever asks them, what is there to worry about?  

With a variety of people worried about sharing the information stored in their own DNA, progress continues on the technology to read and store it. Don’t worry, there is no trick say researchers. They only want to help.

Rosalyn MacGregor's Michigan politics segment, scheduled for last Friday, makes it into this show:

The State legislature is still looking for a billion or so to fix their roads.

Accusations fly on who who was responsible for feeding Flint River water to the city.

MI state police and the attorney general's office continue to investigate whether Todd Courser broke any laws trying to cover up his affair, and conclude the investigation into Todd’s claims that extortion drove him to accusing himself of doing drugs and sleeping with a male prostitute.

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Kagro in the Morning - November 2, 2015

David Waldman is on vacation today and tomorrow, but there will be no reruns for you! Today’s show is brand new, albeit prerecorded for today:

David gives us his inside story and insight on how the formula for heavily scripted and stage managed political candidates came about. Gopac, a conservative group headed by the then House Republican Whip Newt Gingrich came up with the handout Language: A Key Mechanism of Control. Positive words and contrasting words were fed to politicians like language lessons on tape essentially nationalizing local elections, and creating the blueprint for many scams, eventually the spread of PAC's. Since then the formula has grown into a multilevel marketing scam of national proportions. Now, candidates such as Ben Carson naturally transition from regular MLMs to government, and there are plenty of ways to make money with only the most tangential connection to actual governing imaginable. David will reveal the secret of how you can make start making big money today!

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Kagro in the Morning - October 30, 2015
Direct download: October_30_2015_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - October 29, 2015

Already tired of Republican debates? Well, there are 11 more to go - 4 this February. And, they are certain to not be any more substantive or enlightening than this one. So, what can you do? Listen to David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando on today's Kagro in the Morning. Today's show is everything the debates were not: insightful, meaningful, factual, truthful and entertaining. After listening, drop by, because by then you should have a good idea of how much you'd like to donate.

Jeb! has a lot of really cool things he could be doing right now. Good news! His debate performance is quickly making this possible.

Carson up, but his personality will catch up with him - Trump's has already, although his numbers probably have always been inflated. The debaters don't like the media, but may dislike the facts even more.  Rubio and Cruz may end standing by laying low now.

Paul Ryan did get elected Speaker of the House, with 9 voting against him. Here's a handy reference guide, previewing the fights he will have in store.

David and Armando discuss the US Constitution's Origination Clause, which factors into court challenges to Obamacare.  David dissects an article on the false promise of judicial restraint. This article was written by George Will, so unless you are a trained professional like David, do not attempt this alone.

Direct download: October_29_2015_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - October 28, 2015

David Waldman brings us news of another gun left out, another toddler dead, 72nd this year, this time in Georgia.

Here's some good news: There's a Republican debate tonight! The subject is "The Economy", but everyone just wants to see a fight and it looks good for that.

Greg Dworkin calls in with all sorts of news and analysis you can think about between the spats tonight:

The debate will only remind us of how weak the establishment is.  Tonight is only another turn of Jeb!'s downward spiral. Marco Rubio will remind us of how he hates his present job. Is Rubio John Edwards? John Kasich will remind us of how much he hates the conservative base. Donald Trump will beg for first place again.

Bernie Sander's planners for some reason decide to reveal their hand.

The new spending deal is more of a political victory than a fiscal one - but political victories are pretty fun too. Is it the beginning of the end for all or nothing politics? What sort of barn did John Boehner leave Paul Ryan?

Now the target moves to over to Obama's prized climate rule. Greg recommends the long-read "The Plan to Save the World".

David explores whether we have reached "Peak Madness" as Jason Chaffetz introduces a resolution to impeach the IRS commissioner, four days after the Justice Department closes its investigation.

Mark Meadows finally got Boehner out of the Speaker seat, but didn't get that rush he expected. Was he outfoxed by Paul Ryan? Now he expects Ryan to get in line.

Joan McCarter returns from vacation to talk about the budget deal that really isn't the budget, not really an appropriations bill, and doesn't actually keep the government open. Nonetheless, congressional nihilists and Paul Ryan hate it, but are unlikely to kill it. That won't keep them from one last ineffectual gesture.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 27, 2015

David Waldman opens with the depressing, disturbing and all too usual news of a toddler being shot- 71st this year. Leaving guns out for kids is not home protection, therefore is not natural law.

Greg Dworkin
brings us polling and news of the world:

The White House and the Gop seemed to have reached a budget agreement, so Boehner's work here is done.

Ben Carson leads Republicans nationally now. How is this possible? How does apocalyptic pessimism rally their base? Why so grumpy? Did Sarah start it? Although maybe Jeb! should be a little bummed.

Meanwhile, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner begins to clarify the Democratic race. Sanders supporters hope to stay away from Howard Dean comparisons.

Greenland is melting away, and you can watch it.

The FBI is investigating The Hobby Lobby's violation of laws based on at least a couple commandments.

The House science committee is worse than the Benghazi committee, and the Planned Parenthood committee has not even started yet.

Political action committees do have a few scams in place for soaking the rubes, but David wonders if candidates might be actively laundering money with bulk book buying schemes?

The bipartisan budget agreement does not include a Liberty Lobby or a Galt Garret, but it does include provisions for a Freedom Foyer.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 26, 2015

Just like that pop-up message asking you to sign that petition, David Waldman is back in your face again - but in a more pleasant, helpful and interesting way:

Ben Carson quintuples down on his loonier Holocaust and gun talking points, adding several others along the way.

Neither Rand Paul nor Bacon is your friend.

Greg Dworkin rounds up opinions and polling to discuss:

Hillary Clinton is likely to be the next president, but Bernie Sanders is still out there fighting. Republicans still picture a downfall (and probably will every moment of Clinton's terms.) Here is what Gop bumperstickers mean by "lies". Trey Gowdy figures that it is also Hillary Clinton's fault that the Benghazi hearings made Republicans look bad... And the Republicans blame the Freedom Caucus for Paul Ryan?

Less people support the Tea Party and less people support Jeb! Bush. Will Marco Rubio be the last person standing? Maybe not.

David reviews the Freedom Caucus, who they are, and how they were able to get the Republicans to where they are today.

FBI director believes crime is up because police have stage fright. Maybe they just don't like a surveillance state?

Do people that run into difficulties with their pocket pistols believe that taking most precautions is as good as taking all precautions?  

You have been warned that they are coming to take your guns, but now we have discovered who they are.

Direct download: October_26_2015_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - October 23, 2015

David Waldman explores what the options could be for the Democratic party and the 2016 presidential election considering the sudden departure of Lincoln Chaffee from Primary contention. And:

Greg Dworkin reviews the Benghazi Hearing with Hillary Clinton yesterday as another step in solidifying the nomination, and the election, as well as her image as the wonk-competent candidate. Some in the Gop, on the other hand, may come up with a different opinion.

Iowa, not representative of the political make up of America, or maybe even the Republican Party, is still first in line for nomination ballots, and Ben Carson is well-liked there, but look out for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio moving up through the pack. Jeb!, however, burns through money, time, and support.  Donald Trump is probably at peak Trump, even as a punchline - except in South Africa where "Trump is like the hippopotamus, which rapidly twirls its tail to create a fan through which it defecates, throwing a noxious cloud on all around"

David takes another deep, deep dive into parliamentary law and procedure to discuss Paul Ryan's agreement to delay discussion about reforming the "motion to vacate" procedural motion. Ted Cruz solidifies his Gimmetarian credentials by sending a full repeal of ObamaCare to the president's desk. Marco Rubio, a Gimmy from way back, is having a hard time staying on the straight and narrow, although his staff suggests a little stealing from Starbucks couldn't hurt.

Direct download: October_23_2015_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - October 22, 2015

David Waldman returns from yesterday’s talk about fake moderate Paul Ryan’s fake settling of fake problems with his probably real bosses the Freedom Caucus - his analysis looking pretty accurate, btw.

Greg Dworkin breaks the news that Joe Biden is still out of the presidential race, returning the people that imagined him running to considering the candidates actually doing so.

Democratic polling shows the Upstart Underdog with manifestly enthusiastic supporters closing on the Presumptive Nominee with superior organization going into the Iowa caucus.

As for Republicans, Iowa demonstrates little interest in rationality, or consistency, but quite a lot for Ben Carson.

Hillary Clinton will spend the day with Trey Gowdy and friends, the biggest question being when and where did it all go wrong for the Republicans? To answer, you can either look at the giant mountain of facts, or you can look at the the new set of spin they plan to sell themselves.

Armando continues to not wreck his car when calling in about the many complex issues of today. Topics include the history of journalistic failure, polling's dirty secret, the subtleties of the Trans-pacific Partnership, and Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus vs. Paul Davis Ryan.

Gun expert with his hand down his pants in the theater learns a new thing about his gun. Apparently, he spent time in the Army, but missed the lesson on how to tell his rifle from his gun.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 21, 2015

Greg Dworkin is busy at work, Joan McCarter is busy on vacation, so David Waldman gives us something different - devoting his entire show to one specific issue, Paul Ryan's "conditional" announcement for Gop House Speaker, and the opposition from the House Freedom Caucus. David creates a running commentary and annotation of the article entitled, "The House Freedom Caucus has some good ideas on how the US House should operate." What other program would take the time to explain the HFC, their demands for reform and the cyclical nature of those demands so you can understand it? No one.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 20, 2015

There's a new movie out soon, and folks up north are up to something, but we have an election the November after next so there is lots for David Waldman to tackle today:

Justin Trudeau's Liberal party wins big in the Canada elections.

Trolls ride the wave of Star Wars fervor, creating a trend on Twitter, mostly of people telling them to shut up.

Greg Dworkin calls in with new polling analysis: Hillary Clinton pulls further ahead, offering very little encouragement for Joe Biden's likely candidacy.  

Trump and Carson keep going up as Carly Fiorina (down 11 points) and Jeb! (just 9 points in home state Florida) plummet.

Benghazi committee Republicans announce that they will be tough, fair, professional, balanced, non-ideological, hard-working, courteous, fact-centric, focused, and courageous when they question Hillary Clinton on Thursday. Trey Gowdy will attempt credibility. Meanwhile, finding a House Gop Speaker eludes them. Paul Ryan may throw them a bone, but doesn't want to take any crap from the Freedom Caucus.

Is Bernie Sanders a Social Democrat, Democratic Socialist Capitalist, or what? Armando explains that Sanders should not let labels get in the way of his message.

Why should Americans care about Canada's election?

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Kagro in the Morning - October 19, 2015
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Kagro in the Morning - October 16, 2015

Don't make David Waldman fund raise with popcorn, because we all know that stuff is crap. You can support Kagro in the Morning on Help pay for media that you enjoy!

Greg Dworkin and Armando call in and help explore the latest polling and analysis of the Democratic debate.  What does "winning the debate" mean? Are the candidates aim to be the nominee or to set the terms of the public discussion? Are the goals long or short term? Do you need to be elected to office to make or change policy, and to be consequential?

Bush and Carson lead in fundraising, but how much do they spend to raise those funds?

Is John Boehner's only legacy going to be in leaving early? Maybe he'll move a bill to lift the debt-ceiling. Mitch McConnell tries to help by making fake plans to force cuts to Social Security.

Gun-fancying blog finds concealed carrier they can call an idiot. But another MI concealed carrier shows up to take the idiot crown.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Michigan: Republican National committeeman, and constant embarrassment to Michigan, plans to go national.

People in Flint, MI are tired of having to boil their drinking water. Who is to blame for the decision to use the Flint River as the city's source of drinking water?

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Kagro in the Morning - October 15, 2015

David Waldman is back from one day out with a cold. Now you don't have to ponder two year old shows - get on to pondering today's show:

Greg Dworkin calls in to sift through the presidential debate fallout.

And, so, who won the debate? Was it Bernie Sanders? Was it Hillary Clinton? What do experts think? How about the polls? What does this mean for the election? Why are those five running, anyhow? Neither Sanders or Clinton lost.

During the debate the Gop offers a horrifying and offensive grab for attention. Another Goper publicly admits the Benghazi panel was designed to go after Clinton.

Armando calls in to answer the question: Who won the debate? Was it Hillary Clinton? Was it Bernie Sanders? (Only one of them will get the nomination.)

The Oath Keepers want to teach the Ben Carson Bum-Rush to students. Another example of Monty Python's prescience.

People are getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis. Toddlers shoot someone every week in the US. But, you already knew that.

Man attempts to put out a garbage fire by driving over it in a van loaded with ammunition. It went well.

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Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - October 14, 2013 airing October 14, 2015
Direct download: October_14_2013_64_2.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - October 13, 2015

Today David Waldman talks constitutional law, executive power, political moderates, calculating nihilists, plane geometry, special and general relativity, the Twin Paradox, Katamari strategy, Eli Manning and Larry Lessig. Your brain will hurt so good:

Greg Dworkin preps us for tonight's debate:

Hillary Clinton is well ahead in the polls, with or without Joe Biden. Other than CNN, who expects him to run? Will Bernie Sanders connect like he does with his crowds? Who will be tuning into the debate, and what do they want to see? But, is the smart money on Jim Webb?

Meanwhile Chris Christie promises to destroy civilization if elected, and Ted Cruz rolls about, seeing what he can pick up here and there.

Is German public opinion turning against refugees?

Today's intriguing long-read: Should we thank Obama for the gun crisis?

Right wing thinker asks "Wouldn't you wish for a gun when the Nazis come to your door?" (I would wish for a back door.)  

Armando comes on to play Constitutional Hardball: What are the vital questions that should, but won't be asked tonight?  Hillary Clinton will be seen as really not that far left. Larry Lessig isn't invited to the debate, but that's probably not a bad thing for him and the voters.

The Benghazi panel falls apart, also gets drunk, buys guns.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 12, 2015

It's the year 2015, and David Waldman sails the political scene:

Why did those Jews decide to have the Holocaust? Republicans pause in mansplaining rape to tackle this conundrum.

Greg Dworkin brings polls, polls, polls and polls to sum up:

Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic race for nomination. Especially if Joe Biden isn’t running, and he isn’t. In SC and NV Clinton is way ahead. How could she lose? She hopes to quell those worries this Tuesday.

Trump leads, Carson second, both losing. Definitely not Jeb! How about Cruz, then? Everyone wants to be president. No one wants to be House speaker.

Measles Doubter says measles happen only in your mind, bets someone to prove him wrong, the court says he's to pay up.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, DNC vice chairwoman says she was disinvited from the first Democratic presidential debate after calling for more debates. Armando calls in to discuss this, along the risks and benefits of having more debates, for the candidates and the DNC. Bernie Sanders invites Gabbard to sit with him.

Mitch McConnell, frustrated by Democrats, wants changes to the filibuster rule.

This morning at 8AM Eastern Armando visited Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny to describe the war the Roberts Court has waged on citizen access to Federal courts. If you did not hear it, tune into Netroots Radio 10AM Eastern, Saturday, or just go to to find out how mad you can get!

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Kagro in the Morning - October 9, 2015

David Waldman was hoping for a slow news day and a "Fun, Free-Form Friday", but sadly here’s another school shooting, this time at Northern Arizona University. It may be drug related, and the shooter has been identified. Are these the families Ben Carson promised to visit?

Ben Carson, who has a broad definition of "organizations" and a limited definition of "gun safety", tries again to understand “debt ceiling”.

Has the Congressional Gop quit being an "organization"? Some are concerned if they go fast or slow, some if they should stay or go, but no one wants to lead. Paul Ryan has one good reason to not be speaker. Did Kevin McCarthy jump or was he pushed?

Pastor Jim Bakker, who is still around, says satanic temples are hidden in Planned Parenthood clinics and many other crazy things. The Right has a history of graphic, misleading abortion images.

David explores the pretty common business strategy of getting employees to work for free.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 8, 2015

David Waldman, chairman of the Kagro in the Morning organization, addresses us directly from the head office in Virginia:

You would think Dr. Ben Carson had zero experience dealing with armed assailants, but he actually met one, and pointed the gunman to a better target.

Greg Dworkin helps discuss the latest polling and headlines:

Status quo in the polls - Trump leads, but isn't winning, as he slowly melts away. Dems in limbo as long as Joe Biden is stuck there.

Jason Chaffetz, proven liar, seems to be hiding subpoenaed footage from the investigation into Planned Parenthood.  

As the historic administration nears its final year, African-American leaders debate: Did Barack Obama do enough for his own community? Rupert Murdoch wishes for a "real black president".

Is Russia repeating its cold war mistakes in Syria? David looks into the history of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the United Arab Republic.

Is Ben Carson being stupid or coy about the debt limit (and several other topics)? Which one of those qualities is behind his rise in the polls?

Kevin McCarthy is a total dope, though. Update: Still a dope. And, Paul LePage is a total crook, and bully.

4chan shuts down Eastern Kentucky University with bathroom graffiti.

End a life, get probation for mischief.

Update on Dupont and the C8 scandal covered earlier here: Dupont found negligent in a test case!

Direct download: October_8_2015_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - October 7, 2015

Lucky for you, the world remained non-annihilated for the full duration of David Waldman’s live show. Of course, if the world ends later today we will update this post, so check back often.

Greg Dworkin issues a correction: Cuba is, in fact, part of Latin America, otherwise Greg is 110% accurate today:

Donald Trump is ahead among R’s in the states of FL, OH and Pa, while Hillary Clinton holds her leads but loses ground among D’s (Read as a “disaster” for her by the MSM) Joe Biden and Ben Carson are considered the best general election candidates in these key swing states. (BTW, Jeb! is in 4th in Florida.) Is Marco the Trump Slayer?

Joe Biden: No money, weak polls, but still Clinton’s toughest rival with moderate voters and party elites. Joe, we love you, but....

Gallup gallops away from the horse race.

Bill Clinton explains it all in 2 minutes.

Obamacare’s medicaid expansion is helping the uninsured — where it’s allowed to.

The profile for many mass shooters is becoming very familiar.

Wednesday is Joan McCarter day: We may have John Boehner to kick around longer, so John takes his time cleaning up the barn, and Jason gets to Chaffetz about as he eyes the Speaker job.

Gop House ready to Benghazi Planned Parenthood.

David and Joan discuss the need for all of you out there to report on shenanigans similar to the voter suppression methods popping up in North Carolina and Maryland. What's happening in your counties? Email !

Martin Shkreli vowed to lower the price of the drug that he raised 5000%, but he didn't say when, did he?

Florida man sacrifices goat, calls for armed rebellion, runs for office.

Woman attempts to help out Home Depot by killing their shoplifters, but seems to have missed.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 6, 2015

David Waldman tackles the big questions challenging us today. But first, why is Mike Huckabee calling for a boycott on Rainbow Doritos, but not the threat of Lucky Charms causing people to become Leprechauns?

Greg Dworkin
calls in to discuss the headlines:

Should we freak out about Marco Rubio yet? Well, superficially Rubio has some strong points and all, but the electorate never makes superficial decisions...

After Kevin McCarthy's Kinsley Gaffe, Hillary Clinton makes the first Benghazi ad hers. The Dems turn up the heat, with five Democratic members of the House select committee authoring a letter to Trey Gowdy, releasing portions of a secret transcript. How long before McCarthy is rumored to be a Democratic plant?

A mother of a Sandy Hook victim speaks at Clinton town hall. Clinton pledges to close the gun show loophole. Where is the gun debate heading?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership moves forward, influencing the price of cheese to the cost of cancer treatments, to rice in Japan.

David looks deeper into how Carly Fiorina sees money, charity, and people.

Fox News analyst tries to make a point, hilarity ensues.

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Kagro in the Morning - October 5, 2015

Do you find that 10 hours of Kagro in the Morning is not enough David Waldman for the week? Then you should catch David's interview and discussion of political and policy developments of the past week with Jay Ackroyd and Culture of Truth on this Sunday's broadcast of Virtually Speaking!

Greg Dworkin calls in with a list of topics and opinions that he hopes are wide ranging enough to get everyone annoyed with him.

Pragmatists for Clinton! Maybe Hillary is likable, after all. You can't pay people to like Carly Fiorina, so she doesn't bother. Greg looks at the polls heading into IA and NH: Biden not much of an issue. Bush and Rubio close as Trump drops.  

Kevin McCarthy doesn't speak well at all, so he may not get the Speaker position.

MARS attacks! David and Greg talk about the range of populists and the spectrum of populism in politics, which all share in common a tendency of losing in elections - so far.

Guns, Campuses and Madness as it is reported mom of Mom of Oregon shooter bragged about weapons she stockpiled. Now 4chan is threatening violence, putting colleges on alert. Sheriffs demand even more military weapons. And, an 11 year old shoots and kills an 8 year old because she would not show him her puppy.

House Republicans, already fighting over the candidates for speaker, majority leader and whip, find themselves fighting over when to even hold the elections.

Direct download: October_5_2015_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - October 2, 2015

There was a mass shooting and an attempted rescue by a decorated war veteran yesterday, but as it is anymore, that massacre was pushed out of the headlines by even bigger massacre at Umpqua Community College.

Here are 5 Things to Know Now.

David tries to clarify the debate about “Gun Free Zones” and how relevant this was to this case.

How do you deal with a political party that is completely insane?

Even the sheriff responding to the killings was an anti-gun control Oath Keeper.

Where did this killer come from? Was he just looking for lulz?

Armando calls in with a plea to reconsider manufacturer liability law to help regulate killing machines. Where would automobiles be without regulation? Presently the law seems to sway far in the other direction.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Michigan: Update - Cindy Gamrat, Todd Courser inspire re-election prevention bill. Sterilization denial for woman with brain tumor highlights religious liberty conflict.

How clued in was Pope Francis on Kim Davis? Was the Pope swindled?

Monday morning - Tune into Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny at 8AM, just before Kagro in the Morning on Netroots Radio. The topic: A deep analysis of the US trade deficit - is it a net gain or net loss?

Right Now - check out this interview with David Waldman on! David talks about Gun Fails & School Shootings vs. the Mighty Gun Lobby!

Direct download: October_2_2015_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - October 1, 2015

David Waldman presents Kagro in the Morning - now with an previously unheard 15 minutes (which were dropped out by internet glitches)!

Speaking of FUBAR, Hillary Clinton would like that explained, as more of her email is picked over for click bait and partisan spin. Speaking of FUBAR:

The media has Biden Fever, and the only prescription is more speculation.

House Whip, maybe soon Speaker Kevin McCarthy really steps into a truth about how
the Gop operates. And - no one has a clue what to do, or what will happen with John Boehner gone.

The financial industry, previously self-FUBARed, has learned nothing.

At least the vaccine opponents fell short in California.

After discussing all of the above, Greg Dworkin wonders if Obama may just be playing it right in Syria.

David tries to figure out what the Republicans will do now that Boehner is untethered. Will they follow the money, their ideology, or what’s right or wrong? (probably money)

Ex-congressman Paul Broun sad that he didn’t get in on that sweet Speaker ousting action, setting up to fire whoever comes along.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 30, 2015

Kagro in the Morning presents their All-Star lineup today: David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, Armando, and Joan McCarter!

Greg takes a medical, and political perspective to yesterday’s House Planned Parenthood Hearing: A bad day for women, and Republicans. The Gop Chair trots out a terrible and dishonest chart, and is shut down.

Joan joins in on the discussion on the House Planned Parenthood hearing’s war on women.

There may not be enough angry white guys to sustain the Republican party, but plenty are jockeying for leadership positions in the House. Also there's room for the liar, the nutter, the fool, and the demagogue to fill that “strong bench” for the GOP.

Ted Cruz shows he is no one's friend, and finds no one is his friend.

Benghazi is now the longest congressional investigation in history. Kevin McCarthy takes a bow.

Will Kim Davis now convert to Catholicism? What will she do next week?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 29, 2015

David Waldman will be on TV - and .tv - when he is interviewed on The! The topic will be #gunfail, a concept created by David, which he built upon over the years. David will discuss how #gunfail has become influential, and its potential as a journalistic tool.

Greg Dworkin could not visit today, but he passed along these interesting topics:

Americans unite against Citizens United.

Shell leaves Arctic, giant oil rigs out there now only good for Bond villains.

Would Donald Trump play us for suckers?

Is John Boehner bad at his job, or what?

Actually, yes, he was pretty bad at his job.

Inept people queue up for his position, but not Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Media reports on style over substance, and therefore, Carly Fiorina.

100,000 Peruvians rally for Kim! What idiots would believe that?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 28, 2015

Got the Post-Pope jitters? Don’t worry - you can stay Pope-current with today's Pope-Relevant episode of Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny!  On Daily Kos Radio, Mondays, right before this show, with this guy.

Last night’s lunar eclipse was pretty, but has not heralded doomsday at press time, and neither has Pope Francis shaking John Kerry’s hand.

Donald Trump promises to round up immigrants humanely.

Greg Dworkin fulfills his vow to round up the latest polling and analysis:

Trump isn't winning like he used to.  Chainsaw Carly is at third, while cementing her reputation of being a lying liar that lies.

Polls show Gop on the wrong side of several issues including gun control and funding Planned Parenthood, and just like Obamacare and the Iran Deal, support increases the more people become informed on the issues.  Now that they ruined the job, and caught the car, Republicans have a hard time finding a new Speaker of the House.

Conservatives are happy to be on the wrong side of the Constitution as well.  Ben Carson sees at least one religion as a probable cause for searches, which is just one available criteria for suspicion. And, a KY Republican claims a First Amendment right to accept bribes.

VW programmed a computer to lie to you, and you did not find out for years.  What other machines are lying to you right now?

Good guy with a gun bullseyes the carjacking victim, may not get that NRA salute.

Direct download: September_28_2015_64.mp3
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Kagro in the Morning - September 25, 2015

David Waldman, with Greg Dworkin has plenty to talk about today - The Pope, Polls, Politics and - BREAKING:

John Boehner does a terrible job doing his terrible job, and leaves...  Why is he leaving? Who will take his place? What will happen now and in the future? What about the Democrats?

Anyhow, back to Donald Trump. Are we at peak Trump? Is a second tier of less-loser candidates forming? Well, how about Rubio, then?

Anti-Muslim activist quits Oath Keepers when they refuse to help him arrest US Senator, and reveals it only costs $40 to join Oath Keepers!

A Mayor in Maine wants to publicly shame welfare recipients. A county in Texas screened job applicants to hire only Baptists. Think it can't happen where you are? David looks into what it takes to get into the local political clubs.

Remember to tune into Daily Kos Radio next Monday, at 8AM for Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny and their discussion of the canonization of Junipero Serra, by Pope Francis!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 24, 2015

David Waldman definitely did not have an easy fast on Yom Kippur, but lives to tell us about it, and answers your questions on spirituality, Judaism, and child rearing.

Joan McCarter makes a surprise visit on her way to Asheville, North Carolina, for the Daily Kos Connects meet-up and seminar. Check out the table of events, and stop by!

Then Armando makes his surprise visit! David and he have a broad discussion about - just about everything. But mostly about the continuing problems some black activists are having reaching understanding with some Bernie Sanders supporters. Should the focus of all sides be in allying to build a coalition, win elections and change things?  Or do substantial changes need to happen first?

And Ben Carson is second place in many Republican polls. Did anyone expect that? Did he? Who is Ben Carson, and what is he getting out of this?

All that and much more! Hit the link and listen!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 23, 2015

David Waldman is observing Yom Kippur today. He has pre-recorded an all-new show for today:

There was just too much left to say about the bizarre drug price-raising CEO story to let it drop at the end of yesterday's show, so we plow forward with that one, which really becomes completely nuts.  At first glance, Martin Shkreli comes off as the typical multimillionaire boy-genius.  But, a look at his history shows a streak of diabolical fiendishness.  After all that,will he change?

Sticking with a theme of business follies—and hey, why not run the government like this, right?—we start to examine the business record of Carly Fiorina, both at HP and in her previous job at Lucent, which also pretty much collapsed. Hmm!

And of course, we have to ask WTF, VW?

Finally, in our Entrepreneurial Spirit corner: who says you have to "own" or "have rights in" the property you put on AirBnB? Don't be a dinosaur, man!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 22, 2015

David Waldman explores the gray areas between truth and complexity, meaning and interpretation, English and Aramaic, lumpers and splitters, philanthropists and psychopaths, The Boy Scouts and getting to High Holiday services:

Greg Dworkin is as shocked as you are that Scott Walker is out of the race - if you too expected that Scott Walker’s many shortcomings would quickly do him in.

Rubio’s numbers are up, mostly because the rest are so awful. Hillary Clinton still doing pretty good.

With Perry and Walker out, there are less insiders left in. Not that it makes it any easier for the outsiders.  

Fiorina climbs polls, but was still a terrible CEO.

Jack Shafer says Trump isn't a media creation, then explains how he is.

And - Ben Carson is still an incredible bigot but is OK with 80% base support.

Despite 4 Pinnochios, Taquiyya falsehoods gain traction. Denying one’s religion to persecutors has been seen as a good strategy in the past.

This leads David into continuing a discussion on how interpreting scripture, whether from the Torah, Bible, or Quran depends on the perspective, and honesty, of the interpreter, including a contrasting of the tenets of Taquiyya and Kol Nidre.

David also attempts to show mercy to this jerk, who is raising a pill’s price by 5,500%. He isn't alone.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 21, 2015

If you like Kagro in the Morning and listen to David Waldman on a regular basis you’ll be interested in knowing that there is a way for you to help pay for the continued production of this show, which costs real money.  You can donate at or, so you should.

Welcome to the latest show to debut on Netroots Radio: "Hopping Mad with Arliss Bunny & Will McLeod"! Visit their website, and follow on twitter @IMHoppingMad.

PM gets into a bit of a sticky wicket, along with a dead pig’s gob with his todger.  David tries to explain, while staying on the air.

World-wide Skype outage temporarily silences Greg Dworkin - but he does send in a lot of new polls:  

Clinton's lead over Sanders grows.  Trump’s lead over Fiorina shrinks.  Walker’s lead over anyone goes away.  Gop-ers all losers with Trump.

In the kind of political analysis you can’t catch elsewhere, David contrasts the translations of the tenets of Judaism, Jewish vs. Evangelical, from Atonement to the Shofar.

Newly disclosed information shows that that George W. Bush made a retroactive “fix” in the legality of Stellar Wind.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 18, 2015

This Episode is about money, where it goes, and why people make the decisions they do about whom they share it with.  A couple good places to share:, Daily Kos Radio, and David Waldman - the team that brings you discussion of topics that you do not hear anywhere else. Like these:

John Dean, who used to work on one side, but now doesn't, asks: Will the second debate confirm that “Mad as Hell” Republicans don’t want a competent presidential candidate?

The elite are different from you and me.  David looks into a study that concludes that Rich elites—even rich liberal elites—don’t believe in redistributing wealth.

Unsurprisingly, many Wall Street executives say wrongdoing is necessary for success.

And - the dealers who control the U.S. Treasury market rigged bond auctions for years.

Which leads David back to the the LIBOR bid rigging cartel, and history’s largest financial crime that the WSJ and NYT would like you to forget.

Does this talk of rampant greed on a monstrous scale and its financial machinations make you hopping mad?  Then you should tune in to "Hopping Mad with Arliss Bunny & Will McLeod", debuting next Monday, September 21 at 8AM on!  

Maybe if you share these hashtags: #gunfail, and #lockdownnation, more people will understand the scope of these problems and work to address them.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 17, 2015

David Waldman counts the days until the Autrumpnal Equinox, while everyone else recovers from the debate from Hell.

Greg Dworkin notices that Jack Tapper injected vaccines into the debate with some unexpected side effects.

Fiorina wins! Trump does not win! Maybe because other debaters are not eighth-grade girls. Debates keep Jeb!on his toes. Jeb! is his own man, but remembers those that helped get him here. You do know they are related, don’t you?

Eventually candidates will talk to all Americans. Polling not going so well for Kim Davis.

Ahmed Mohamed, who probably would not be in trouble if his name was Amelia Bedelia, becomes a teachable moment, and an example to be shared. Ahmed came out on top, and wiser to boot.

Professor on Professor crime wave probably started with #gunfail.

David finishes out the show with a look at charter schools. What does it take to make a school - other than a pile of money and the free market?

When the ability to close charter schools is a sold as a feature, what happens to the students when the feature works?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 16, 2015

David Waldman delivers a dispatch from the front lines between the Muslim invasion, truck hunters, and the three hour assault on intelligence coming tonight.


Greg Dworkin looks at the newest polls and analysis, and tries to determine what correlations are the best predictor of future results, and which are just a snapshot in time:


Carson wins!  Clinton loses! (with a 20 point lead...)


Whether correlation or causation, endorsements seem to be one of the best predictors of success in primaries.


Public Polling Actually Understates Trump's Support Among Republicans.


Much more in the Abbreviated Pundit Round-up!


Texas high school shows zero tolerance for clocks by having child named Ahmed Mohamed arrested for engineering while brown.


Wednesday is Joan McCarter day on Kagro in the Morning and she has a lot to discuss:


New polling shows the massive political peril for a Republican government shutdown.


How the Tea Party Got Hijacked by Trump’s Troll Party.  Nowhere is this demonstrated more clearly than in Florida, where a plurality think that both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio should drop out. The Club for Growth escalates its war with Trump.


Having lost in Iran, again, McConnell sets up another Iran vote.


John Boehner, bad Speaker of the House or worst Speaker of the House ever?


Republicans will defund Planned Parenthood even if it didn’t do anything illegal.

Is the CNN Republican Debate being created as a wrestling smackdown?  Isn’t professional wrestling the single best metaphor for the success of Donald Trump?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 15, 2015

David Waldman returns from Rosh Hashanah, tan, rested, and ready:

Oklahoma City Bomber, in the middle of his first of 161 life sentences, would like his guns back.

Guts say Trump!! Quants and Greg Dworkin say wait a minute…!!!

Trump is unstoppable! Trump is improbable! Trump is an also-ran? Trump has been always, will be forever.  

Donald Trump is judged to be a threat. Is Ben Carson going to drag race? Hillary Clinton’s lead depends on Biden.

Scott Walker, dead man walkering, even when he promises to wreck havoc on the United States.

It’s Insiders Vs. Outsiders in the next debate.

Vexed by Greg, Armando calls in. The remainder of the show is devoted to wringing out the primary election system. They have a spirited discussion about Iowa, New Hampshire, and what alternatives could be put together that better represent the diversity of the Democratic Party. Also insurgent strategies, savvy operators, soft corruption, and good intentions.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 14, 2015

David Waldman is off for Rosh Hashana today - but Kagro in the Morning is not!  David returns tomorrow, along with Greg Dworkin to discuss the 5777 horse race.

Meanwhile here is a pre-recorded selection of stories you probably will not hear discussed elsewhere:

Step by step Americans are sacrificing their right to walk - to open a door and step outside and go somewhere or nowhere without getting behind the wheel of a car. For many it is a struggle, a fight. A risk.

Kagro in the Morning has often addressed the move from “stakeholder” to  “stockholder” capitalism and the ills it has brought to the American people. Robert Reich warns us of our crisis of public morality.

Liberal arts college Cooper Union’s mission of providing a free high-quality education to a small, dedicated group of students was betrayed, and destroyed. Here is the story of how shameless trustees, egotistical technocrats, and unbridled university administrators managed to bring a great institution to its knees.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 11, 2015

This is the 14th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Be thoughtful of what you say, don’t be a Trump about it.


David Waldman calculates some of what it would take small-government conservatives to deport 12 million immigrants in 24 months.


NYPD assaults and detains black tennis star.  The officer has a record of excessive force. Should lead exposure be looked into?


Jeb! tax plan is great for Jeb!


David discusses GOP mechanisms for handing the nomination to a non-Trump.


Armando calls in to discuss House Republican’s lawsuit against the Obama administration over a provision of the Affordable Care Act, and the larger issue of how presidential elections matter, because you never know what the courts will consider down the road.


Armando and David analyze and laugh at the Kim Davis vs. Judge David Bunning vs. the Court of God Almighty case.


Whatcha doin’ this weekend?  David suggests reading the following (He will check on your progress next week.):


ISIS Jihadist ends up being Jewish Troll.


Is Assisted Dying a form of religious experience?


How some are being stripped of the right to walk.

When someone beats you, yelling “Go back to your country, Bin Laden!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 10, 2015

David Waldman brightens our Thursday with Kagro in the Morning:


Greg Dworkin asserts that the Trumpublican Trumpernaut will not continue, although boy, he is doing well in the polls...


Discounting the Trumpnatics, who could be the “second choice”?  (Chris Christie is neck and neck with “no opinion”.)


The conservative intelligentsia gave birth to Trumpzilla.


The Trumpanista takeover is still a long shot.


Will the voyage of the Trumptanic teach us anything? No.  Can history teach us anything about primary polls - maybe.


Bernie Thunder!  No, they are not the same.  


There is a lot to think about behind the scenes.  David and Greg discuss the Invisible Primary, how the parties decide, and probably already have decided.


On the Iran deal, Republicans show they can chew gum and walk into the wall at the same time.

Are you an abortion survivor? You may be surprised.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 9, 2015

David Waldman- Ready to talk sports! Call lines are open:

How about that football in Qaqortoq?

Serena Williams may make a great James Bond, is an excellent tennis player.

TV Journalist called out for tripping.

Longtime Listener Greg Dworkin calls in to talk winners, losers:

Obama wins! Cotton and Cheney lose.

Trey Gowdy shapes the race.

Chris Christie’s toast is toastier as United CEO steps down.

Ted Cruz not prepared for elbows at the Kim Davis event.

Yet another rock band hates having their music used at a conservative event.

Same sex marriage not welcomed by some Republicans, especially as a campaign issue.

How is the KY clerk’s contempt different?

Joan McCarter tells us what congress will do with the 10 legislative days they have left:

Republicans still do not have a plan to avoid government shutdown, but have a few plans on their War on Women.

Kim Davis released, returns to work on 9/11 making that date memorable for many.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 8, 2015

David Waldman is back! Actually, he was back yesterday too, in a special podcast with another installment on Dupont, 3M and C8, finishing up The Intercept article on the debacle. If you have been listening to earlier installments, catch this one too!

Greg Dworkin calls in to remind us that after Labor Day is when things get real in the political world, but for right now we have Donald Trump:

Thanks Trump! What exactly does an actual Donald Trump voter look like? Probably more white and frightened than average. We can only guess how Trump voters picture the opposition. But... could Donald Trump be right?

Blumenthal, Peters, Wyden back Iran pact as Iran deal reaches a major symbolic victory.

Greg and David discuss the importance of pulling together 41 votes. Armando calls in for a discussion of the political pressures and processes behind the deal. David follows with an in-depth analysis of the mechanics behind the “painless filibuster”.

Kim Davis’ sanctity of marriage to her cousin (maybe) and contempt in the "Court of God Almighty"!

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Kagro in the Morning - September 7, 2015

An all-new show for Labor Day 2015, complete with appropriate outrage over corporate malfeasance! Huzzah! First, the (possibly temporary) conclusion of our discussion of the in-depth coverage of DuPont's mass slow-poisoning of the entire world, so that we can have non-stick cookware. Then, an introduction to our (possibly temporary) discussion of the in-depth coverage of Smithfield's localized slow-poisoning of rural North Carolina, so that we can have cheap bacon to cook in non-stick pans.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 4, 2015

David Waldman presents Kagro in the Morning, live today - back Live on Tuesday after Labor Day weekend.


Greg Dworkin rounds up the headlines:


Donald Trump - Winning!  Donald Trump is winning again!!  Donald Trump outsmarts the GOP!!! Republicans love Donald Trump!!!!  Some in GOP aren’t sure who you are talking about...


Greg and David discuss the Syrian refugee crisis:  Hungary closes its gates - Iceland opens its arms.  Coverage varies around the world. (Graphic images)


Pictures of Alaska visited by the President show climate change damage.


Republicans want Black Lives Matter to shut up.


Armando calls in to tell us Greg is wrong. (He’s still determining why.)


Armando and David discuss the legal viewpoints behind the Kim Davis case.


Was Trump ambushed by the Quds and Kurds?


Why should Hillary Clinton take the 5th?


The long record of gun control destruction in Virginia.

David returns to Dupont, C8, poison laced cigarettes and riverbeds, to get a taste of what it’s like to have government run like a business.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 3, 2015

David Waldman strolls in, thinking there’s nothing interesting to talk about today, and is proven wrong, over and over again:


Donald Trump understands Republicans all too well, though some wish he’d be more elliptical. Reince Priebus negotiates peace in our time in Trump’s battle with GOP.  Donald Trump has now gotten Mitt Romney’s attention, who knows that only he may be able to stop him.  Jeb! really hopes all this will end up good news for him.  Or, is September Ben Carson's month?


Greg Dworkin gives heartfelt thanks to Tom Cotton and Benjamin Netanyahu for securing Obama’s Victory on the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Greg previews the Senate's next Iran battle.


Donald Grump spoofed by Sesame Street.   David finds the dumbest guy on earth and the article most likely to be mistaken for satire.


Employee violates "no shooting guns in the office" policy.


KY Clerk has been planning on not doing her job for a while. Here is what the courts could do. Kim Davis goes to jail.

David returns to discussing Teflon and C8, the surfactant that all of us have in us forever, so what will we do now?

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Kagro in the Morning - September 2, 2015

Good thing people do dumb things or we wouldn’t have a show - doing smart things helps too.

David Waldman inspects a core sample of the stupidity:

Ohio wants Mt. McKinley back, when they have quite lovely scenery already.  Sophisticated analysis still coming in from the right.

Greg Dworkin attempts to make sense of the nonsensical:

CNN turns it up to 11, but why?

Cruz even more of a headache for McConnell, who refuses to be pushed around.

The Gefilte-gate.  The Biden delusion.

Marco Rubio loves the US even more than Trump!

Donald Trump supporters love that Muslim Obama’s ideas only if you call them Trump’s.

Immigration lawyer points out that GOP immigration ideas are dumb in many ways.

Jeb! thinks Trump is a weak loser.

Chris Christie idea based on Newt Gingrich joke.

Judge makes Kentucky clerk decide to follow in the footsteps of others that oppose the courts, like Muhammed Ali, Jesus.

Joan McCarter stops by to help laugh at dumb people:

Rand Paul defends American-Kentuckian clerk, thinks church law should prevail.

David and Joan expose nefarious organized crime syndicate kingpin James O’Keefe.

The group behind the Planned Parenthood videos tied to extremists.  The Justice Department defends Planned Parenthood from Bobby Jindal.

GOP and corporations screw poor, yep.

Obama makes it to 34 votes on the Iran Deal.

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Kagro in the Morning - September 1, 2015

David Waldman takes two hours and manages to fit in numerous things of great importance and still finds room for a couple things of little importance:


Chris Christie absolutely, positively delivers the stupid.


Democrats win! Because of gas prices?


Scott Walker becomes Ginger to Donald'€™s Fred.


Greg Dworkin'€™s potpourri of politics, polls and Pope news:


Trump fights for McKinley. Trump fights against Reaganomics. Trump Willie Hortons Jeb!. Trump'€™s immigration plan was disastrous in the '€™30'€™s. (Denying citizenship also a big loser idea.) Trump Makes America Grate.


Gefilte Fish.


Iran deal gains momentum, Republicans plan counterattack.


Pope Francis announces the Holy Year of Mercy.


Kentucky county clerk kind of like Muhammad Ali, her lawyers figure.


David continues to apply his expertise to the Dupont C8 debacle. (including checking the math) Refer to yesterday'€™s Kagro in the Morning for the full story and additional links!

David recommends this pro-gun blog article - especially the comment section.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 31, 2015

Today is 100% David Waldman, although surely containing some percentage of bioaccumulated fluoropolymer additives:

David eschews flossing, while embracing other oral hygiene methods.

How does Dick Cheney = George Zimmerman?
How does Dan Snyder = Donald Trump?
Some don’t think Mt. McKinley = Mt. Denali.

Police have a list of terrorist threats, some may be surprising.

David devotes the rest today’s show to discussing Perfluorooctanoic acid - PFOA, AKA “C8”, and the most brazen, deadly corporate gambits in U.S. history.  Dupont was able to keep the toxic effect from the public view, but not the water supply - and your body.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 28, 2015

David Waldman suggests you add “armed standoff”, “lockdown”, “active shooter” and “murder suicide” to your “past 24 hour” Google searches: an enlightening, if not uplifting experience.

Slain reporter’s father, and boyfriend advocate for gun control.

Greg Dworkin reminds us reporting that perpetuates the status quo advocates for the status quo.  Therefore this article is a steaming pile of prevarication.

When Donald Trump destroys the GOP with Hispanics, the Democrats benefit, natch.

Refugees do not cross only the Mexican border, presently there is a global refugee crisis, the biggest since World War II, with much dying and misery, and asylum being established.

President Obama pushes for an Iran deal filibuster, as a divide widens among American Jews.

Greg discusses “Favorable - Unfavorable” polling: We all liked President Carter then too.

Home schooling isn’t regulated, isn’t really defined. Lobby group keeps it that way.

David translates the confusing, but interesting legalese surrounding the case of the kentucky clerk avoiding issuing marriage licenses.  Also - Lawmakers take away people’s health care, send bill to taxpayers.

Further analysis: Does past performance always give us the best predictor of future outcomes?

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Kagro in the Morning - August 27, 2015

David Waldman returns today to talk about the reporting of the tragic murder suicide this week - not these, but this one.

Greg Dworkin calls in to describe the fight between Data VS Narrative in the 2016 race:

TBT: Fred Thompson Wins!  Media “What Ifs?” Biden into the race to construct a clickable narrative.  Hillary Clinton actually is staying steady.

David and Greg pose more match ups: Clinton vs. Trump (Everyone beats Trump).  Clinton vs. the GOP ( Tarring the GOP with the Trump brush).  Hispanic vs. Latino (Greg & David white-splain). Seedy vs. Inspirational (The coverage of the Virginia shooting).

Arliss Bunny hops in to discuss China vs. Inflation (and how its filtered through the media narrative.)  She also analyzes the structure of the Eurozone, quantitative easing (currency war), casino capitalism, what’s really happening worldwide, what that means to the stock market (the betting market), and what that means to us, which is: Apply yourselves to learning fiscal policy, because it’s the tool that makes everything possible!

David considers one side of the debate on the Virginia shooting videos.  He then considers the other side.

Is traditional marriage threatened by weed and the entrepreneurial spirit?

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Kagro in the Morning - August 26, 2015

David Waldman, with today's guests Greg Dworkin, Armando, and Joan McCarter, try to make sense of the world:

Man uses efficient, convenient, cheap and easy method of getting attention - the tragedy magnified by its predictability.

Greg helps pull us all back together with a look at today's issues:

Donald Trump wins! Trump deports his first “Mexican” - turns out he’s American.  Over 40 Million listeners discover Trump is awful.  Armando calls in with evidence that this writer is the worst.

Can Donald Trump break the grip of history?  Do rules even apply to him?

David & Joan discuss how narrow your viewpoint becomes when it is through a TV screen.

Joan describes end-to-end GOP-manufactured crises - next up: Planned Parenthood.

Who’s the biggest loony?  David & Joan pick Tom over Ted.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 25, 2015

Armando and David Waldman’s birthday is today, August 25Scott Anderson's birthday is tomorrow, August 26!  What are the odds of that?!?

Greg Dworkin looks for trouble, finds it everywhere, reveals who is diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.


Scott Walker, skating on thin ice, falls on his face, stretching metaphor in process.


Obama’s second term is shaping 2016 race.  Donald Trump shapes it even huger and more classy, but not as a populist.


Armando wonders why in the world Joe Biden would run for president now.


David returns to Black Lives Matter’s Campaign Zero, for a step by step analysis


Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Michigan:

Residents get to curse in front of women, Todd Courser situation remains NSFW, although he thinks about resignation.  Road funding and marijuana still frowned upon.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 24, 2015

The following can be used as a review if you just listened to Kagro in the Morning, but a preview if you have not!


Why wait for history to be written, when David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will tell you RIGHT NOW:


Donald Trump is winning! Good, long read in New Yorker describes how and why.
Trump’s nativist bandwagon pulls into Alabama with the ghost of George Wallace. Alabama - the test kitchen of failed recipes. George Will has sad.  Scott Walker tries again.


Chris Christie fades into darkness.  But, don’t lose sight of Sam Brownback!


The Obama Method proving itself, the Cotton Method not helpful.


Black Lives Matter steps forward with Campaign Zero.


Man hits a drone with his t-shirt, and is cracked down upon.

David analyses the police use of the anti-terrorist device “Stingray” - secretly used without a warrant on petty crimes, although actively useable for cell phone jamming, encryption code breaking, and more - which could of course be a problem.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 21, 2015

David Waldman shares a recipe for the most phallic possible food-on-a-stick. No, really. Along with thoughtful, in-depth political, constitutional, and polling analysis and discussion. Really.

Greg Dworkin: Donald Trump wins! And wins. And Democrats lose, even if Hillary Clinton wins.

But, that doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton is a loser.

Presidential regrets, they had a few.

Nuclear stuff, climate, are among things scientists smart about.

David examines the long history of and battles to repeal Birthright Citizenship.

Undercover police regularly spy on Black Lives Matter.

Algorithms regularly spy on you.

Woman being attacked by dog, so police taze & shoot her.

Bull penises - not just for humans!

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Kagro in the Morning - August 20, 2015

David Waldman invites you to check out Deez Nuts, gives advice on how to manage a large endowment, and even examines some very interesting polls with Greg Dworkin: Joe Biden wins!

Greg reminds us that unalienable rights are fragile and could evaporate with the next shuffle of the supreme court. Trump ideas are not new, and have been under the surface for a while. "Certain Loser" lawsuit against the president strengthened by a supreme court decision.

A Republican president won't touch Obamacare.

Steve King'€™s big mouth finally cost him something.  

Are Deez Nuts a real challenge to Donald Trump?

Professor, Author Ian Reifowitz is David's guest and discusses the philosophical and practical reasons of where and when to invest your votes and political support.

How low will Iran Deal opponents go?

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Kagro in the Morning - August 19, 2015

David Waldman today covers the entire gamut from principled birthers to extreme extremists: Guy decides to guard a muslim-free gun shop and finds the exact target to bulls-eye in under 20 minutes! Eagle One sad to be painted as hillbilly.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the Horse Race Headlines - then explains how the articles’ contents are completely different: Tightening, surging, landslide or mandate. Favorable, unfavorable, vs don’t know because it’s August?

Greg and Armando analyze the polling data, move Trump from “impossible” to “not impossible.”

What Trump gets about the electorate. Trump coagulates!

What Trump does not get about the Latino electorate.

Armando discusses what classifies as classified.

Joan McCarter comes on when lawmakers are out, but plenty still happening: Hillary Clinton dislikes stupid questions as much as anyone, but unfortunately under different rules.

David & Joan pick the least-phallic-food-on-a-stick. The West burns! Fires can be caused by target practice - especially with flamethrowers.

Planned Parenthood finally goes on offense.

Donald Trump done with the loser amendment - is followed by the herd.

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Kagro in the Morning - August 18, 2015

David Waldman’s Kagro in the Morning 1/2 off Back-to-School Special!


What’s up with Salon, anyway?


Greg Dworkin, perhaps sensing the oncoming streaming crash on today’s show, calls in early to discuss his round up of topics:


Donald Trump will be the nominee if GOP voters decide he’s electable.


Or - Donald Trump will be like Biden and Gore?


Xenophobia is on the ticket.


Birthers would like 4 candidates off the ticket.


How can a contender be regarded as the most interesting man on the political landscape instead of just another vote-grabbing chump?


David discusses and examines the first Black Lives Matter amendment.


Kentucky Governor trolls Virginia.


John Lott poses as women on chat rooms and articles, gets caught twice, keeps his job at Fox.


Misunderstood Icons, George Zimmerman and the Confederate Flag, join forces.

Also, Buzzfeed and Humanoids! All on the complete podcast - listen here if you think you missed any on the live show!

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Kagro in the Morning - August 17, 2015

Please, do not misconstrue anything David Waldman says as a invitation for you to picture Donald Trump naked: Suck-up scores picture with eccentric billionaire super hero.

Greg Dworkin describes his feelings about the GOP in 2016: Donald Trump, a very rich man, reminds us that Jeb! is a money puppet. Trump debuts his plan to get rid of losers.

Hillary Clinton’s Wing Ding stem-winding barn-burner.

The Butter Cow abides. Clinton still has inevitable problems.

Donald Trump, a very busy man, is a winner that phones it in.

ATT & NSA know everything that you phone in.

Homeland Security is confirmed monitoring and tracking black activists, defining (to its satisfaction) “Professional Demonstrator.”

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